Last of Us II: Could Backlash to Leaks Cause the Game to Change?

Naughty Dog is trending today on Twitter following major plot details for The Last of Us Part II being leaked online to various social media outlets. These include controversial plot points and the confirmation of character deaths. The leaks reportedly come from a former Naughty Dog employee who was fed up with the working conditions at the studio, with grueling crunch hours souring the development process. Since then, Sony has been hard at work scrubbing the internet of any leaks it can find, but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing them, as well as their disappointment, on Twitter.

With the backlash against the game growing and some disgruntled fans canceling their preorders in response to the leaks, Sony responded by confirming that the game’s new release date: June 19. But with all the negative press surrounding the leaks and Naughty Dog seeming to confirm that the leaks are legitimate, will the game change as a result?

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It does seem highly unlikely that anything about the game will change at this point, especially with the newly announced release date being so close, but a lot can happen in a month and a half, and the game has been delayed before. The game originally supposed to release in February of this year, but was pushed to May 29 late last year. Then, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was delayed indefinitely earlier this month.

Naughty Dog has a controversial reputation for being a perfectionist studio, working for long hours to make every detail of their games as strong as possible. With this in mind, the studio could consider reworking the story in response to the backlash, presumably asking Sony for more time in order to make changes that would leave fans satisfied. However, Naughty Dog’s statement, which expresses disappointment regarding the situation and urges fans to avoid spoilers, indicates that it has no plans to change anything.

But this leads to another question: even if it could, should Naughty Dog make changes? If it is truly are confident in the game that it has created (which it seems to be, stating that “the final experience will be worth it” in their statement), then the studio has every right to release the game the way that it is. Even with the leaks, there is still a lot about The Last Of Us Part II that we don’t know, so players should still make their own assessment of the game when it releases this summer.

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Major leaks appear to have revealed key plot points of the upcoming Naughty Dog game, reveals which have been incredibly controversial online.

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