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Luigi’s Mansion 3’s second multiplayer DLC pack has arrived, adding a host of additional features to the ScareScraper and ScreamPark game modes while tossing in a handful of new costumes for Luigi to wear while going head-to-head with friends online. Nintendo and Next Level Games’ delightfully spooky romp through a haunted hotel has quickly become one of the best-selling games on the Switch, and DLC Pack 2 gives even more incentive for players to try it’s charming multiplayer suite after they finish the main adventure.

This second wave of content includes three more mini-games for the title’s ScreamPark multiplayer mode, which is essentially Luigi’s own ghost-themed version of the Mario Party series. These three new additions are all distinctly unique and bring even more variety to an already enjoyable and surprisingly robust multiplayer experience, making the ScreamPark a great option for those looking for a different multiplayer experience with family and friends.

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DLC Pack 2’s new mini-games include PuckStravaganza, an air hockey-Esque team battle where players try to score points by pushing pucks into a goal with the Poltergeist; Floaty Frenzy, a river-based obstacle course where you’ll need to use air to navigate your pool floaty to victory; and Desperate Measures, where teams must work together to pile up objects on a scale and get as close as possible to the designated weight, all while avoiding bombs from the enemy team.

Similar to the first half of the DLC, Pack 2 gives players even more costumes to dress Luigi in before tackling the game’s online cooperative ScareScraper mode. The Amazing Luigi sees Mario’s brother transform into a dazzling magician with an oversized top hat and matching green suit. Cap’n Weegee, meanwhile, decks our hero out in all the trappings of a traditional swash-buckling pirate, eye patch included. Finally, Paleontoluigist uncovers Luigi’s more intellectual side as a famed treasure hunter and ancient researcher.

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Diving into the ScareScraper for some co-op ghost-busting dressed as Pirate Luigi sounds fun enough, but what makes this mode truly special is the costume-specific floors you’ll encounter randomly based on your current appearance. For example, choosing the Paleontoluigist costume will lead you to floors based on the game’s Unnatural History Museum section, with everything from the level design to the ghosts themselves matching the ancient researcher theme. Each of the three costumes will spawn a different type floor, so be sure to give them all a try if you want to see all the new additions to the ScareScraper mode.

Besides just costumes and randomly themed floors, DLC Pack 2 also adds two new types of ghosts to the ScareScraper, simply called Goob and Brick ghosts. These tricky specters provide additional variety to the types of enemies you’ll encounter online, forcing players to work together to defeat them while adding even more rare ghosts to chase after to complete the collection.

Developer Next Level Games has done a great job of supporting Luigi’s Mansion 3 well after its release, giving players plenty of incentive to jump back into the game’s surprisingly fun multiplayer modes with a host of challenging and entertaining mini-games and co-op content. And, if you missed out on the first wave of DLC and want to get into some ghost-busting action with your friends, you can purchase the Multiplayer Pack bundle that includes both DLC packs for only $9.99 USD on Nintendo’s eShop.

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Luigi's Mansion 3's second paid DLC has arrived, adding even more costumes and game modes to the game's charming multiplayer mode.

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