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Whenever fans speculate on two teams of heroes facing off against each other, inevitably the idea of scale comes into play. A team like the Legion of Super-Heroes with thirty-plus members is hard to beat just because of their sheer numbers. Teams like the Fantastic Four or the Doom Patrol just seem hopelessly outnumbered. The Avengers is one team that can meet these numbers.

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The Avengers have become Marvel Comics‘ premier super-team, reclaiming that title from the X-Men due to almost two dozen feature films. Over the years, the team’s roster has ebbed and swelled, but give it the same numbers and eliminate the Legion’s advantage in size.

10 Legion: Brainiac 5 is Smarter Than Tony Stark

Brainiac 5 doesn’t just have a thousand years of scientific development. He’s the most advanced mind of the 31st century. As smart as Tony Stark is, he’s not as smart as Brainiac 5. Brainiac 5 understands the nature of reality and how malleable it is.

By analyzing each Avengers’ weapons and tactics, Brainiac 5 could coordinate the Legionnaires into pairing off against effective opponents. His computer-like memory might also mean that he would retain any knowledge he gains from the Avengers’ computers, provided that he could access them.

9 Avengers: As Smart as Brainiac 5 Is, He Doesn’t Have a Suit of Armor.

Tony Stark’s greatest achievement is his advanced suit of armor. Over the years the armor has been improved upon and versions have existed for specific needs. This gives Iron Man an offensive edge that can balance the scales and possibly give the team an advantage by taking out the Legion’s weaker members.

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He’s vulnerable to many of the Legionnaire’s abilities, but with his armor’s A.I., he has a chance to take them out before they present a danger to him, if he knows of them. Tony Stark is smart enough that he might be able to hack into Computo, the Legion’s A.I. member that coordinates everything.

8 Legion: Most of the Avengers Can’t Stop Saturn Girl

Saturn Girl is a very powerful telepath, capable of putting almost everyone within a certain range of her to sleep. The closest thing that the Avengers have to her have been lesser-known brief members like Doctor Druid and Moondragon. Those two heroes have often been on the other side of the Avengers and are not widely associated with the Avengers.

She is vulnerable against those Avengers immune to her telepathy. Being an android, the Vision can present a serious problem for her. The Avengers also have several members with indomitable wills, such as Captain America and Thor.

7 Avengers: The Vision Is A Real Powerhouse

The Vision is more powerful than many give him credit for being. By Increasing his density, he becomes diamond-hard and near-invulnerable. He can become intangible and pass through any barrier, including Brainiac 5’s force field.

His most effective attack is to go intangible and put his hand through an opponent. He then solidifies just slightly and almost instantly incapacitates his opponent. This is an attack that there’s not much defense against. Most Legionnaires would try to take out Captain Marvel first but underestimating the Vision would be a costly mistake.

6 Legion: Multiple Magic Users

The Legion has two magic users on the team and a couple of Legionnaires that have powers that could be based on magic. The White Witch has long been a powerful member of the Legion, capable of fantastic feats if able to research the right spells. The newest version of the Legion has a potentially more powerful sorceress added to their ranks.

Dr. Fate‘s helmet survives into the 31st century and is now wielded by a six-armed alien. She seems to be relatively new to the role, but extremely powerful. In a standoff with the Science Police, she claims to be able to freeze the entire dimension in place.

5 Avengers: Doctor Strange Has More Experience Than Any Magic User The Legion Has

Doctor Strange has been the Marvel Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme and demonstrated mystic knowledge unparalleled by most mortal magic users. At his disposal are many mystic artifacts, which he has made use of many times. Magic was never a strong asset of the Avengers until Doctor Strange joined the team.

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During most of his tenure, the title of Sorcerer Supreme was held by someone else, but Strange demonstrated his ability and knowledge with courage. Throughout his life, he has stood steadfast in his defense of Earth, even taking the fight to other dimensions. He’s faced down more powerful mystic forces and comes out on the other side as one of the planet’s strongest champions.

4 Legion: They Have The Largest Variety of Powers Of Any Team

Traditionally, every Legionnaire must have one unique super-power. This gives them the most unique membership of any super-hero team in comics. With over thirty members, the combinations of teamwork are astounding. Team leader Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5, with his computer mind, are capable of putting together teams that complement each other.

With these combinations, even the weakest Legionnaires can be effective. When facing large groups of attackers, Bouncing Boy has proven to be very effective. If stealth is called for, then Chameleon Boy and Invisible Kid are more effective than Ultra Boy or Timber Wolf.

3 Avengers: Captain America Can Form A Strategy To Take Down Any Threat

Captain America is one leader that other leaders defer to. He commands respect from all of the Avengers. He also has experience going up against legions of foes. When multiple gods will follow a man into battle, that says something about that man.

Captain America also refuses to give up against seemingly unbeatable odds. He’s gone solo against the American government and seen allies come to his aid. Inspiring others to face insurmountable numbers shows the courage of this man and his effectiveness as a leader.

2 Legion: Superboy and Mon-El Are Extremely Powerful

When a team has a member with all the powers of Superman, it’s hard to see a way to beat them. When they have two such members, it’s nearly impossible. Superboy and Mon-El could also use teamwork to neutralize almost any and every Avenger. Doing this early would let the Legion make use of their numbers advantage.

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The pair are not unbeatable and have yet to perfect any teamwork. The Legion still has an immense power advantage over the Avengers. In a face-off, the Avengers would have to neutralize the Legion’s two biggest assets to have a chance.

1 Avengers: Thor and Dr. Strange Can Take Out Mon-El and Superboy

It was once theorized that in a JLA/Avengers confrontation, Thor and Superman would inevitably square off. Without knowing much about his foe, Superman would not try to dodge when Thor threw his hammer at the Man of Steel. Given that Superman is vulnerable to magic, it would be unwise not to avoid the magic hammer.

Superboy probably shares his father’s vulnerability to magic, which most likely means that Mon-El, being a Daxamite somehow related to Kryptonians, also shares that vulnerability. They might avoid Doctor Strange initially, but once the master of the mystic arts learns of their weakness, he will press the advantage. Taking out the Legion’s two big guns would be a huge morale blow and might just present the Avengers with their most likely path to victory.

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Fans love to speculate on two teams of heroes facing off against each other. Who would win when the Avengers and Super-Heroes clash?

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