KonoSuba: 10 Awesome Megumin Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

KonoSuba is a pretty funny anime. Based on the light novel of the same name, the anime is a parody of Isekai that stars Kazuma who is transported to another world after dying from shock. Eventually working his way up along with the goddess Aqua, he eventually meets up with a variety of characters.

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One of these characters is Megumin, who is a young witch with the power of explosions. She is incredibly powerful and lovable to the point of memes, and many fans adore her to the point of cosplaying as her. Here are the 10 most awesome Megumin cosplays that look just like the anime.


Starting off this list is the cosplay made by @_rooboo. Complete with really banger editing for the special effects courtesy of @rossonphotography, the cosplayer is able to fully capture the absolute meme-worthy poses and quotes from the character she is portraying.

In terms of the actual costume itself, it is incredibly well made. Vibrant colors on the fabric and the staff that is incredibly large, almost as tall as the cosplayer herself. Overall it’s a well-balanced design that’s combined with the spirit of the character.

9 Sitting Uncomfortably

The design created by torioyoshiko, all of the basic hallmarks from the Megumin design is still present here, except that it is missing the hat and the staff that most fans are accustomed to. However, the cosplayer is still able to portray the uncomfortable side of the character that is shown from time to time accurately.

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This is reinforced by the choice of setting, where it appears the location is somewhere more akin to a castle. Considering Megumin is a character that’s been poor all of her life, the cosplayer’s choice of being uncomfortable makes perfect sense.

8 Incredibly Fantastic

Focusing on the kawaii aspects of the Megumin character, @sabatochiyan.6’s version of the explosive witch is absolutely gorgeous. The soft-hued makeup helps capture the more youthful aspects of the character, while the nice shade of brownish-red hair helps complement the burning contact lenses chosen by the cosplayer.

In terms of the actual cosplay design itself, all of the hallmarks are still there from the red clothes and the witch hat. This is definitely a fantastic cosplay that any fan of KonoSuba would enjoy.

7 Naturalistic Colors

Following a similar vein to the previous cosplay, this version of the cosplay created by @pockythief is also utterly fantastic with naturalistic colors throughout the design. The costume is made by @mangoecos, who put a lot of effort into the sewing on the outfit.

If looked at carefully, viewers will notice the intricate seams that are on both the dress and on some of the finer details on the witch hat. Combined with some leather elements, it’s one of the best homemade outfits around. Pockythief herself is also showing the cuter aspects of the character well with her choice of expression.

6 When Things Don’t Go The Way You Want Them To

Another great cosplay on the list is @meggiicosplay with photography by @thekaigan. This specific photo captures one of the many aspects of Megumin, primarily her pouting whenever things don’t go her way. Meggiicosplay is able to capture that in spades while combining it with an absolutely solid cosplay design.

A minor detail that is quite noticeable is how the dye and makeup are more subdued compared to the rest of the cosplay designs. It allows a nice form of contrast and making the expression come out in full.

5 A Tip Of The Hat

The next cosplay is done by @katie_kat_yo. Another phenomenal outfit, this one has all the prerequisites that are present in the other designs shown on this list, from the vibrant costume to the hat on her head.

But what is most notable is the eyes and hair. Being a bolder shade of red compared to the others on the list, it really helps her stand out without going overboard, maintaining the important aspects of the character to depict her distinct and striking appearance.

4 The Incredibly Powerful Arch Wizard

Nakagomi_sam puts her own spin on this cosplay. For starters, rather than the brown hair as most cosplayers, she maintains her black hair and made her eyes vividly red. This creates a very strong contrast that makes the overall design have a grander presence to it.

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In spite of taking more of a different spin compared to the rest of the cosplays, just like before, all of the hallmarks of the cosplay remains the same. It shows off the power that the Megumin character is fully capable of, which is quite wonderful.

3 Ready To Go On A Adventure

Min_ami20 is a cosplayer that also has one of the best character designs around. As the character herself has inconsistent ages throughout her many interpretations, this might be one of the closest cosplays around. Aside from missing the red contacts, the cosplayer is able to maintain everything else about Megumin, primarily her striking youth.

There are other aspects that have remained true to the Megumin character such as the hat being extremely large and the outfit is incredibly well made. Overall, it’s a pretty solid cosplay costume that maintains the spirit of the explosive witch.

2 Ready For Anything

Another fantastic cosplay is the one by @_tenletters_. Unlike the other cosplayers on the list, the cape and hat appear to have more of a purple hue as opposed to blacks or browns. The fabric in general from the dress to the cape has a very nice reflective sheen to it.

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But one of the best parts about the cosplay is probably the staff, which is not only long but it also gives the cosplayer the opportunity to do great poses for cosplay photography. Speaking of, the photo taken by @cosnatic is absolutely wonderful, with the rustic background being a solid choice to contrast with the cosplay.

1 Doing A Cool Pose

The last cosplay on this list is, funny enough, the only outfit to have the eyepatch for the Megumin character. Aside from using the standard Instagram filter, the actual outfit itself is very well made with all of the hallmarks still being present.

Similar to some of the other cosplayers in the past, the shade of brown on her hair is more reddish. But probably the best part of the cosplay is the aforementioned eyepatch, which compliments the overall design and brings her closer to the Megumin character.

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Megumin is one of the most loveable characters on KonoSuba. Here are 10 cosplays that look just like her.

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