Mark Waid, Neal Adams Team Give Fantastic Four a New Villain

Award-winning writer Mark Waid (Captain America, Kingdom Come) has partnered with legendary artist Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow) for Fantastic Four: Antithesis, a comic book series that pits Marvel’s First Family against an all-new adversary.

Fantastic Four: Antithesis — which marks the first full-length Fantastic Four story illustrated by Adams in his decades-long career — will introduce a new cosmic threat called Antithesis, so named because it is literally, well, the antithesis of the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus. The new comic sees the Fantastic Four joining forces with the Silver Surfer and even Galactus himself to battle the threat of Antithesis. Marvel also promises “a fan-favorite roster of Fantastic Four heroes and villains.”

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“Working with Neal Adams has been a dream of mine since I was a kid,” said Waid. “To share the page with a man of his talent is an honor. The story begins with the Fantastic Four struggling to prevent an extinction event on Earth and just goes more cosmic from there.”

“I have always had the sense of missing the chance to draw the Fantastic Four,” added Adams. “It was a quiet sense, since I’ve had every opportunity to do my favorites. More, I felt Kirby and Buscema had done it all, hadn’t they…? When Marvel’s [Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing] Tom Brevoort asked if I’d like to do the Fantastic Four, I knew I had to ask for Galactus and the Silver Surfer as well. I am humbled and thankful to Tom for the opportunity.”

Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Neal Adams, Fantastic Four: Antithesis #1 is slated to go on sale this August from Marvel Comics. The cover and solicitation information can be found below.

  • Written by MARK WAID
  • Art by NEAL ADAMS
  • Inks by MARK FARMER
  • Colors by LAURA MARTIN

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Mark Waid and Neal Adams have partnered for Fantastic Four: Antithesis, a new series that pits Marvel's First Family against a new adversary.

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