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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of Killing Eve.

Killing Eve Season 3 got off to a shocking start with Kenny’s (Sean Delaney) death, as he was tossed off a roof by a mysterious party. Since then, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Kenny’s former colleagues at the online publication Bitter Pill  have formed a new team to look into his work to see what secrets he uncovered about the Twelve that would warrant the group taking such drastic action.

However, in the show’s most recent episode, “Still Got It,” Eve’s mission takes another personal hit when her husband, Niko (Owen McDonnell), is brutally murdered in a scheme to get her to turn against Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

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Niko left England without telling Eve, returning to Poland to reacquaint himself with his roots. After PTSD treatment due to an assault by Villanelle, he’s had it with Eve’s antics and didn’t tell her anything about his plans. However, Eve keeps texting to try to get Niko to talk to her and repair their marriage. Shockingly, after a barrage of messages indicating she’s finally ready to put him before her investigative job, he agrees to listen. And when Eve receives a picture of a smiling Niko, she decides to go see him. But when she gets there, her world is shattered.

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As she approaches her estranged husband, he looks confused to see her there, which leaves the audience wondering what’s going on. It’s revealed later that this is because Niko never sent Eve those messages, it was Dasha (Harriet Walter), Villanelle’s new handler for the Twelve. She was told by her bosses to rein Villanelle in and stop her obsession with Eve. So Dasha decided to drive a wedge between them. As her bosses said, murdering Eve would bring too much attention, so Dasha disguised herself as one of the farm ladies in the village Niko delivers bread to and set a trap for him. She asks Niko to come over to fix her gate, and as Eve approaches him while he works, Dasha sneaks up and flings a pitchfork through his throat, killing him Mortal Kombat-style.

Eve — who can’t see the killer behind the barn — drops to the ground in horror, although she really should have been rushing to Niko’s side as his body lay twitching. The kicker is the weapon has a note that says “Still got it!” attached, as Dasha wants to frame Villanelle and Villanelle loves leaving sadistic poetry and little gifts at murder sites. Dasha knows both women have tension between them after their passionate kiss, so she wants Eve to believe Villanelle killed Niko to make room for their love.

It’s a brutal end for Niko as all he did was support his wife, even when he was ignored. He tried to stick by her as she became more obsessed with Villanelle over the first two seasons, but all he got was infidelity from Eve, and now, this sad ending. It’s a testament to how cruel Dasha is as well, as she killed the owner of the farm and fed her to the pigs so she could start this ruse. The way she also infiltrated the Polish community and stole Niko’s phone at a bar gives us insight into how she trained Villanelle to be the perfect killer years ago. As for Eve, she’ll be guilt-ridden for sure, but once she realizes the hand-writing on the note isn’t Villanelle’s, Dasha could become her new target in a bloody game of revenge.

Starring Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Harriet Walter, Danny Sapani, Gemma Whelan and Steve Pemberton, the third season of Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and BBC America.

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Season 3 of Killing Eve keeps changing the dynamic between Eve and Villanelle with another major character being killed off in a horrific manner.

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