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The isekai genre of anime is a popular one, and even newcomers to anime may find it appealing (especially since many other works of fiction use that premise too). In particular, the comedy isekai Konosuba is a cheerful parody of the whole idea, where every character is a total wacko, and the enemies are defeated in strange ways.

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The core adventurers are the newcomer Kazuma (a total sleazeball), the bratty goddess Aqua, the stubborn witch Megumin, and the masochistic crusader Darkness (that’s her nickname). Together, they have all kinds of misadventures, and colorful characters like these are ripe for fan art and cosplay of all kinds. Today, it’s time to meet ten cosplayers who brought Aqua to life in stunning detail.

10 Or So Aqua Claims

Aqua may be a goddess, but she doesn’t always act like it. In fact, she is usually on the petty side, and she’s quick to make fun of other people or criticize them. Or just act like they’re not even worth her time.

This cosplayer brings you a classic Aqua image, where she’s happy and in a good mood… because she’s putting someone down. Aqua insists that Eris pads her chest, and Eris is quick to deny it. Which goddess is right?

9 Side By Side

Sometimes, cosplayers like to put their newest photos right next to an original image of their subject, so they can show everyone how close they mimicked all the details for reference. In this case, a cosplayer nailed every last little detail of Aqua’s character.

All of the fabric and accessories in the cosplayer’s outfit look high quality and very comfortable to wear, just like what a real goddess would wear. It must have taken some fancy stitching and tailoring to make it look that good.

8 New Outfit

For the sake of art, there is more than one way to cosplay as a character, and cosplayers can give their characters brand new costumes or accessories to spice things up. Some characters even get new color palettes or modern clothes.

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This time around, Aqua has a vivid new outfit that’s a variation of the original, with a lighter blue and a dark hue of green for the bow. For visual contrast, the cosplay posed before a sunny background of light brown and honey gold colors. She really pops.

7 Amused

The next entry in this gallery brings you an Aqua who’s dressed down for a day off, wearing a simple black outfit and keeping her colorful attire in the closet for now. The dark clothes make for a neat contrast with her vivid blue hair.

Something funny must be going on, because this Aqua can barely contain her laughter. She’s trying to look polite with that chuckle, but given her sense of humor, something pretty crude or ridiculous must be going on out there.

6 Goddess Pose

Aqua is back in business, and in this fifth cosplay shot, she is doing her best to look like the lofty and powerful goddess that she is. For once, she doesn’t look like a total slob or drunkard while in Axel.

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Instead, this cosplayer assumed an impressive pose, almost like a queen, and she even used a fan to make Aqua more classy, and used a white backdrop to keep all the focus on her. If she really needs to, even Aqua can look imposing and regal.

5 Adventurers

For the most part, Aqua is more of an adventurer than a goddess, since she would rather chase gold and get quests done than visit temples and hear all her worshipers adore her. She loves getting attention from her Axis church, but for now, she wants quests.

Although Aqua isn’t very good at adventuring, she is always up for a quest, and here, she and Kazuma do their best to show off their powers and impress anyone who might want to join their party.

4 In Her Element?

Now this is the kind of goofy irony that only an anime like Konosuba could pull off. Megumin and Aqua are ready for a fun day at the pool, and they’re in their best two-piece bathing suits, but Megumin has mischief on her mind.

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These girls are ready for a party, and Megumin makes the first move: by shoving Aqua right into that pool. Both cosplayers have the perfect expression for this scene, and it’s amusing hos Aqua’s element, water, is working against her.

3 Purify That Water

Aqua has a staff, and she isn’t always seen using it, but that thing can be pretty useful. Aqua’s main job is to purify water and exorcise evil beings with holy water, and she once purified an entire lake for a job (an agonizing process).

All that is embodied here, with a cosplayer wielding Aqua’s staff and standing beside some noxious green water that could stand to be purified a little. Can Aqua get the job done and get paid for this particular quest?

2 Getting Ideas

Aqua is by the pool once again on a fine sunny day, and this time, she is more at ease. Instead of getting shoved into the water, she is striking a lovely pose on the edge, and she must be so happy, being in her element.

Meanwhile, this goddess is daydreaming about something, given that curious expression on her face. Maybe she got a new idea on how to complete a difficult quest, but it’s anyone’s guess whether she can pull it off. Her bright ideas usually just make things worse, alas.

1 Please Worship Me

The final entry on this list shows the more pious side of Aqua, and she hopes that one day, everyone will convert to the Axis church and worship her, too. As long as all the new converts sign the paperwork, that is.

This cosplayer chose a temple-like location for this shot, and that, combined with the”heavenly light” effect and Aqua’s pose, makes for a fantastic fantasy scene. Based on that expression, Aqua is taking herself pretty seriously, even if Kazuma can’t stand her.

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Aqua is the bratty goddess on Konosuba, and these cosplayers all capture her look so perfectly you'd think she came to life!

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