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The main character of Ghost in the Shell, Motoko Kusanagi, is one of the most recognizable and iconic anime characters ever. This heroine headlines the cyberpunk series and made an impact on the world of anime that cannot be ignored.

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One of the highlights of this character is the fact that she has one of the most extensive wardrobes of anime protagonist ever. Throughout her time in the spotlight of animation, comics, and videogames, Motoko has been through quite the number of costume changes from casual attire to professional. This list will be looking at a few of her outfits and ranking them up to the best.

13 PSOne Design 5

The Ghost in the Shell PS1 game may have most of its focus on the Tachikoma that players are put in control of, but there is definitely more than enough appearance of the series’s robotic protagonist.

One of the outfits Motoko is shown in features a pink shirt, a belt, and that’s just about it. One thing many will find when it comes to this character is that there is a lot of fanservice in her closet.

12 Man-Machine Interface

One of the lesser-used and appreciated designs for Motoko is the look that she adapts in the sequel to the original Ghost in the Shell manga, Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface.

This look is dawned after Motoko unites with the Puppeteer and isn’t bad at all. It just doesn’t hold a candle to her other more iconic outfits.

11 Arise

The OVA series Ghost in the Shell: Arise is an all-new look at the series with a different story as well as new designs for the characters by Kazuchika Kise.

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This short series gives us a new version of the Major and makes her look as badass as ever. While her outfit may be more basic the colors and sick jacket look awesome on her.

10 Psone Design 2

Another design from the PS1 game features Motoko in a more standard cyberpunk look. This outfit doesn’t have too much going for it but it retains the great charm that so many of her outfits hold.

Much like her other more cyberpunk outfits it’s a very tight suit but features different bells and whistles.

9 Original Film Infiltration Outfit

One of Motoko’s standard mission outfits makes its first appearance in the original animated film of the series.

This outfit is many times used by the major during infiltration and other missions. Its appearance in this classic film jetted it up to being one of her most recognizable and referenced looks.

8 2nd Gig

Motoko makes a bit of an alteration to her usual look in the sequel to the Stand Alone Complex series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig.

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While she wears a similar tight bodysuit to the others she’s been seen wearing throughout the series, she adds in a new badass trenchcoat. This addition definitely makes her look cooler and a lot more threatening than usual. Kind of like a female Terminator when she has her visor on.

7 Psone Design 4

The fourth design in the PS1 game features Motoko in a stylish all blue outfit with a black undershirt behind her coat.

This outfit isn’t seen much but it looks very cool on the Major. One of the best parts is the shoes. They just look really good on her.

6 Psone Design 6

The sixth design from the PS1 game is a more classic special forces look on the Major, placing her in the standard army camo uniform.

This is another one of the more standard looks on the Major but somehow still looks very stylish on her. It’s another true testament to the fact that Shirow Masamune really has an eye for style when it comes to his character.

5 SAC_2045

Motoko’s outfit from the new Netflix series, Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 takes a lot of cues from her past appearance in the original Stand Alone Complex series with a few changes.

This outfit adds a bit more style to the ensemble including an orange color to the inside of her new jacket and the addition of pants. It also adds a new bodysuit top to go with the outfit.

4 Stand Alone Complex

The outfit featured as the Major’s main look in Stand Alone Complex is most likely her most iconic outfit ever. It’s also easily one of her best looks which is probably why so many fans love it.

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It began as a more sexualized outfit but, later in the series, there were pants added to the fit which actually make it look much better.

3 PSOne Design 3

Motoko’s third design from the PS1 game really shows exactly why she is sometimes simply called the Major.

This outfit places her in a brown trenchcoat and uniform and somehow even has her look super stylish at the same time.

2 1995 Yellow Jacket

Another one of Motoko’s most iconic appearances comes from her appearance in the influential 1995 film. This outfit appears mid-film and stole the show when it came to her wardrobe.

There’s just something about the late ’80s and ’90s anime films and badass protagonists in badass jackets.

1 Original Manga Design

The original manga design for Motoko somehow introduced every single trope that would show up in the future of her designs.

This outfit perfectly envelops Motoko’s entire persona and has to be the best outfit all-around she’s worn

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The main character of Ghost in the Shell, Motoko Kusanagi, is one of the most recognizable and iconic anime characters ever. Here are her best looks.

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