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Kickstarter has long been a venue for comic creators to seek funding for their projects. Now, three creators have launched a campaign to fund a graphic novel that they’ve been working on for over two years.

Cosmic Detective, a sci-fi mystery graphic novel from writers Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer), Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and artist David Rubín (Beowulf) has already surpassed its goal of $35,000 during the first day of its campaign. The story focuses on a detective who must investigate the murder of a god.

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“Matt and I have had a chance to collaborate in the past, but never to create our own world and our own mythology,” Lemire said in the initial press release. “We wanted to make something weird and mysterious, a world filled with big ideas that we knew David’s insane visual imagination would thrive in.”

Cosmic Detective is a crime story that channels Jack Kirby, David Lynch, and Raymond Chandler,” Kindt added. “It’s a story grounded in noir that ultimately becomes absolutely cosmic-bonkers insane.”

“We may live in different countries — with Matt in the USA, Jeff in Canada, and myself in Spain — but we have all met in person, and, more importantly, we all love to draw, to create, and tell stories,” Rubín said. “The three of us have worked together before and we know each other well, both our strong points and our weaknesses. With Cosmic Detective, we’re doing all the things we love to do, and at the same time, forging a new path in our careers.”

The Kickstarter rewards for Cosmic Detective include an oversized, deluxe format hardcover edition of the graphic novel, with exclusive art made especially for the hardcover and multiple gatefold pages. Another reward is a deck of playing cards featuring illustrations by Rubín.

The Cosmic Detective Kickstarter ends on June 3.

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Writers Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt, alongside artist David Rubin, have taken to Kickstarter to launch a campaign for a sci-fi mystery comic.

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