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On top of being home to some of the most powerful superheroes on the planet, the DC universe is also home to some of the most powerful teenagers around. In both the present and the far future, teams like the Teen Titans and the Legion of Superheroes fight to make the world a better place.

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Furthermore, while both teams have accomplished quite a lot during their extensive histories, one can’t help but wonder how the two would fare in a battle against each other. Given some similarities between them, it is interesting to think about which group of young heroes would come out on top.

11 Brain: Legion of Superheroes

Being a superteam from the future certainly has its advantages, giving the Legion of Superheroes a big lead over the Teen Titans in terms of brainpower. Not only does the team possess great knowledge of the Teen Titan’s future in general, but several of their members are also incredibly smart.

Brainiac 5 alone is enough to make Lex Luthor look bad, showcasing just how smart the Legion really is. Of course, the Teen Titans still have some very intelligent members with heroes like Cyborg and Tim Drake, but even with them, there’s no way they can match the Legion in terms of intelligence.

10 Brawn: Legion of Superheroes

Though some of the members of the Legion may have some rather strange abilities, they are easily one of the most powerful superteams in all of comics. Though people may be far more familiar with the Teen Titans, the Legion has proven time and again to be more powerful than almost any obstacle thrown their way.

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With members like Mon El, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl among their ranks, the Legion could really do some devastating damage if they were villains. While the Teen Titans have had some heavy hitters on their team over the years, the Legion still has the advantage.

9 Experience: Legion of Superheroes

Not only did the Legion of Superheroes make their first appearance several years before the Teen Titans, but they also have an advantage in terms of experience thanks to DC’s continuity. Hailing from the 31st century, the Legion has generations of superheroing experience to look at and learn from, giving them a massive advantage when it comes to solving certain problems.

When it comes down to it, the Teen Titans can really only learn from heroes within the Justice Society or Justice League, allowing the team to make their fair share of mistakes along the way. 

8 Allies: Teen Titans

If there’s one area where the Teen Titans really have the Legion beat, it is in regards to their allies with others in the DC universe. With close ties to the Justice League, Justice Society, and many other major DC heroes, the Teen Titans have a number of additional resources to back them up if need be.

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Though the Legion still has friends of their own, they are the most distinguished team of heroes of their time, making it rather hard for them to get backup that can do things that they can’t themselves. Furthermore, with some of the most powerful and accomplished heroes in the world at their side, the Teen Titans are the clear victors in this regard.

7 Reserves: Legion of Superheroes

Looking at all members both past and present, the Legion still has a massive lead over the Teen Titans. While both teams would be pretty evenly matched in regards to overall numbers, the Legion still has far more powerful characters to add to their ranks.

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Should the team decide to increase their size for a battle, the sheer power of the Legion would almost certainly overtake the Teen Titans with incredible ease. No matter how many past members the Teen Titans may be able to scrounge together, they are still no match for the Legion in terms of backup.

6 Technology: Legion of Superheroes

Obviously, considering how they’re using tech from the 31st century, the Legion would definitely have the Teen Titans beat in this regard. Given how fast technology itself already moves in the real world, the Legion is certain to have the far more advanced tech and gadgetry at their disposal.

Though the Titans still have a lot of advanced things available to them, there’s just no way they can even come close to matching the Legion. The Legion Flight Rings alone are some of the most advanced technology yet seen in the DC universe, meaning that the Teen Titans have a long distance to travel before they can actually stand a chance against them.

5 Personality: Teen Titans

While both teams are often composed of younger characters, the Teen Titans definitely have a stronger sense of unity and companionship than the Legion typically does. Granted, with the Teen Titans being the more popular of the two teams, they are definitely seen more often, giving them time to actually develop stronger relations among their members.

Once again, this isn’t’ to say that the Legion has no personality, but there’s definitely a reason the Teen Titans have proven to be so popular. 

4 Range of Abilities: Legion of Superheroes

As mentioned previously, many members of the Legion of Superheroes have some very strange and odd abilities that one wouldn’t think would be that useful. From characters like Bouncing Boy to Matter-Eater Lad, the Legion certainly has a far wider range of abilities to tackle almost any given problem they may face.

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Though the Teen Titans generally don’t have two people doing the same thing on the team at one time, they do have a tendency to mimic some abilities from past members or a main Justice Leaguer. While some characters have still shown very unique abilities and stood out in an awesome way, the Legion is arguably far more prepared for a task thanks to their incredibly wide range of powers.

3 Morality: Tie

Given how both superteams were inspired by heroes like Superman and others from his time, both teams have the same sense of morals and desire to help those in need. Because of this, both teams will also keep fighting for what’s right, even when things seem practically impossible.

Likewise, both groups of heroes have learned valuable lessons directly from the older and more experienced heroes, helping to keep the teams motivated when times get particularly tough. Though the Teen Titans have had their share of darker moments in the past, at the end of the day, they are still trying their best to make a better and brighter future.

2 Biggest Feat: Legion of Superheroes

In regards to their accomplishments, the Legion once again has the Teen Titans beat out. At one point, the young heroes actually faced off against Darkseid, one of the biggest bads in all of comics.

Though it took the assistance of some additional heroes, the Legion still managed to take down the New God, a feat that the Justice League has often struggled to accomplish. Of course, the Teen Titans have still taken down some very powerful threats, some of whom are arguably more powerful than many Justice League villains, but they haven’t quite taken down someone of the same caliber as Darkseid. Though the Titans do have the potential to do so, the Legion has them outmatched yet again.

1 Winner: Legion of Superheroes

However popular the Teen Titans may be, the Legion would almost certainly beat them in any given situation. Though things could easily change depending on certain external factors, the Legion just has a massive advantage over the modern day heroes, making them far more likely to be the victors if the two teams were to ever go head-to-head.

As mentioned previously, the Teen Titans are sure to put up a good fight, but in the end, the Legion is simply just too powerful. Given how some members of the Legion have gone against the Justice League in the past, it only makes sense that they would make swift work of the Teen Titans as well.

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The DC universe is home to some of the most powerful teenagers around — but do the Teen Titans or Legion of Superheroes come out on top?

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