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Along with Hawkeye, Black Widow is the resident non-super on the Avengers team, the one you call when you need a mission that doesn’t require destroying half the city to get done. She’s the leading intelligence gatherer and an agent that Fury has an immense amount of respect for.

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While she may not have the powers of her compatriots due, she’s a valuable asset for the team, able to delve into certain missions that a God of Thunder doesn’t have the expertise for. That said, there’s still plenty of things about her character that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, one of them being some of her enhanced abilities.

10 Speed Of Her Reflexes

She has speed to her that goes beyond the standard peak of a human. She’s been able to dodge bullets at a speed so fast that the attacker thought she was just bulletproof. No one in real life can dodge bullets, let alone do it at the close range that she did. It’s illogical for anyone that isn’t a speedster to pull off. Thankfully it’s not something that crops up all the time and may have been just a writer over amping her powers, something that happens quite often in comics.

9 Ever-Evolving Backstory

The basis for Widow’s backstory is great, the Red Room, and how much of her younger life is all a lie is fantastic. It plays in very well with the character’s strong ties to espionage and gives you a sympathetic reason to root for her. The problem is the backstory just continues to evolve endlessly. Some of the additions have been good while others, like nanobots implanting in those she sleeps with, are awful. More than anything, the murkiness of her background makes it difficult to ever truly know what happened and what was implanted.

8 Relationship With Hulk In MCU

It’s been harped on by plenty of writers in the past, but it bears repeating, Natasha’s relationship with Bruce during the Avengers movies never made a whole lot of sense. There wasn’t any unscreen progression between the two, it just became a thing in Age of Ultron because why not.

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It’s made even more apparent what a mistake it was during the scene with Widow and Hawkeye during Endgame. That was the relationship we should have gotten more of rather than her being a plot device for calming down the Hulk.

7 Unsuccessful Relationships

No character in Marvel has worse luck than Natasha does with relationships, not even Spider-Man. Unlike Spidey, most of her woes are her fault rather than that of a villain. Red Guardian aside, she’s the cause for almost every breakup, making it seem like she wants to spend the rest of her life alone. Some of that would make sense given her upbringing, but if that were the case, she wouldn’t be getting into these relationships in the first place. Hawkeye and Daredevil both care about her, yet she continues to go it alone. The worst may be Hercules, where she left him under the assumption that he didn’t care about mortal relationships.

6 Natasha Clones

Cloning isn’t all that strange when it comes to Marvel, plenty of characters have gotten this treatment, particularly when writers want to inexplicitly turn evil. This time it wasn’t used that way, but rather to revive Natasha after the events of the Secret Empire. Only it’s not Natasha, it’s Natalia (her original name), even though they are following the exact same path as each other thanks to Ursa Major letting her keep all of her memories. It’s a messy storyline that just feels like a lazy way to resurrect Natasha from death right away since she has a movie coming out.

5 From Villain To Hero

There was a time she was a villain, particularly to Iron Man, with Hawkeye being manipulated to help her in battle. Her turn to the side of good thanks to Hawkeye’s moral code and love is done very well as it’s a slow process.

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The issue is more that it feels like the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D welcome her into their ranks too fast. With the Avengers you can kind of by it, but Fury shouldn’t be so trusting. It all worked out, but you should never be too trusting of a known spy.

4 Champions Of Los Angeles

There being another team wasn’t the problem, especially not with how varied they were. Seriously, Hercules, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and Angel on a team sounds like a lot of fun. The problem is that it went back on Widow’s desire to make it on her own, disproving she could handle being solo. It’s something that doesn’t make sense with the character as a whole, it never feels like she knows what she really wants, hopping from solo to teams as often as she does men.

3 How Meaningless Her Deaths Are

Deaths should always mean something, even in comics where you know the eventual resurrection is coming. Captain America’s death got national media attention and brought development for many characters. With Natasha, there’s never a chance for that to happen as you have moments like the clone mentioned above or her involvement in a Hand vs Chaste storyline, the same that led to Elektra’s revival. She died and was brought back in the same dang story arc, giving it about as much weight as a Z fighter dying in Dragon Ball.

2 The Eternal Returns Of Red Guardian

It’s ridiculous how often they drag this man back from the dead only to reveal it’s just an LMD (Life Model Decoy). It got so bad that it even drove Widow into retirement at one point. The sad part is that he only serves two roles in Widow’s life now, either to be a villain there to blackmail her or to die in front of her eyes again. We can only hope that the new movie pays better respect to the character and doesn’t try this nonsense.

1 Not Knowing Osborn Was Impersonating Fury

While they may have just been messages, you’d think Natasha would have had a better read on her employer. As a spy, her entire job is to gain intelligence, even on those she’s working for. You would think she’d be able to spot a fake Fury, knowing even the most minute ticks the man has. It’s one of the few nitpicks of an otherwise fun Dark Reign storyline, back when events actually strung into one another rather than just happening for the sake of it.

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Marvel's Black Widow is a true force to be reckoned with but there are a lot of things about the character that just don't make much sense.

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