Lois Lane Just Featured Multiversal Versions Of A Major DC Hero

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Lois Lane #10 by Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, Andy Troy and Simon Bowland, available now

Whether she’s the Question or just a member of the Gotham City Police Department, Renee Montoya is usually one of DC’s more grounded heroes. But in Lois Lane #10, Montoya reveals that she still knows a good amount about the multiverse thanks to her own interactions with it, and she even has a fairly decent understanding of it on a much bigger scale.

When Renee Montoya describes the concept of the multiverse in Lois Lane #10, the Birds of Prey hero introduces the idea by imagining versions of herself from across the multiverse, many of which are more than cool enough to warrant a future appearance.

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While Lois Lane works on her story, Renee has to explain to Jessica Midnight that — despite her lack of memories — she was once a magically inclined figure in the secret organization Checkmate. However, Midnight has trouble understanding exactly what this means. To try and help, Renee reveals her knowledge of the multiverse and what it means, and the sheer amount of potential it could create for anyone in the DC Universe. Renee describes how the multiverse is always growing, and how new ideas are always becoming new versions of reality. This extends to imagining her own concepts of what she could have been across the multiverse.

Even if the worlds are only imagined in Renee’s head, the way she describes the multiverse makes the case for any and every possibility to be true. This implies that the alternate versions of herself that she imagines might exist somewhere across the DC multiverse, which could appear down the line. All of the alternate versions of Renee are kept to the left and juxtaposed against alternate versions of Jessica Midnight and Sister Clarice. This is an especially intriguing idea, considering the versions of Renee that she ends up imagining. One version of Renee has become a vigilante herself, donning the Batwoman costume instead of Kate Kane. In another world, Renee imagines herself as a gun-toting vigilante who’s very reminiscent of the Shadow.

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In another world, Renee seems to have found love with an unexpected hero, the Huntress, who embraces her in a kiss. However, another version of Montoya seems heartbroken, cradling the body of a seemingly dead woman. Perhaps the most unique is a version of Renee seen running through the city streets with a large version of the Flash insignia across her shirt and face. This implies that there’s one potential world where Renee either became the Flash or was more closely aligned with the Flash than Batman.

All of these worlds offer interesting new reflections of Renee. Curiously, none of these visions seem to have anything to do with her current superhero role of the Question. This all offers an interesting new perspective on the heroine and how she sees herself.

Considering how many twisted and dark worlds are in the DC multiverse, it’s also noteworthy that Renee doesn’t consider any of those worlds. The darkest reality she can imagine is losing someone she loves, which is something she’s gotten all-too-accustomed within her tragic life.

Although they’re only illustrated to prove a point, these concepts are too enticing to just be ignored, especially the ones that could give Renee a different kind of major role around in some of DC’s other universes.

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The newest issue of Lois Lane imagines a host of alternate universe versions of a major DC hero who's already a part of the DCEU.

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