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Since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced them to the world back in 1961, the Fantastic Four have been the subject of some incredible stories. As a fan favorite, they’ve also been the subject of some incredible fan-made art that showcases some of the aesthetic beauty that the group has to offer.

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Utilizing both Marvel’s first family and their incredible roster of villains, there are plenty of artistic impressions out there showcasing them in entirely unique ways. Although most of the best fan art of the Fantastic Four simply shows the four main characters in basic group shots, there are those that go above and beyond to incorporate certain associated heroes and villains. So, from group stills to shots of them saving the world, let’s take a look at 10 of the best pieces of Fantastic Four fan art.

10 Silver Surfer Vs Torch

Artist uncannyknack has created hundreds of beautiful, photo-realistic pieces showcasing some of Marvel’s most beloved characters along with plenty of other pop culture figures. Here, he brings us an iconic clash that pins Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, against the Silver Surfer.

The piecing looking so realistic brings back plenty of nostalgia for any fan of the early 2000s Fantastic Four films and especially Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The interpretation of the Human Torch is absolutely beautiful, with brilliant threads of red, orange, and yellow making up the flames surrounding him, while the Silver Surfer elegantly shines in the foreground. The depiction of this fight taking place right in the heart of New York City adds another layer of detailed beauty to the piece as well. Overall, uncannyknack’s photorealistic take on this iconic Fantastic Four match-up is unlike any other piece of fan art you’ll find.

9 The Coming Of Galactus

Next up comes a masterpiece from CValenzeula showcasing the entire group ready to clash with one of their most terrifying villains. With a city deteriorating around them, you see the Fantastic Four all approaching the gargantuan Galactus.

Everything about the piece is completely crisp and clean. From the characters themselves to the city skyline around and behind them, there is really nothing falling out of place or overwhelming the piece itself. The colors of the piece, especially those of the beautiful sky flooding the background, are another thing to marvel at as they add incredible depth to both the characters and the city. This could easily operate as a piece of concept art for a future Fantastic Four film, but for now, let’s just consider it one of the most breathtaking portrayals of Marvel’s first family taking on the cosmic conqueror.

8 Fantastic Four Future Foundation Colors

It’s hard to have a Fantastic Four themed list without mentioning the Future Foundation. Not only is it a major part of the group’s comic book storyline, but it also supplied some of the best alternate uniforms in Marvel history. Here, from JamieFayX and WitchySaint, artists Jamie Fay (lines/ink) and Danielle St. Pierre (color) pay homage to the brilliant white-suited Future Foundation. Alongside the Fantastic Four, they’ve also beautifully portrayed Crystal, She-Hulk, and Spider-Man, the latter two in their signature white costumes. The stylistic detail of the characters set against the cosmic background both add to the incredible beauty of the piece. There had to be at least one nod to the Future Foundation on this list, and this is undoubtedly one of the best you’ll find.

7 Fantastic Four

There are plenty of fan art pieces that attempt to incorporate the entire Fantastic Four as well as most, if not all, of their major villains. However, few are able to do it as well this one from Juan7fernandez. Once again a collaborative piece, this time from William Allen Ryes (line art) and Juan Fernandez (colors), almost every iconic Fantastic Four character makes an appearance.

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In the foreground, the Thing battles a Skrull, while the Invisible Woman kicks what looks to be Mole Man and Mister Fantastic wraps up his archnemesis Doctor Doom. In the background, Galactus towers over the rest of the character, and the Human Torch and Silver Surfer soar through the air ready to clash. Despite incorporating so many characters, with plenty of action laced throughout it, this piece still showcases beautiful motion and organization without any one thing being overwhelmed.

6 FF Print With Tones

This piece from Joriley is simply beautiful. It not only showcases two characters but does so in such a creative and fascinating way that there’s really no need for anyone else. Even without color, this shot of an angry Doctor Doom with The Thing reflecting in his metallic mask is able to accomplish so much intricate detail and beauty. Out of all of Joriley’s Marvel art, this is easily one of the best and would be fascinating to see done in color.

5 Fantastic Four Color

It’s incredible to see the progression of a piece as it turns from a sketch to a full-blown masterpiece. That’s exactly what happens here with this piece from Kóte Carvajal, a collaborative effort from the comic book artist and penciler Sordet Romain. Carvajal follows this same style in all his work, showcasing the original sketch as well as the finished colored piece.

This one is particular beautifully and colorfully blends the four characteristic powers of the Fantastic Four. If you’re a fan of this style, with both the sketch and colored version showcased side-by-side, then you should definitely take a stroll through Carvajal’s Deviantart page.

4 Fantastic Four

Artist Jeremy Roberts has created hundreds of breathtaking pieces using Marvel and DC characters as his muse. This interpretation of the Fantastic Four is simple, yet perfectly captures the beauty of each of the four members. Part of what makes this a great piece is that Roberts sets the characters, all illuminating incredible color, against a dark night sky making them all pop that much more. The characters are colorful, they’re smooth, and they all collectively turn a simple group shot into an elegant masterpiece.

3 (4)

The next piece comes from one of the greatest fan creators of all time, the incredible and well-known Bosslogic. For a long time, he’s been the source of fan-casted art with his favorite choices for future roles of basically any character. One of the favorites among his work has been MCU versions of the Fantastic Four.

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Let’s just say that he’s hit the nail on the head with his choices and has created some incredible interpretations to go along with them. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have always been the fan-favorites to portray Reed and Sue Richards, but Bosslogic’s work here takes that to the next level. His choices and renditions of Taron Egerton as the Human Torch and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the Thing are also pretty spot on. Here, however, the incredible artwork of the characters overshadows the actors he’s chosen to portray them.

2 The Fantastic Four

Clearly, a piece doesn’t need color to be considered a masterpiece. That has been something that has defined Jimbo Salgado’s body of work. That’s also clearly on display here with his depiction of Marvel’s first family. Each individual character is incredibly detailed, all fitting the same style that accompanies Salgado’s work. Also, the way he’s stacked the characters on top of one another adds even more unique depth to the piece. Although it’d be amazing to see this piece fully colored, it being in just black and white actually adds some incredible beauty and character to the piece.

1 The Eye Of Doom

Although there’s been plenty of incredible pieces that have simply shown the four members of the Fantastic Four straight up, none have brought the same level of creativity as this piece from artist Carsten Biernat.

Not only does it brilliantly lay out the four members outside of their symbolic number 4, but it also manages to squeeze in their most notorious villain. As the menacing eye of Doctor Doom peers through the center of the four, the intimidating title of the piece becomes painstakingly obvious. It’s hard to find a piece that so easily incorporates the Fantastic Four alongside their most prominent enemy like this one. All in all, this piece is amazingly creative and aesthetically fantastic.

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These 'Fantastic Four' fans went all out with artwork of the beloved Marvel Comics series. Here's the 10 very best pieces of Fantastic Four fan art!

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