Marvel: 10 Ultimate Universe Characters Who'd Beat Up The Regular Version Of Themselves

Debuting in the year 2000, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe was a very interesting experiment. It started the Marvel Universe from scratch in modern times and was meant to serve as a way for new readers to get into Marvel’s characters. It also made superstars of writers Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar.

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The world of the Ultimate Universe was more gritty and realistic in a lot of ways and the heroes of that universe were much more brutal and tough than their regular Marvel Universe counterparts. This list is going to take a look at some of the Ultimate Universe characters who could defeat their 616 inspirations.

10 Gwen Stacy

This is going to seem like a weird place to start seeing as how Gwen Stacy is not a superhero. Both versions of the character shared a tragic fate- 616 Gwen was killed by the Green Goblin, while Ultimate Gwen was killed by Carnage. However, if the two Gwens got into a fight, Ultimate Gwen would easily win.

The reason why is simple- Ultimate Gwen is a punk rock loving New Yorker who has definitely been in some awesome mosh pits and can throw a punch better than 616 Gwen.

9 Hawkeye

The differences between the two Hawkeyes is night and day. In the 616 universe, Hawkeye learned his archery skills from the circus he grew up in and was conned into fighting Iron Man by Black Widow.

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Ultimate Hawkeye was a highly trained SHIELD agent who had no qualms about killing his targets. He may not have all of the trick arrows of his 616 counterpart but he aims for the head and his training is much better than the 616 version.

8 Black Widow

The two Black Widows are actually very similar, but the Ultimate version would defeat the 616 version. As good as the 616 Black Widow is, her years as an Avengers and a superhero have made her less lethal than she used to be and that will cost her against the Ultimate Black Widow.

Ultimate Black Widow will kill. She won’t hesitate to do so- it’s her default setting. 616 Black Widow isn’t like that anymore and that will cost her in a battle against her Ultimate counterpart.

7 Giant-Man

The biggest differences between the Hank Pyms of the two universes is that Ultimate Hank Pym didn’t spend very much time as Ant-Man at all, instead starting his superhero as Giant-Man. His mental issues were also way more pronounced, with his feelings of inadequacy fueling him to beat the Wasp and generally be a crappy person.

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Seeing another Hank Pym would drive his inadequacy complex to new heights and he would stop at nothing to rid himself of this other Hank Pym. Seeing as how Ultimate Hank Pym had no problem biting off Blob’s head, he’d make short work of 616 Pym.

6 Nightcrawler

The Ultimate Universe Nightcrawler wasn’t discovered by Professor X as a group of crazed townspeople were coming to kill him- he was discovered by Weapon X and trained to be a killer.

Ultimate Nightcrawler was much more unhinged than his 616 counterpart (going so far as to kidnap Dazzler in an atempt to force her to love him) and used his teleportation ability in more tactical ways. He’d make short work of his more cheerful counterpart.

5 Magneto

Ultimate Magneto nearly destroyed the entire world in Ultimatum by reversing the magnetic poles of the Earth. He killed millions of people in this attack, which is way more than the 616 version ever tried to kill.

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Ultimate Magneto proved to be a much more brutal combatant than the 616 Magneto. The biggest difference is that the 616 Magneto is an honorable man and Ultimate Magneto isn’t. It’s his way or the highway and if it’s the highway, it leads to the mortuary.

4 Mister Fantastic

The Ultimate Mister Fantastic is much younger than his 616 counterpart, having gotten his abilities as a teenager. The events of Ultimatum and the loss of his friends also drove him crazy. He would eventually become a villain called the Maker and even crossed over to the 616 Universe after the Ultimate Universe was destroyed.

The fact that he could become a villain at all proves how different this version of Reed Richards is from the 616 version and how much more dangerous he is. He may not be smarter than 616 Reed but he’s more vicious and viciousness wins fights.

3 Sabretooth

Both versions of Sabretooth are pretty similar- bestial yet skilled fighters who both enjoy killing and beating on Wolverine. They’d probably get along really well and team up for a little before trying to kill each other. Ultimate Sabretooth would win though.

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He was able to survive decapitation and he also had his claws and teeth adamantium coated, as well as having retractable adamantium claws in his forearms like Wolverine’s. These little extras would allow him to triumph over his 616 counterpart.

2 Red Skull

In the Ultimate Universe, Red Skull wasn’t a Nazi agent but the son of Captain America and his WWII era girlfriend, Gail. Taken and raised by the military, he had inherited his father’s superhuman physical abilities. He would eventually escape the military and go on to become a superpowered terrorist.

The Ultimate Red Skull’s superhuman abilities would allow him to make short work of the 616 Red Skull. 616 Red Skull may be smarter but his smarts have never worked out very well against opponents who are just as skilled as he is and Ultimate Red Skull is perhaps more skilled and physically better.

1 Captain America

To begin with, Ultimate Captain America is just physically more powerful than 616 Captain America. While strength doesn’t always win a fight, it definitely helps and besides being stronger, Ultimate Cap is also faster. 616 Cap’s shield is better, since 616 adamantium seems to be stronger than its Ultimate Universe iteration, but that won’t help 616 Cap very much.

Besides his greater physical ability, Ultimate Cap has another advantage over 616 Cap- he cheats. He has no problem doing underhanded things in a fight to win whereas 616 Cap does have a problem with that sort of thing. This would be 616 Cap’s downfall.

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The Ultimate Universe was an alternate Marvel universe. There were some tough characters and some of them could take on their regular counterparts.

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