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League Of Legends recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and with so many years of being active comes years and years of wonderful skins being released for a colorful cast of champions. Some end up getting favored more than others by the community, and at this point there are some champions receiving at least a skin each year, and with so many to choose from there must always inevitably come those that are more popular than others. One fan-favorite is Ahri, the nine-tailed fox who wreaks havoc on mid lane by charming enemies and ganking unsuspecting opponents before they know what hit them.

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Ahri has some truly beautiful skins.

10 Midnight

Ahri is one of the oldest champions in the game, which also means that she’s inevitably fated to have a few skins that fall short compared to those being released in more recent years, and Midnight is a perfect example of that. It cloaks our typical red-and-white seductress in a much darker palette, and her outfit is much bulkier and furrier to withstand the cold of winter.

The downside of that design choice is that her model ends up looking very clunky and not that appealing, compared to the atmospheric edge of her splash art- so it’s a little disappointing overall.

9 Foxfire

Up next is Foxfire, which faces a similar issue of simply being too outdated to be able to compete with her more recent skins. Plus, there’s something about the bright-orange flame effects they use for her tail that are just too bright and end up hurting the eyes after a while, but this isn’t Ahri’s fault- the few older champions with flame-based skins that also haven’t been given visual updates suffer from this, as well.

At least the good news is that she’ll probably get a slight visual update in the future to allow her older skins with potential to compete again, which is great news for fans.

8 Challenger

Challenger takes the eighth spot on the list, and it’s one of a line of skins that are released to celebrate the beginning of each new Ranked season. These skins can suffer slightly from going to champions who don’t quite fit its theme, and whenever most fans think of this Ahri skin, it feels as if that’s what happened. The palette consisting of white, black and magenta isn’t bad on her, but the headpiece and silver hair don’t really fit Ahri and bring the entire skin down a few points.

7 Academy

Since we’ve talked about a skin or two whose concepts don’t feel like they do Ahri’s character justice, let’s discuss one that nails it perfectly: Academy. Ahri is known for being a bit of a tease who has a tendency to see herself as being above normal people, so the bratty, pretty, popular high-school girl persona fits her wonderfully. White, pink and shades of blue look great on her, and while one might think that typical fox-colored tails might clash, they actually work pretty well in this case.

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Let’s just hope she’s keeping things friendly while scrolling through social media.

6 Elderwood

Elderwood is one of Ahri’s most recent skins, and it certainly shows in her model. Her tails are dazzlingly translucent, practically see-through while still glimmering with shades of pink, blue and green. Her primary color in both hair and outfit being a deep pink is a great choice as well, and keeping the golden eyes of her classic skin helps Ahri retain her image without her trademark tails being the main focus.

It also has eight chromas which change up the color for a small price, of which Rose Quartz and Obsidian are just as, if not more, beautiful than the base skin.

5 Popstar

Popstar steals the fifth-place spot, and it’s perfect for the fox who loves stealing the spotlight! Popstar is another one of Ahri’s themes that fits her so well, it’s almost criminal- and years later, it recieved a handful of chromas as well that helped boost its popularity even further. One of those chromas features Ahri in a full black-and-white palette, which is actually a tribute to a real-life girl group, which is always a really neat reference to see in gaming.

The only reason her other colors didn’t push this skin higher up on the list is simply because we’re mainly judging the base skin, not any extras that released for it.

4 K/DA Prestige Edition

The entire line of K/DA skins ended up getting golden recolors known as Prestige Skins, which often would change other subtle things such as well, as a character’s outfit design or haircut. Not all of them managed to live up to the hype of their original skins, and such is the case for Ahri’s Prestige Edition. The gold palette and short hair are good looks on her, but her original simply trumps it, as we’ll see soon.

If you’re a collector who simply cares about getting limited skins, this one should be at the top of the radar, though- ever since 2020 began, the only way to get this skin is to re-roll three skin shards. It’s a less than one-percent chance, too, so players who obtained this while it was available should feel pretty accomplished.

3 K/DA

Up next is K/DA, the original that is still available unlike its golden counterpart. Its legacy can’t beat the fact that this skin was simply perfectly designed. The color palette arguably works better for Ahri than any of her other skins, as she comes off as mature and elegant with an almost dangerous aura painted in white, black and gold along with shimmering purple accents.

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It isn’t as if its counterpart is bad, but it’s a series of small differences that add up. The longer hair and long black stockings, along with the cut of the top, simply fit Ahri’s character much better when the two have to be compared.

2 Arcade

Arcade Ahri is a skin that quickly became popular among fans in general, not just Ahri players, and it isn’t hard to see why. Anything that comes with a gaming or arcade theme is typically an instant hit with players who obviously enjoy games themselves, and everything about this skin is perfectly designed to appeal to fans. Ahri looks stunning even in a more basic white, red and blue palette, with incredibly short purple hair- an immediate contrast from her normal longer styles, and it works.

Her tails are also rainbow and constantly changing colors throughout the match, which is truly beautiful- though they can be a bit distracting.

1 Star Guardian

The Star Guardian skinline isn’t just insanely popular when it comes to Ahri, but it’s arguably one of the most popular and profitable skin lines that Riot Games has created over the past decade. Magical girls are pretty popular, and these aren’t just skins without a purpose- Riot has given them quite a few stories and cinematics over the years to develop their lore. Ahri is one of two different team leaders, and the older, more experienced girl when compared to the younger leader, Lux.

We’ve already established that white, red and pink are definitely Ahri’s colors, and when accented with gorgeous peach-blonde hair and tails, this skin is one that can’t be missed for Ahri fans.

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League Of Legends recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, meaning so many skins! These are Ahri's best.

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