Konosuba: 10 Things That Prove Aqua Is The Best Character (& 5 It’s Actually Megumin)

Konosuba is one of the top rated-comedy anime to have aired in the last decade. The series follows the adventures of Kazuma and his group of questionably talented adventurers. Out of the four main party members, Aqua, the goddess who saves Kazuma and Megumin, the eccentric mage often find themselves in the middle of heated fan debates. Both characters are incredibly popular and help push the story, and merchandise sells along. With so many fans on either side, it’s hard to tell who is the better character, the whiney Aqua, or the overly eccentric Megumin. Below we compare the two characters to help fans decide which one is the best character in the series.

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10 Aqua is Kind To Her Followers

Despite her rather careless nature, Aqua has hordes of devoted followers in the Axis faith. In fact, it’s stated that she has some of the most fantastical followers around, and she loves them. She sees the followers of Axis as her children and actually acts as a kind Goddess to those that believed in her.

She even readily forgives the children of her faith after they try to kill her for destroying their hot springs.

9 Megumin Wants To Impress Her Village

Megumin is a very different character compared to Aqua. Instead of having adoring worshippers, Megumin has found herself looked down upon by those around her. This has led her to become even more fantastical about her explosion magic in hopes of finally proving herself to her village and other adventurers.

She even regularly writes home to her parents, as revealed in the Konosuba movie about her accomplishments.

8 Aqua Can Revive Other Characters

Aqua has a very unique ability, even for a fantasy world. She has been shown to revive Kazuma several times in the series after he was slain by monsters. She even overrides Eris, who is the current goddess of the world in which they are residing. Aqua has been shown to do this almost instantly and with no real casualty to her mana.

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This is a pretty useful tactic, although it has only ever been used on Kazuma since the rest of the party stays out of danger.

7 Megumin is a Full-On Chunibyo

One of the most endearing traits that Megumin has is the fact that she, like other Crimson Demons, is a full-on chunibyo. Megumin lives in her own fantasy world and often overdramatizes everything. This can be seen by the fact that she wears an eye patch and in the way she first introduces herself.

This is another trait that makes it hard for other parties to take the powerful mage seriously.

6 Aqua is a High Priestess

Aqua, despite her love for party tricks, is a powerful character that is unrivaled in power. Aqua has been shown to be able to summon a tremendous amount of water that can wash away fields of enemies. This is also shown in her powerful to purify lakes of water that have been tainted by evil forces.

Aqua is a bit crass with her powers and often ends up causing the part money troubles.

5 Megumin Has The Most Powerful Magic

While Aqua is amazingly powerful, she doesn’t quite hold a candle to Megumins explosion magic. When given enough power, Megumin can wipe the demon generals off the field with ease. This does come at the cost of her always being immobilized after she fires off a single spell, unlike Aqua, who has huge mana reservoirs.

Even with this limitation, Megumin has successfully bailed the party out of certain doom time and time again.

4 Aqua is Great Comedic Relief

Aqua, if nothing else, if some of the best comic relief that viewers have witnessed in years. Aqua is always put into situations that she considers unbecoming of her holy status. This considers everything from sleeping in a barn to being singled out as the one girl Kazuma can’t see as a romantic interest.

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Aqua is even regularly mocked by some of the Axis faith for not being the real goddess.

3 Megumin is Incredibly Smart

Megumin may not seem like it due to her delusional nature, but she is actually incredibly smart. In fact, Megumin is one of the smartest members of her village and graduated from her school early. She also has been shown throughout the series to possess more knowledge than other party members of the world.

This can be backed up by the fact that even Kazuma states that Megumin is the most sensible party member.

2 Aqua is Monster Bait

Aqua is the perfect scapegoat for dragging monsters away from the party. Because of her holy status, the undead will flock to Aqua’s side in hopes of being purified. This can be seen when Aqua ventures through old dungeons, and is a great way to draw monsters away from Kazuma.

Despite the fact that Aqua hates this attraction, she has been shown to easily purify these creatures with ease.

1 Megumin Cares For Her Family

Megumin is shown both in the movie, novels, and shown to deeply care for her family. She regularly sends money back to her house, as it is revealed that her family is rather poor. While this is due to her father’s spending habits, Megumin still wants to ensure that her family is able to eat.

She is also shown to be loved by her younger sister Komekko.

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Both Aqua and Megumin carry Konosuba carry Konosuba. But which of them is the best character?

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