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Kazuma is one of the most polarizing and possibly one of the rudest characters in the Konosuba anime/manga/web novel world. Kazuma has no problems putting down others and often treats his party members horribly. He even regularly makes women feel uncomfortable and could care less about their duty to save the world. He even has a high luck stat he regularly abuses with his steal ability. Throughout the series, Kazuma has proven time and time again, that hero probably isn’ the right title for the young adventurer. To help prove Kazuma is as horrible as the girls claim, below are ten reasons that Kazuma is the worst.

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10 He Tried To See Aqua As a Romance Option

It is revealed in a later part of the story that Kazuma actively tried to see Aqua as a love interest. This included the fact that Kazuma would sniff Aqua’s hair while the two were sleeping close together in a barn. This is one of the creepiest ways for a main character to pursue a woman.

He also admitted that even with these attempts that he couldn’t find her appealing.

9 He Is Not a Gentlemen

Kazuma often spouts off about gender equality in the anime. While some of what he is saying is agreeable, it’s mostly an excuse. Kazuma doesn’t go out of his way to make women feel special, and will often run off the battlefield first. He also uses this phrase after stealing undergarments from Chris.

Kazuma is probably horrible on dates and demands that his partner pays for his expensive meal.

8 He Is Lecherous

Kazuma has had no lack of lecherous activities on his adventures. From his attempts to see the girls in delicate states, to his attempts to get with Megumin in the movie, Kazuma is a bit creepy. He often fantasies over girls and even tries to visit the succubus service regularly to get special dreams.

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It’s not really a wonder why Kazuma never had a girlfriend before.

7 He is a Hikikomori

It is revealed that Kazuma before he was reincarnated, spent most of his time in his room. In fact, he spent more time applying himself to games than he did school or trying to find a job. It’s a wonder that he even left his room enough to be killed by a truck, or more accurately, the shock of seeing a truck.

He even shows some of these tendencies once he gets money as he tries to stay inside.

6 He Bullies Aqua

Despite the fact that Kazuma forced the goddess to come with him, he is often cruel to Aqua. He often mocks her intelligence, which in all honesty isn’t that high and puts her down. Even with Aqua’s impressive abilities, he regularly refers to her as a useless goddess even though she saved his life.

It’s a good thing Aqua isn’t seen as a love interest by him, because she deserves much better.

5 He Is Lazy

Kazuma would prefer to pick easy quests or ones where the rest of his party does the heavy lifting. He also regularly tried to shy away from his duty to beat the Demon King during the series. When he starts making money off of his stolen inventions, he tries to live an easy life of luxury.

This is even doubled down on by the fact he immediately wants to go on vacation.

4 He Tries to Run Off With Eris

When Kazuma gets killed for the first time, he gets to meet the goddess of the world, Eris. He immediately states that she is more appealing than Aqua and is completely willing to let her reincarnate him. After he is brought back to life, he even complains he wanted to spend more time with Eris.

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This theme is repeated throughout the series each time Kazuma is killed.

3 He Is Commanding The Girls

After Kazuma gets money, and even a little bit before it, he is happy to command his party members around. This includes Kazuma literally bringing them to tears with his weird requests. Kazuma seems to give little regard to others’ feelings and prioritizes his own wants above others.

He also doesn’t seem to want to marry any of the women he bullies.

2 He Lies About His Identity

In the newest movie, Kazuma straight-up lies to the demon general about his identity. He gives the demon general another character’s names, in hopes that he can skip doing battle. He even has no qualms with the fact that the rest of his party seems completely devastated by this development.

To be honest, this isn’t surprising given Kazuma’s usual attitude towards responsibility.

1 He Abandons His Party

Another huge point against Kazuma is the fact that he completely abandons his party in the movie. When he realizes that the new demon general is an attractive woman, he immediately lets himself get kidnapped. He only regrets his decision when he learns the character is half male.

He doesn’t even bat an eye at the fact that his friends needed him to help destroy the general.

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Kazuma is one of the most polarizing and possibly one of the rudest characters in the Konosuba anime/manga. He's kind of the worst.

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