Marina Sirtis Calls Out Lin-Manuel Miranda, Then Walks Back Comments

Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Marina Sirtis took Lin-Manuel Miranda to task on Twitter.

Quoting a now-deleted tweet from the Hamilton mastermind, Sirtis tweeted, “Could you, for once in your life, say something that actually matters at this time of crisis? Your platitudes are pointless.”

When she was confronted by a Twitter user named Sara, Sirtis elaborated: “I follow him so I know where-of I speak. He has 3 million plus followers. He could do so much good but no, he continues to post platitudes. I’m done.” She added in a follow-up tweet that she was “angry and outraged.”

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Tech writer Mike Jennings pointed out that Miranda pinned a tweet to his profile that led to bail funds for Black Lives Matter protestors and was retweeting several resources to a wider audience. “Thank you. I didn’t know that,” Sirtis replied. She then posted another tweet, apologizing for her harsh tone. “Maybe I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning,” she wrote. “Apologies to anyone I’ve offended.”


Sirtis herself was not immune from criticism. Actor Mara Wilson replied to one of Sirtis’ tweets about the Native American community, saying, “Hi Marina! Remember when we did a Con together and you said that America had no history, and when I said Native Americans did, you said ‘the Native Americans never built anything’? Because I do!”

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Marina Sirtis took Lin-Manuel Miranda to task on Twitter before becoming the subject of controversy herself and retracting her comments.

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