Loki: 5 Costumes That Made Him Look Cool (& 5 That Were Just Lame)

The God of Mischief is one of the longest-standing Marvel characters, predating his own brother, the mighty God of Thunder Thor. Over the years, Loki has been presented with a number of new and improved looks, ranging from incredibly good to uniquely bad.

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In nearly every iteration of Loki, there’s always some semblance of his classic green and gold color scheme. However, each new version of the character incorporates some kind of redesign that either makes or breaks the entire costume. From his earliest comic book appearances to those of several different Marvel animated series, and finally to his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here are five of Loki’s coolest costumes, and five that made him look absolutely foolish.

10 Lame: Thor Volume 3

One thing that makes Loki such a great villain is his elegance and over-the-top tendencies. Those aspects of the character have consistently been apparent in some of Loki’s costumes.

This Loki design was fairly popular in the late 2000s and into the 2010s, especially in J. Michael Straczynski’s Thor run. The extravagant fur has made for a number of great Loki costumes, but this design, in particular, looks more like a combination of Loki and Hela, and not one entirely unique to the God of Mischief. It certainly falls in line with his personality and malice-driven behavior, but quickly fell out as designs for the character became more and more modernized.

9 Cool: Axis

Some of Loki’s most interesting stories are actually when he plays the role of the hero instead of the mischievous villain. During the Axis storyline, we saw Loki make this transformation as the heroes and villains of Marvel switched roles.

As he wielded his brother’s hammer, Loki sported an entirely new and amazing costume. Decked out in gold armor, Loki also wore Thor’s iconic red cape, while still incorporating the green of his own costumes and a new take on his traditional headpiece. Despite being just a mashup of his own costume and Thor’s, this look for Loki is one of the coolest you’ll see.

8 Lame: Strange Tales

Loki is one of Marvel’s earliest villains and throughout the 1940s and 1950s, it took a little while to get his look right. As he started to battle some of Marvel’s greatest heroes in the early Strange Tales run, Loki’s green and gold costume was just starting to take shape.

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This isn’t to say that his costume at that time was bad, but as a simple result of the times, it didn’t give Loki the look of a villain. It’s hard to judge costume designs of that time, but it’s still safe to say that Loki’s look did the character no favors.

7 Cool: 2019 Loki Series

Despite being just five issues long, Daniel Kibblesmith’s 2019 run of Loki gave us some incredible creative takes on Loki’s costume. From a simple and modern design of his original costume, fur and all, to the even more out-of-the-box concepts, like his formal green tuxedo to looking like an English gangster, the costumes of this series are uncomparably great. You have to wonder what other costume variations they would’ve come up with if the series had lasted longer.

6 Lame: Young Avengers

On top of being one of the Avengers’ greatest villains, Loki actually has a complicated history as a member of the Avengers as well. Well, that is, the Young Avengers.

With this younger version of Loki, they went for a much different design for his costume. Opting for a smaller and more modern take on his headpiece and even what looks to be his own symbol on his chest, this look just doesn’t capitalize on the best parts of some of Loki’s actual costumes and ends up falling flat.

5 Cool: MCU

Since he made his first big-screen appearance in Thor, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has sported some outstanding looks. His costume in Avengers could easily be considered one of the best overall Loki looks across all his appearance in any form of media.

Even in Thor: Ragnarok, when he traded green for blue in the outfit he wore on Sakaar, his overall look was fantastic. It’s still unclear what costume, or costumes, fans will see him wear in his Disney+ series. Hopefully, they can keep things consistent with the incredible looks they’ve given him throughout all his previous MCU appearances.

4 Lame: Animated Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Just as Loki was the main antagonist of the first live-action Avengers film, he’s been one of their most frequent villains in plenty of Avengers tales, including the animated series, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The design for him is fine for the most part. It resembles most comic book takes on the character, with his signature color scheme and horned helmet right on par. However, there’s no explaining what they were thinking when they gave him those awful, goofy cuffs at the top of his boots. They draw all the attention away from the rest of the costume, and not in a good way.

3 Cool: Earth-TRN707

As terrifying of a thought as it may be, there is actually a reality in the Marvel Universe in which Loki possesses not just his brother’s hammer, Mjolnir, but the precious Infinity Stones as well.

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This alternate reality, known as Earth-TRN707, actually offered one of the coolest looking Loki costumes of all time. With the Infinity Stones embedded into his armor, this version of Loki looks awesome. It’s not one that’s seen often, but you have to appreciate how great he looks when he does show up.

2 Lame: Walter Simonson Loki

There’s no denying that Walter Simonson’s Thor run of the 1980s is one of the best comic periods for the God of Thunder. It’s wildly impressive that, at the time, he was doing both the writing and illustrating for the comics.

While most of his character designs were fantastic, especially his iconic Thor costume, his look for Loki wasn’t nearly up to par with the rest. It incorporated plenty of great elements of Loki’s classic costumes, but for some reason, he sported some insanely chunky armor. All together, Simonson’s take on Loki was much bulkier than normal and the costume to go along with him aesthetically suffered as a result.

1 Cool: Sorcerer Supreme

To go along with his mystical abilities, Loki actually took over the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange during Donny Cates’ time on Doctor Strange. With the cloak of levitation to go along with his new title, Loki’s look became a brilliant combination of his own costume and that of Doctor Strange himself.

Although his time as Sorcerer Supreme didn’t last long, Loki’s costume during that period was incredible and one of the best adaptions of his classic look.

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Marvel's Loki has seen quite a few costume changes over the years and some of them have been much better than others.

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