Killing Eve: Villanelle's Existential Crisis Is Completely Relatable

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Killing Eve, “Are You Leading or Am I?”

Killing Eve‘s Season 3 finale premiered recently, with Villanelle continuing to question her life choices, which she had been doing throughout the season, and this part of her is completely relatable. Anyone can relate to questioning their own choices, wondering if their chosen path is the right one. Villanelle’s breakdown reveals that she is like any other human who’s experienced an existential crisis.

While viewers are not a ruthless assassin like Villanelle, everyone has to find their place in the world like she does. Furthermore, everyone has questioned themselves at some point in their lives, whether that be their career path, educaction, marriage, family plans or something else. Humans are complex beings with feelings, emotions and aspirations, and Villanelle, despite her seemingly unremorseful exterior, is no exception.

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Villanelle’s existential crisis makes perfect sense. After all, she’s spent her entire life killing people. Often, she’s described as a “psychopath,” and while many people think psychopaths have no feelings, Season 3 of Killing Eve proves them wrong.

Everyone has past demons that haunt them, and sometimes these demons can shape who they become. This season of Killing Eve introduces fans to Villanelle’s family, who prove to be the past that haunts her, as well as the past that shaped her into the killer she’s become. Her mother was abusive and gave her away to an orphanage without so much as a second thought, and her family, though seemingly happy at first, is an emotional wreck, with her brother’s anger problems and her younger brother being verbally abused by their mother, as well as hitting himself in response. All of these things mix together to create a perfect storm for Villanelle’s own mental health issues. It also becomes more clear why she is who she is.

After she kills her mother and family, though she saves the aforementioned brothers, her crisis escalates. She boards a train shortly after their demise, and fans see she’s beginning to become undone. Through the tears glistening in her eyes, the way she’s nodding her head to the music and her attempt to smile through the pain, it’s clear she’s starting to come to terms with her life choices, likely becoming more remorseful for her killings. She’s also grieving the life she so desperately wanted but never got to have, which was a life with a good family and loving mother.

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On top of dealing with an existential crisis, she still has feelings for Eve. They continue to play their “cat and mouse” game throughout the entire season until they finally meet for real in the final episode, where Villanelle questions her choices again. On the bridge with Eve, she tells her to turn around, start walking “and never look back.” Here, she chooses what she thinks is the obvious answer, leaving Eve forever, but her heart tells her otherwise, and she turns back to see Eve staring at her as well. The complexity of their relationship adds another layer to Villanelle’s breakdown.

While some people may have once thought that there was no possible way they could relate to a killing machine like Villanelle, this season proves otherwise. Villanelle’s breakdown reveals that, like any other human, she has feelings, emotions, past trauma and a conscious, making her more like the average viewer than originally expected.

Starring Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Harriet Walter, Danny Sapani, Gemma Whelan and Steve Pemberton, the third season of Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and BBC America.

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In Killing Eve Season 3, Villanelle has an existential crisis, which escalates over time, proving even a deadly assassin can be relatable.

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