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Marvel has a lot of amazing superheroes loved by thousands of fans. One of the most popular superheroes is Thor who brings a unique set of powers into any fight he participates in and he’s also a member of the Avengers. Since so many fans like to cosplay their favorite heroes, it’s no wonder that they also cosplay Thor.

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And not just men do a cosplay of the God of Thunder but so do women. They can either use Jane Foster’s Thor as an inspiration or do a gender-bent cosplay. Here are 10 gender-bent Thor cosplays that are simply too good to miss.

10 A Team-Up

Having one superhero at your side during a battle is great, but having two superheroes working together to defeat their mutual enemy is even better.

Granted, Bucky Barnes and Thor might not be the first team-up most people would think about, but these two ladies photographed by Wallgazer Photography make it work anyway since they both look positively badass and they wear their superhero costumes with the pride they deserve. Both of them have the iconic weapons the heroes use, Bucky has a gun and Thor has his hammer at his disposal, which makes them a team every villain should be afraid of.

9 Don’t Come Any Closer

When he’s not bringing down the skies on his enemies’ heads, Thor is actually a very nice guy. He has a sense of humor and is gentle and kind towards his friends and allies, which makes him one of the friendliest and easy-going superheroes in the Marvel universe.

That said, even Thor knows that sometimes there’s no other choice but to put on the battle face, assume a fighting stance, look the enemy straight in the eye, and say: ‘Don’t come any closer.’… or something along these lines, anyway. This is at least the impression that this cosplay by Pixiequinncosplay sends out.

8 All In The Details

Getting Thor’s cosplay, or any superhero cosplay for that matter just right isn’t about perfectly recreating every single aspect of the hero’s costume. It allows for creative freedom and it’s possible to change the costume. As long as the cosplayer doesn’t forget to include the aspects of what makes Thor the hero he is, it’s all good.

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One of Thor’s biggest trademarks, besides his hammer, of course, is his long shiny blonde hair. Ladies with blonde hair have a natural advantage in this, like the cosplayer Megan of Troy, but luckily for every aspiring Thor cosplayer out there, there’s no problem getting an appropriate blonde wig.

7 Ready To Fight

Being ready to march into battle on short notice is one of the prerequisites of being a superhero. After all, you never know when your enemy might strike and force you to go and fight him in order to save lives.

It’s usually better if a superhero has the chance to figure out his opponent’s weaknesses beforehand, but if there’s no other choice, battle it is. And this Thor looks positively battle-ready, hammer in fighting positions and determination in her eyes. OMGlitzy shows that a true superhero never stops being alert and having this Thor on the battlefield would be a plus.

6 Three Heroines

One superhero is good enough, two are even better, but three are the best option, especially if all of the three heroes are Thor, as in this cosplay posted by Cosplay Galaxy.

If you’re doing cosplay of a highly popular character such as Thor is it makes sense that there will be a lot of other people with the same cosplay on conventions. But this isn’t about competition, more about making friends and finding inspiration since it gives people the chance to check out how other fans have managed to create their own versions of cosplays of the same characters.

5 Winter Thor

Winter Soldier has already teamed up with Thor (see above), but this here is Winter Thor. After all, even though Thor spends a lot of his days fighting villains in New York, he also visited many other places since he can quite easily travel among worlds.

He fought in space, and, on Asgaard, of course, as well as on other worlds. And who could forget his epic showdown with the Frost Giants? This Thor looks like he might consider teaming up with Elsa from the Frozen franchise and hardly anyone could blame him. The cosplay is by PhobosCosplay and it proves that superheroes obviously don’t get cold… at least if they’re as powerful as Thor.

4 Victorian Thor

One of the things that make cosplaying as a hobby so amazing is the fact that it provides a rich variability. Cosplayers can choose to stick with the costume as it was portrayed in the comic books or in films, or they can use their imagination to an ever greater degree and design their own spin on the character.

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This is exactly what KonekoYourAverageNerd did, by creating a Victorian Thor cosplay. It’s easy to imagine Thor sipping tea in Victorian London and then taking on Jack the Ripper or teaming up with Sherlock Holmes, because why not? Bonus points for the hint of steampunk this cosplay contains.

3 God Of Cape

Not only is Thor known as the God of Thunder he could also easily be called the God of Cape. Or at least in this cosplay by LaneyFeni, he could. Having such a long cape flowing around you during a battle could prove to be a disadvantage for anyone else, but Thor is above such mortal concerns.

He’s one of those superheroes who have an impeccable style and aren’t afraid to show it. Looking great in the middle of an epic battle is a special talent, just like fighting skills are, and Thor certainly knows how to leave an everlasting impression.

2 Sisters And Frenemies

Every superhero needs a good enemy, and even though Thor has faced many formidable opponents throughout the years, one of his most famous villains is Loki. Also, where would the first Thor movie and the first Avengers movie be without Loki? Thor’s and Loki’s bond gives a wonderful opportunity for many cosplayers to form a duo and cosplay these two.

Nicola Mariano showed that Loki and Thor look amazing together and they’re definitely a pair no-one would want to trifle with. After all, even though they stand against one another most of the time, they also have teamed up in the past and worked side by side.

1 God Of Thunder

And the winner is… Actually, it’s not a competition but this cosplay by Florencia Sofen Cosplay deserves the first place on this list since it’s simply incredible and highly detailed. Thor has a lot of useful powers, he’s strong, fast and wields his hammer, of course, but as said above, he’s also the God of Thunder, and as such, he can strike down enemies by controlling the weather.

In this photo, Thor proves for once and for all that he shouldn’t be underestimated and he looks absolutely fierce and badass. The buildings in the background are then a nice touch on top of the already amazing cosplay.

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Thor is one of Marvel's biggest heroes, and anyone can hold the title, even women. These genderbent Thor cosplays show how awesome that would be.

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