Killing Eve Theory: Konstantin Is Responsible for Kenny's Death

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 5 of Killing Eve, “Are You From Pinner?”

One of the biggest mysteries on this season of Killing Eve has been who tossed Kenny (Sean Delaney) off a roof in the premiere. Many believe he was thrown off the Bitter Pill‘s building for his research getting him too close to the Twelve, but recent events suggest there’s someone much closer to his family that could be responsible for the kill.

This suspect is none other than Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). The reason he might be behind the hit is because Konstantin might have a huge stake in the bank account Kenny was tracking.

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The account Kenny was looking into and that Konstantin may have a stake in is Frank’s. Fat Panda was monitoring it, hoping to learn more about the Twelve’s terrorist mission in the first two seasons. Then, Frank was killed by Villanelle, as the Twelve deemed him an expendable MI-5 traitor, but Kenny kept tabs, realizing Frank’s account was active again. In fact, $6 million was withdrawn from it recently, and it seems Konstantin has been keeping secrets of his own regarding these funds.

The first red flag comes with the accountant, Charles Kruger, going nuts after seeing the cash was withdrawn. Charles is actually a Russian spy named Sergei, and he was responsible for monitoring the account for the Twelve. He calls Konstantin over to help him by replenishing the funds. However, Villanelle’s given a mission by the Twelve to terminate Sergei, which now has people wondering if Konstantin manipulated the hit.

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The conspiracy deepens when Konstantin asks Villanelle to murder Charles’ wife, Bertha. He does so off the record, promising Villanelle information on her mysterious family if she does the job. What’s so shady is Bertha contacted Konstantin earlier and revealed that she received an email from her husband that might have information about who stole the funds from the account. This kill could simply be Konstantin tying up loose ends and ensuring incriminating evidence doesn’t get out into the open. After all, the Twelve wouldn’t like discovering a handler’s stealing from them.

It’s hard not to wonder why he’d do this, though, as he’s already made a lot of money in his career. It could be greed or that he’s just bored, as seen when he visits his daughter, Irina, and she chides him for his career choices. Ultimately, we just can’t trust him because he promised Bertha he’d keep her safe, he promised Villanelle he wouldn’t lie and use her as a pawn and he also promised Irina he’d step away from the game. The most damning clue, though, comes with him stringing along Carolyn’s daughter, Geraldine.

Geraldine came back home after Kenny’s death and Konstantin gave her a gift: a refrigerator magnet. However, the magnet’s bugged, so he can hear everything that happens in Carolyn’s house. It’s clear he can’t hang around too much or else Carolyn would grow suspicious and see through his charade. Make no mistake, death’s still part of Carolyn and Konstantin’s friendship because it’s a game of killers, after all, and we can tell Konstantin wants to maintain an air of diplomacy as a terrorist who’s a friend to Carolyn, an MI-6 stalwart. But when Carolyn sees him leaving a meeting at home with her daughter, and Geraldine then lies, she knows something’s up.

Either way, Konstantin may have known Kenny’s business, as he and Carolyn were still in frequent contact, and we could see Konstantin using thugs to kill him. Konstantin often stayed at Kenny and Carolyn’s home, too, so he’d know when and where to hit. However, with Carolyn seeing him buddying up to Geraldine, Konstantin might have slipped up and exposed his true motives to a longtime colleague who’s now hungry for revenge.

Starring Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Harriet Walter, Danny Sapani, Gemma Whelan and Steve Pemberton, the third season of Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and BBC America.

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New developments in Killing Eve may point to a longtime character as the person responsible for killing Kenny earlier in Season 3.

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