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The Marvel universe is undoubtedly home to some of the most powerful characters ever created. Over the years, some characters seem to get even more powerful defeating all sorts of unimaginable threats in the process. In fact, even the younger characters within the universe are some of the most powerful beings around, proving time and again that one doesn’t need to be a certain age in order to make a difference.

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However, some of these younger heroes, no matter what they can do, are often held back from distinguished teams like The Avengers. Looking specifically at the Champions, the younger team has done wonders to help those in need, while also superheroing in a different way than The Avengers themselves. Though they may have their respective differences, plenty of members of the Champions are definitely worthy of a place on The Avengers, making it questionable why some characters have yet to be included on the team. Looking at some of the better selections of younger members, here is our list of 10 Champions who should be in the Avengers.

10 Bombshell

Having started as a villain due to the influence of her mother, Bombshell has actually come a very long way in regards to being a hero. Originally from the Ultimate universe, Bombshell first began her path alongside characters like Miles Morales.

Since joining the main Marvel universe, the character has continued to fight the good fight, eventually joining the Champions team as well. Given how far she has come as a character overall, Bombshell’s personality and her power-set would make her a great addition to Marvel’s main team of superheroes.

9 Wasp

Since the original Wasp was a founding member of the original Avengers team, it only makes sense that the newer and younger version would fit right in as well. Though Nadia Van Dyne still has some unique personality traits from Janet, she has still proven herself as a hero, and accomplished all sorts of incredible feats by herself.

Likewise, with a brilliant mind to top everything off, the character could accomplish a lot of good, even if she isn’t actually on some missions with The Avengers. Looking at everything she has done for the Champions team, it would make sense for The Avengers to want her as well.

8 Falcon

While most people know Sam Wilson to be Marvel’s Falcon, Joaquin Torres is actually the newer version of the character who has served on the team since Secret Empire. Unlike Sam Wilson though, Joaquin’s abilities can’t be taken off, leaving the character in a permanent human/bird appearance.

Despite his tragic backstory, the character has really come a long way, even serving as Sam’s sidekick when he was Captain America. Furthermore, if Sam can prove to be a valuable member to The Avengers as both Falcon and Captain America, then someone like Joaquin easily can as well.

7 Patriot

As a young man capable of inspiring Tony Stark himself, Rayshaun Lucas would easily make for a great addition to the team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With a great heart and strong desire to do good, Rayshaun has a lot of potential to go much further as a character in the future.

Since becoming the new Patriot, Rayshaun has continued to fight valiantly as a member of the Champions. While he still has a bit to learn before he is truly ready, Rayshaun still shows a lot of promise as a general hero.

6 Brawn

Even though Hulk isn’t always in full control over his abilities, Bruce Banner has still made for a great and important addition to The Avengers overall. Because of this, it makes sense that a character like Amadeus Cho, someone who is almost as brilliant and has similar abilities, would also make a great addition to the team.

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Of course, Cho’s maturity can make him a bit difficult to work with at times, but there’s no questioning the value he holds within the Champions alone. Furthermore, with a better grasp over his powers in general, it is kind of surprising that Cho hasn’t at least been considered for a position on the team.

5 Viv Vision

Considering how Viv can do everything that her father can, it should be obvious that Viv would make a great addition to The Avengers. Thanks to the way she was built, Viv is already just as powerful and as smart as her father, despite having only been around for a few years.

Because of this, she has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset to the Champions, and is even one of their heavier hitters. Though she could still improve on her understanding of human emotions, Viv would still make for a very important addition to The Avengers, even if her father is already part of the team.

4 Ironheart

Being hand chosen by Tony Stark himself to be his successor should really speak as to how qualified Riri Williams is as a character. Not only did she design an incredibly advanced suit of armor at an incredibly young age, but the hero has also already accomplished so much in such a short time-span.

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Even before joining the Champions, Riri was doing all sorts of incredible things as Ironheart, and also showed to really be in touch with the people she was trying to save. With a brilliant mind and stronger heart, Ironheart would undoubtedly fit in well with others in The Avengers.

3 Nova

Though he can be a bit immature at times, Nova is still one of the best members of the Champions around. As one of the few members who can operate in space, Nova is very useful in terms of firepower and speed especially.

Having already teamed up with some very powerful characters, Nova would make a great addition to The Avengers, especially considering he was already a member. Of course, a few key changes would likely need to be made in order for the hero to return. But he already proved himself to be great, and he would likely fare much better on the team after gaining a bit more experience.

2 Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Like Nova, Miles Morales is a founding member of the Champions and has also served on The Avengers in the past. However, considering how both he and Peter have contributed greatly to the team, Miles has definitely proven himself both as Spider-Man and as a hero in general.

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Once again, a few changes in upper management would need to be changed before Miles returned to the big leagues, but there’s no question that the character belongs there. Though his time with The Avengers was short-lived overall, the character is definitely worthy of another shot, so long as the older heroes are willing to do things his way.

1 Ms. Marvel

As the leader of the Champions, Ms. Marvel has proven herself time and again to be one of the greatest heroes in the entire Marvel universe. Unfortunately, The Avengers pushed her away from the team in the same way they did Miles and Nova, but Ms. Marvel never let that get her down, and has arguably done a far better job of being a hero as the leader of the Champions.

Even independent of the team, Kamala Khan has proven to be one of the most good and kindhearted heroes around. Khan’s caring nature for her fellow person leads her on all sorts of amazing adventures, helping her accomplish wonders. Even if the Avengers didn’t want her back, they could definitely learn a thing or two from a character like Ms. Marvel.

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