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DC Comics continues its new weekly publishing model, with no fewer than 14 titles set to arrive this Tuesday, June 2.

This week sees new issues for both Action Comics and Detective Comics. However, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight aren’t quite finished there, as there is also a new issue of Batman/Superman this week. And speaking of double trouble, this Tuesday not only sees the release of a new standard issue of Catwoman, but also the celebratory Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular.

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Other superhero-centric books this week include Justice League Dark #22, Shazam! #12, Wonder Woman #756 and the long-awaited Black Label release Birds of Prey #1. Speaking of the Black Label, Tuesday also sees the launch of The Last Good Sourcebook, as well as new issues of the Sandman Universe titles John Constantine: Hellblazer and House of Whispers (the latter of which was recently revealed to be going digital-only).

We move from one imprint to another as DC’s Young Animal has a new release this week in the form of Far Sector #6, with the 12-part Green Lantern tale officially crossing the halfway point. And if there isn’t quite enough Hanna-Barbera in your life at the moment, you can check out Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #104.

You can see all of the books releasing this Tuesday below, with links to the previews that will show you what’s to come from DC Comics.

  1. Action Comics #1022
  2. Batman/Superman #9
  3. Birds of Prey #1
  4. Catwoman #22
  5. Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  6. Detective Comics #1022
  7. Far Sector #6
  8. House of Whispers #21
  9. John Constantine: Hellblazer #6
  10. Justice League Dark #22
  11. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #104
  12. Shazam! #12
  13. The Last God Sourcebook #1
  14. Wonder Woman #756

Be sure to check back next week for new previews of your favorite DC comics releasing on Tuesday, June 9.

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Before New Comics Day arrives, check out previews for Catwoman, Batman/Superman, Birds of Prey, Justice League Dark, Shazam! and Wonder Woman.

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