Marvel: 10 Alternate Versions Of Ghost Rider Fans Would Love To See

The Ghost Rider mantle has been taken on by a few different people over the years. Whether it’s from 10,000,000 BC or perhaps in the form of a Cosmic Ghost Rider, there have been plenty of variations on the character.

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There have also been multiple genres applied to the superhero, with a western and science fiction version of the character added to the roster. The great thing about Ghost Rider is that they’re considered an “antihero superhero,” meaning there are so many directions to take the character. Here are 10 other versions of Ghost Rider that would be great to see in the comics, or MCU in the future.

10 Gwen Stacy

The Gwen Stacy character has recently become very popular and there have been various versions of her from different universes. While the Earth 616 iteration is dead, that hasn’t stopped others from appearing across the Spider-verse.

Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool are two well-known versions of the character, and it would be fun to see one reality have “Ghost Rider Gwen” save Peter Parker by making a deal with the devil. The name is still pending for her, though.

9 Aquatic

Ghost Rider is usually associated with the flames of hell and has a very fiery design. But what if the new Ghost Rider actually originates from Atlantis and has aquatic-based powers?

A ghost surfer would be an interesting concept, especially since holy water has been known to wash away sin, which would fit the nature of this demon0ic character very well.

8 Heavenly

While the Ghost Rider character normally elicits imagery of hell, there could be a far more angelic and heavenly version of the character somewhere in the future of Marvel.

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Some kind of spirit from above rather than below could possesses a human on Earth to try to clean up the dark souls that are committing terrible sins. The visual design of the character would have to change drastically.

7 Young

The spirit of vengeance usually seeks out older hosts to possess, in order to carry out its dark mission. It rarely seems to possess a child, though, which could make for an interesting combination.

Someone much younger might not know what to do with all this immense power. What’s more, it would be quite a strange yet funny transition for a hellish demon to just want to play in the park.

6 Sorcerer

Ghost Rider is already heavily linked to dark magic, but there has not been an alternate version of the character that has actually practiced the dark arts, perhaps as part of his power set.

A sorcerer Ghost Rider would not only have an excellent costume, but could perhaps be one of the most powerful concepts for the character. He could face off against more mystical threats and perhaps be a great team-up for Doctor Strange.

5 Asgardian

The Asgardians are a key part of the Marvel Universe, but there has not been a version of Ghost Rider where someone from Asgard has been possessed. This would be a fascinating clash of cultures.

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Norse mythology meeting the symbolic imagery of Christianity would be quite the compelling design for a character, both in terms of the visuals and the personality.

4 Wakandan

There’s been a character called Ghost Panther before, but there are so many other Wakandan tribes that could take on the mantle. The combination of Ghost Rider and Black Panther is an interesting one.

Other Wakandan technologies could mesh well with the spirit of vengeance, with different techniques for individual warriors. A Man-Ape version of the character, or perhaps a Dora Milaje holding a fiery spear would be fun to explore.

3 Frost Giant

The frost giants seem like minor characters, but they’ve been an important part of Thor and Loki’s journey, in both the comics and the MCU (where Ghost Rider has also made a previous appearance).

Despite having a slightly lesser impact compared to other species, the combination of the frosty powers of this race and the Ghost Rider would completely shift the type of character, perhaps becoming a demon sent by Hela.

2 Pirate

Every hero has had a pirate adventure at some point in their career. Why shouldn’t Ghost Rider be able to have the same thing? Ghost Pirate is really an idea that speaks for itself.

With a hellish ship, this Captain could be scaling the seven seas for those who have been sinful. It would be a complete look with a captain hat and of course, a swashbuckler’s sword.

1 Hydra

Hydra is one of the largest villainous organizations in the Marvel Universe. They would give anything to get their hands on their own Ghost Rider — one that could play to their warped reality.

A Hydra-based spirit of vengeance could give off a greenish flame and most importantly, actually ride on the back of a Hydra. This would of course be one of the few villainous versions of the character, trying to carry out their inhumane and barbaric ideologies.

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There have been many iterations of Ghost Rider, the antihero superhero of the Marvel Comics. Here are even more fun ideas for the popular character.

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