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League Of Legends has been slowly improving the quality of most of its aspects over the years, at least when it comes to the world in which the characters live, the lore enveloping that world, and everyone’s favorite, the quality of the skins that have been released in recent years are absolutely superb compared to where the team started when the game launched a decade ago. Some champions are favored more heavily than others, and fan-favorites have as many as fifteen skins at this point in a game with over 130 champions, with several being released each year.

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Lady of Luminosity, Luxanna Crownguard, or Lux, as fans more commonly know her and ten of her skins ranked from worst to best.

10 Imperial

Starting off this list is one of Lux’s oldest skins, Imperial, having been released all the way back in 2011. The art and design of the model for this one actually are not too bad for how long it has been since this skin’s release, though the in-game effects have been updated throughout that time.

The colors just do not work very well for Lux, and as later lore will develop, she is much more of a free spirit who would detest this kind of position if anything, so it did not age very well, making this skin her worst.

9 Steel Legion

Next up is Steel Legion, which came out in 2013 and is still a pretty interesting skin line. Although it might seem somewhat bland compared to her other skins, it is exactly that contrast to Lux’s usual bright, anime-inspired skins that makes this one stand out more.

It is easy to forget that she used to have a pretty tragic military background in her old lore, and skins like this remind us that she is a lot more than just magical girl references, which we can certainly still appreciate.

8 Pajama Guardian

The eighth spot goes to Pajama Guardian, which is technically a sister skin to Star Guardian, but with the huge gap in release date time and the number of differences, we decided to rate them separately. The Pajama Guardian line came out in late 2018, and though reactions were mixed in the general community, it is still a cute set that was well-received with fans of the original line overall.

It is a cute and creative spin on a popular, existing line, and Lux especially shines. Just look at her little wings and giant ears; they’re so cute!

7 Spellthief

Spellthief is up next, and this is another Lux skin that uses a simpler palette and might look more basic but is actually a creative concept for her that shows off the more unknown side of her character quite well. Although it released all the way back in 2010, this skin has gotten changes in both its splash art and in-game model to keep it modern and looking good, and it shows.

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The only thing keeping this skin from ranking higher is the fact that the visual effects for the spells are somewhat basic compared to newer skins, as Riot’s design team has had a full decade to hone their craft when it comes to every aspect of skin-making since this skin’s release.

6 Battle Academia

At almost halfway through, Lux’s rather recent Battle Academia release ranks at number six. It is always fun to see Lux get alternate hair colors that are more natural, and she looks great in an autumn palette, as well. The little pins on her bag are an adorable touch and everything can be seen detailed in her model, though nothing less is to be expected from a skin that came out less than a year ago.

She also gets some really fun interactions with the lore for this skin line, including other popular characters like Ezreal and Katarina.

5 Star Guardian

We’re halfway through and celebrating with Star Guardian, the original solo launch for the skin line that sparked over a dozen more of the sister line counts like Pajama Guardian. Easily a fan-favorite line with both the in-game community and the cosplay community, who doesn’t love magical girls? Lux looks wonderful in a bright, eye-catching pink, purple, and white palette accented with shiny, regal gold. Her spells all pop and her recall has her fully enveloped in vivid pink and bright sparkles, finishing off with a signature Sailor Mooninspired pose.

This skin could easily rank higher if Lux didn’t have a handful of really wonderful skins.

4 Lunar Empress

Lunar Empress lights up the fourth spot and Lux is absolutely gorgeous in this skin. Anything that is accented in regal gold suits Lux well and reflects her nobility. Meanwhile, the soft silvers and deep forest greens help her seem more down-to-earth and warm.  This skin was released in early 2018 alongside a handful of chroma skins that recolor it slightly, including a crimson red palette that colors her hair jet-black. This skin has lovely effects on its spells as well.

In her recall, the ends of her staff also split off into two adorable puppies that represent Nasus and Warwick, as if this skin needed any more reason to be high up.

3 Cosmic / Dark Cosmic

In third place are the super recent twin skin releases, having launched only a month ago in March 2020: Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux. They are a pair of legendary skins that can be bought either separately or in a bundle with some extra goodies, but the price of the skins themselves is cheaper than if they were to be bought apart. They each have their own original voiceovers and effects that all sound and look magnificent.

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The visuals are great, the voices are a pleasure to listen to, and there are several dialogue lines thrown in that nod at other skins of hers, which is always a nice touch.

2 Elementalist

The thought of Elementalist not nabbing the number-one spot might surprise some fans, but in all honesty, the two are just about tied for the top tier. This skin is an Ultimate tier and is one of the few that have been released for it. It is the only skin that can transform into different forms depending on player choice. Two transformations happen over the course of each game, with one being the four elements to combine being Wind, Nature, Water, and Fire. The other transformation includes the final elements, which are Mystic, Storm, Magma, Ice, and Dark.

It’s a wonderfully creative idea for a skin and each form has a different voice-over and visual effects, all of which look stunning.

1 Battle Academia Prestige Edition

The top spot on today’s list has to go to none other than the Prestige edition of Battle Academia Lux. In addition to having a different color palette, outfit, and hairstyle, her visual effects are different as well. The effects were upgraded to being incredibly pink and sparkly with gold accents that compliment her well.

This skin is also incredibly rare and is currently unobtainable unless it is rolled in crafting by dismantling other skin shards, which has a less than one percent chance. If you are a fan who likes showing off with limited-time skins that most cannot come by, this one is for you.

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Lux of League of Legends has had some great skins released over the years. Here are 10 of her skins, ranked.

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