Marvel: 10 Thor Fan Art Pieces That Look Like The Real Thing

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU, has brought many readers’ favorite comic book characters to life in spectacular fashion, from Robert Downey Jr.’s scene-stealing, wisecracking Iron Man to Paul Rudd’s loveable Ant-Man and Mark Ruffalo’s deceptively soft-spoken Bruce Banner. But let’s not forget Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, or “the mighty avenger.”

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Thor, son of Odin, often ranks highly in terms of strength among the Avengers, and he’s got his hammer Mjolnir and lightning powers on top of that. He’s starred in three standalone movies so far in the MCU, and he played a crucial role in Infinity War, too. It’s no wonder the fans have made all kinds of stunning fan art featuring this Asgardian Avenger, and now, it’s time to browse a gallery of jaw-dropping Thor art.

10 Colorful Avenger

The gallery begins with this richly colored entry by artist StarshipSorceress, who opted for a gently psychedelic look for the character. This rich, eccentric color palette and lighting style could remind just about any MCU fan of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor hasn’t gotten his hair cut yet, though, and he has his original outfit on, so his battle arena days are still ahead of him. He looks a little concerned about something he just saw over his shoulder, but given his great strength, surely he can handle it.

9 Always Brothers

It’s not so easy to leave behind a brother or a sister forever. Thor and Loki have more than a few differences, but ultimately, Thor will look after Loki if a bigger threat arrives, such as Hela or the almighty Thanos himself.

In this charming fan art by artist Renny08, Thor and Loki are getting along great during the events of Thor: Ragnarok, and they’ll need it, with Hela and Thanos right around the corner. They made peace with each other just in time for the ultimate challenges.

8 Arena Gladiator

The theme of Thor: Ragnarok continues with this impressive fan art by artist kamiyamark. This time, the scene is less colorful and more intense, and with that harsh blue tone and Thor’s deadly lightning, it’s clear that the god of thunder means business.

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This is a fascinating contrast with the movie’s overall colorful and fun theme, and Thor does have his dark moments. When all the chips are down, he’s ready to risk his life, and only Marvel’s strongest villains can hope to stand in his way.

7 God Vs God

Now it’s time for some crossover art, and artist HridayRaktimBaruah was happy to deliver. Thor, Marvel’s god of thunder, is facing off against Kratos, the hero of the God of War games (a series that’s ongoing).

Who would win in this titanic crossover brawl? It’s anyone’s guess, but both warriors are giving it their all, with Thor’s lightning on display and Kratos giving off a terrific war yell. Whoever wins will certainly earn that victory!

6 Dual Wielding

Thor would much rather use his famed hammer Mjolnir than any other weapon, but as Odin put it, Thor is the god of thunder, not the god of hammers. He can use other weapons if he has to, such as in the battle arena.

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So, Thor got his hands on a pair of swords, and he was ready to challenge the Hulk and any other contender who faced him. Artist Buko Guerra brings Thor to life in a rather action figure-like pose, and he’s been through a few scrapes, all right.

5 Shadowy Thor

This time around, Thor is acting a lot like the god that he is. Although a member of royalty in Asgard, he has learned to get along with humanity well, and he has shown his human side more than once. It’s tempting to see him as a mortal man.

But as artist Concept Art House demonstrates, Thor is a godly being from the heavens, and no jeans or flannel or video games can change that. He’s looking majestic and imposing in this art, and this is just the hero Earth needs to fight off Loki, Thanos, and other threats.

4 Thor’s Other Dad

In the Marvel lore (and real-world lore), Odin is the father of Thor, but in the 1960s, Stan Lee became Thor’s newest father and creator. He realized that only a god could reach the next level of power in Marvel comics, and Thor of Norse mythology was the key.

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In this loving tribute to the comic book legend, artist Waqas Mansoor elegantly fits Stan Lee into the costume of Thor, complete with the long hair and flowing cape. But instead of smashing frost giants, he’s probably smashing comic book sales records!

3 Combat-Ready

Thor returns to the battle arena, and he’s looking as good as ever. Artist denkata5698 didn’t miss a trick with this fan art, from the richly colored background (to match Thor: Ragnarok‘s visual style) to the fact that the background looks positively cosmic.

Meanwhile, Thor himself is in good form, from his twin swords to his confident battle-ready stance and his equally confident look. With lightning glowing in his eyes, he’s sure to intimidate just about any opponent out there.

2 All The Power

Above all else, Thor is the god of thunder, and he’s quick to remind his enemies of that fact. Mjolnir the hammer is a great conduit for said power, but Thor has learned to not be entirely reliant on it.

In this stunning fan art by artist MinSung Seo, Thor is in true godly form, bracing himself in a heroic pose and crying out in joy as he channels the full power of thunder into Mjolnir. With Thor so juiced up, no Marvel villain stands a chance.

1 A Day Off

Tragically, Thor endured some of the greatest losses during the events of Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War. He lost his entire home to Surtur, and then half the Asgardians, including Loki, were slain by Thanos. Then, Thor failed to kill Thanos during a rematch.

So, Thor sank into depression and apathy, but he did find ways to cheer himself up a bit, as artist Luis Bajo Collados shows in this charming fan art, drawn comic book style. Thor lost almost everything… but he didn’t lose his PS4!

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Thor is one of the most popular and powerful Marvel characters out there. these fan art images show just how awesome the God of thunder is!

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