Marvel: 10 Fantastic Four Fan Art That Would Infuriate Dr. Doom

The Fantastic Four is the quintessential family unit, the ones that started the entire trend of a team that would struggle to work together at times, but always come together when it was needed most. They are always stronger as one than they are alone, it’s what makes the team so great.

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The sense of family is as associated with the team as Dr. Doom is. It’s why many of the great fan art below is so great, as well as the fact that they would drive Doom bonkers, hating to see Reed happy in any semblance of the word.

10 Adorable

Adorable isn’t usually the term you’d use for this team, especially not The Thing, but Vancamelot managed to make them as cute as a button. Even in this style, they managed to capture a personality trait of each, Torch looking like he’s about to have a temper tantrum over something and Thing looking like the lovable lunk that he is.

The best of the bunch may be Reed though, his incredibly smug-looking face matching up with his character perfectly. He even has the dimple on his chin, and that flipped up hair to enhance the level of smug.

9 Battle Formation

This is more what you expect of the team, rushing off into battle and ready to clobber some things. Rodavlasalvador certainly did a good job of capturing the size scale of The Thing compared to his other teammates, his fist looking five times the size of the others, enough force there to send someone sprawling backward. The best part though maybe how Sue fades into the background with her invisibility power, the entire lower part of her leg barely there.

8 Boop

While it may not be intentional, The Thing looks like he’s posing for a swimsuit catalog, and that’s just an amazing image. You could just imagine Johnny finding a way to get Ben to do something that ridiculous. Humor aside, shoomlah does a great job with all the characters, particularly Invisible Woman.

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As with the picture before it, the way her lower half fades, this time into more of a translucent white, is fantastic. So is the fact that she looks like she’s about to boop Reed on the nose, fact that Ben can’t help but grin over. It helps capture that family element quite well.

7 Battle For Earth

The Thing looks utterly amazing here, anger and fury permeating off of him like he’s the Hulk. He looks like he could rip off Super-Skrull’s arms as if they belonged to an action figure. Juan Fernandez does a good job of not only squaring up the members of the Fantastic Four with a member of their rogue gallery but being sure to use the top tier villains. For as much as he gets laughed at, Mole Man is one of the best in the gallery. Having Galactus loom in the background while Human torch squares off with Silver Surfer is a nice touch as well.

6 TV Series

This piece by Fernandogoni seems based on the most recent television show the pair got, one that while not fantastic, was a very solid effort. While a little dorky to look at, it’s awesome that both The Thing and Torch still have the 4 emblems on their chest, even if Ben’s is just spray-painted onto his rocky body. How they drew Reed’s neck is a little creepy, way it spans up past Sue’s shoulder makes him look like he could be a monster from a B horror movie.

5 Realism

This is the most realistic image of the foursome, making both Sue and Reed’s face seem like they were modeled after a real person. This is especially true of Sue, who’s hair looks perfect. Hair’s always one of the most difficult parts of a person’s body to draw.

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What makes it so great isn’t the two of them though, it’s that Cvalenzuela managed to bring that same realism to Johnny and Ben. Ben looks like a human mixed with an orange stone driveway and Johnny seems like a Doctor Manhatten who was lit on fire, both helping capture the humanity in them.

4 Looming Threats

The same sense of realism from the last piece is here as well, but Arcosart doesn’t make it the true focus of the piece.

Instead, they focus on the threats all around the team, being surrounded from all sides, incapable of escaping. In front of them, you can see Doctor Doom, and behind them are the looming figures of Galactus and the Skrulls. It helps show that the workload of a hero never ends, there are no vacation days. Expressions on each of their faces show they’ve grown to accept that fact.

3 Doom’s Gaze

The hatred in Doom’s eyes practically oozes off the art, a true credit to fpeniche. Even those that have never followed the team, could tell that Doom is the arch-enemy from this piece alone. That piercing gaze is shooting daggers at the team below. It isn’t the only emotion present either. You can see a sense of fear and uncertainty from Reed, a feeling that the world’s smartest man rarely has. Johnny meanwhile looks enraged, ready to burn Doom’s face even further than it already is.

2 Totally 90s

Everything about this screams the 90s, from the costumes to the rippling muscles on all of the characters. It was an era of muscles, guns, and pouches (lots and lots of pouches). It didn’t matter what your character’s background was, they were going to be muscle-bound, which means even scientist Reed Richards was going to look like he spent more time in the gym than the lab.

There’s a sort of simple charm to it though, one that artolucas helps show there. Stories back then were simpler, not yet overtaken by the need to have an event every year.

1 Put That On A Poster

This looks like it should be one of the posters for the MCU’s first take on the characters. It brilliantly includes the iconic four, as well as all of the characters and the one villain every marvel fan is ecstatic to see in the MCU (he better be a multi-movie villain). Carstenbiernat really did a fantastic job on this, getting everyone’s disdainful looks for Doom who is front, and center in the middle, as he always should be. There’s a reason he’s used in every single Fantastic Four movie, he’s the cream of the crop and one of the best villains in all of Marvel.

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Fantastic Four is Marvel's original team of super heroes. These 10 beautiful pieces of fan art featuring the family would make Dr.Doom rage.

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