Magic: The Gathering Arena Reveals a New Historic Anthology for May Update

The long history of Magic: The Gathering gives the game a wealth of classic cards and ideas to be reapproached and reutilized in future sets. While some cards remain locked out of current play for balancing issues, Wizards of the Coast will occasionally bring classic cards to the online venue of MTG: Arena through the use of Historic Anthologies.

These expansions modernize a handful of classic cards to work within the current build of the game, updating the style of the cards and making them viable for players once more. Now, ahead of the update later this month, CBR has been given the chance to exclusively preview two of the new cards from the set.

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The next Historic Anthology, the third of its kind, will include 27 cards. The expansion will cost users either 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold to fully unlock. While some cards within the set have already been teased (such as the Phyrexian Obliterator and the devastating Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger), most of the set remains a mystery. Wizards of the Coast shared an exclusive reveal of the two of the cards included in the set.

Both cards, as with the rest of the Historic Anthology additions, update the design of the card while still retaining the original card art. “Enchantress’s Presence” is a Green enchantment from the 2002 “Onslaught” block that allows players to draw a card whenever another enchantment is played. The other card is “Swan Song,” a Blue instant from the 2013 Theros block. This one-mana card allows players to counter any Instant, Enchantment or Sorcery, creating a 2/2 bird with flying in the process. Both cards have proven effective in the past, and players will now get the chance to use them again.

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Part of the update will also include the return of Historic Ranked, a matchmaking queue that allowed players to compete using the specific cards in mind. While Historic Ranked has appeared in the game before, it was considered a temporary off-season season of play. Now, Historic Ranked will remain a permanent part of the game. Wizards of the Coast has hinted that more Historic elements will be an important part of the game for the remainder of the year, so the newest Historic Anthology is the perfect time to embrace the past in a whole new way.

Historic Anthology and Historic Ranked will be added to MTG: Arena with the May 21 game update.

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MTG: Arena will include a new Historic Anthology with their May update – including two classic cards being exclusively revealed by CBR.

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