Lobo Is Here! Jim Lee Draws the Main Man for Comic Shop Charity

Jim Lee revealed his next sketch for his charity auction: the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo. This is the thirty-third sketch for the DC publisher, who has been auctioning original sketches to help comic book stores during the industry shutdown as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the sketch, an (unsurprisingly) angry Lobo is sneering towards the skies, gripping a staff with a Mother Box attached to it. Like Lee’s other sketches, it’s in black and white, but he kept Lobo’s eyes their memorable red color.

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Lee raised over $300k for the charity earlier this week, and his sketch of Lobo is the perfect way to celebrate that milestone. He plans to sketch 60 original illustrations — one per day— with the highest bidder getting the prized possession and the privilege to choose the next character for Lee to draw. DC Comics will also be donating $250,000 to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

Many comic book shops have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. While Diamond Distributors intends to restart distribution later this month, the industry still needs all the help it can get with initiatives like these.

Bidding for the Lobo sketch is open until Sunday, May 10 eBay. All proceeds will go to BINC’s fund for comic shop retailers.

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Jim Lee tackled the Main Man himself, Lobo, for the next COVID-19 relief charity sketch, and it’s just as badass as you think it is.

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