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Iron Man, Tony Stark, is one of the most intelligent and outspoken superheroes in the entire MCU. However, he’s so smart that he’s a victim of his own demise. He has not only caused massive destruction upon the Universe with his creations, but he has also caused self-detriment with his arrogant attitude.

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Ultimately, with all the powers and abilities that Iron Man has, he conversely runs into major weaknesses as well. Ranging from himself to creation-made-super-villains, Tony Stark is a major threat to the entire Marvel Universe.

10 Alcoholism

Tony Stark’s alcohol problem is extremely apparent within the comic Demon In A Bottle. He not only flies around in his suit while drunk, but he has self-destructive tendencies when he turns to the bottle.

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When he drinks, he’s not only a liability to himself but also the entire world. He tends to react without any remorse in drunken situations and could put the safety of the world at large in his own self-wallowing affairs.

9 His Ego

Tony Stark has a notoriously large ego that has been known to cause arguments and negative responses. Whether it’s his attitude or just overall ignorance in his creations, he is definitely one of the least careful heroes in the MCU.

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Even up until the end of Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark spoke the egotistical words “I am Iron Man” before snapping the infinity gauntlet – making for an overall self-destructive demise.

8 Weakness For Women

Tony Stark puts a lot of trust in women because he’s very attracted to them. Through arrogance, he could misplace his trust in a beautiful super-villain who could come along and easily defeat him. Although Pepper Potts has definitely made this weakness less of a factor, it’s still within him and he tends to flirt with women.

If he put his trust into the wrong hands, he would surely be a victim of his own defeat.

7 Dependence On Technology

What has made Tony Stark into the great hero Iron Man that we all know and love is his inventions. He has a large dependence on technology. Outside of the suit, besides his nonchalant attitude, he has no special abilities. Although it may be difficult for villains to separate him and the suit, any villain who is successful could easily defeat him.

His heart, his suit, and virtually everything he surrounds himself with is highly advanced technology. Without those resources, he would be a lost cause.

6 Wiped Half Of His Memory Clean

Within the comic story arc of Stark: DisassembledTony Stark is forced to erase part of his memory in a feat to cease chaos of the villain Norman Osborn. He came out of the memory-wipe with newfound fighting abilities but naturally lost the vital importance of life experiences in memories.

This has caused a major impact on his brain. He sometimes goes through large flashes of memory trances which end up being nothing but a seizure-like reaction due to the fact the memory isn’t there.

5 His Heart

Tony Stark’s heart is electronically powered and can run out of battery if he uses too much power in his suits. This is one of his main weaknesses because the heart can give out during the course of a highly intense battle.

Any villain who is able to disconnect the artificial heart from his chest would be able to defeat him due to the shrapnel that would become dislodged and ultimately kill him.

4 His Own Creation Of Super-Villains

Tony Stark is a creator of his own demise. Several times, his creations have backfired on him and villains such as Iron Monger and Ultron came to power and caused a major problem for the Universe.

With great power comes great responsibility and Tony Stark may be too naive to actively practice this moral.

3 No Blast Control In Suit

It’s widely known that Tony Stark’s suits are some of the most highly advanced in the entire MCU ranging from A.I. controls to highly advanced weaponry. However, it’s been seen several times where he’s not able to control any of the suit’s blast radii making a bad situation vastly worse.

One example would be when he blew a hole in Ebony Maw’s ship in Avengers: Infinity War, almost killing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

2 His Mistreatment Of His Workers (Mysterio)

As seen in Spider-Man: Far From Homethe main supervillain, Mysterio, was created (and backed by several others) from those who used to work for him. Not only did they all feel mistreated enough to use his gadgets to destroy the world, but they also felt such a deep pain from their hard work not getting recognized that they banded together.

Overall, the mistreatment of the employees of Stark Industries is intolerable and overlooked when thinking of the hero.

1 Lack Of Self-Control

The master-creator not only exposes his identity to the world endangering those around him, but he also keeps creating making for a high probability for evil-theft. Any villain with wrongful intentions looking to have a field day scavenging around his house (as seen in Iron Man) can easily get their hands on weapons of mass destruction.

Along with this, he doesn’t truly have a proper procedure for how to protect his own gadgets and creations and even willingly disperses them (EDITH glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home.)

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Tony Stark forges an iconic hero in Iron Man but this great supergenius isn't without his own damning flaws. Here are 10 you may not have known about.

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