Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How To Get the Giant Horse

Across several games in The Legend of Zelda series, Link has relied on his trusty steed Epona to carry him across Hyrule. But for 2017’s Breath of the Wild, Nintendo added a variety of customization options to freshen up the experience. One of these newly added options involved travel and horses.

Across the game’s gigantic map, players can find and tame wild horses. While many of them are similar, there are a handful of rare horses that offer higher stats than your average mount. One of them is a giant powerhouse of a creature that is definitely worth tracking down. Here is how to find and tame the Giant Horse in Breath of the Wild.

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The Giant Horse is easily twice as large as a regular horse, so it definitely stands out. But just like the other rare horses in Breath of the Wild, there is only one in existence. The Giant Horse can be found in the Taobab Grassland just South of Mount Hylia and just West of Mount Faloraa. It’s easily spotted given the crowd of regular-sized horses surrounding around it.

An easy way to reach this location is by traveling to the Owa Daim Shrine. This is one of the game’s earliest shrines where Link obtains the Stasis Rune. That means the horse’s location actually isn’t too far from where Link begins his journey on the Great Plateau. However, players will need to be a lot further along in the game before even attempting attempt taming the Giant Horse.

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Taming a wild horse in Breath of the Wild requires the play to sneak it and hop on its back. The horse will try to buck Link off, draining his stamina, but soothing them will eventually calm the creature down. Since the Giant Horse is much larger and more powerful than any other horse, it requires a bit more work.

The Giant Horse may sense the player sneaking up from behind, so it’s best to approach with something that increases Link’s stealth. This could either be a meal or a potion using special ingredients. But the most surefire way is to obtain the Stealth Armor Set. This Sheikah armor can be purchased in Kakariko Village, so it’s easier to find than tracking down specific ingredients with stealth properties. If a player has both the armor and a bonus from a meal or potion, or if the armor set has been enhanced by a Great Fairy, that’s all the better. It might not be necessary to have, but it provides some extra insurance since the Giant Horse will run quite a long way if he spots Link.

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Link will also need a healthy dose of stamina. The Giant Horse will drain around two stamina bars before he stops bucking, so the player will either need to have increased the stamina wheel by completing lots of shrines or have with them something the refills the meter. Once he’s calmed down, he’ll need to be registered at a stable. The nearest one is the Highland Stable, East of the Nautelle Wetlands, which is South of the Giant Horse’s location.

Finding the Giant Horse is a completely optional quest, but it’s definitely worth completing. It’s nowhere near the fastest horse in the game, but it also doesn’t have any stamina. That means that once it reaches its top speed, it won’t slow down unless Link tells it to do so.

With it being so gigantic, it has five stars under Strength. Players will be able to mow down enemy hordes that come across their path without having to lift a finger. Also, it bears a striking resemblance to Ganondorf’s horse from Ocarina of Time, which is a nice Easter egg.

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Breath of the Wild includes several unique horses Link can find throughout the world. Here's how you can obtain the rare giant horse.

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