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Iron Man has become one of Marvel‘s most beloved superheroes. Transitioning from popularity in comics to his super successful run in the MCU, played by Robert Downey Jr., there seems to be no end to what Tony Stark and his mechanized alter ego can accomplish.

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With a boisterous intellect that can match anyone in the known comic universe and a charm that is unmatched by any other hero, Tony has been successful in his aim to make Iron Man the most powerful being in all of comics. With the evolution of the suit and a billionaire’s money to fund the research, Iron man has become ever-more powerful over the years.  These are 10 of the most unexpected powers that you didn’t know Iron Man has.

10 World Class Fighter

Iron Man is a world-class fighter, though it is not explicitly known. What would be the point in breaking out hand-to-hand combat when you are encased in a suit that has endless capabilities? Iron Man trained with Captain America, who is known to be one of the top fighters in all of Marvel. The mind of Tony Stark is ever working on ways to better himself as a superhero, so naturally, becoming an expert in fighting would make perfect sense. If Iron Man were backed into a corner without his armor, he could just make easy work of his foes using his fists.

9 Freeze Beam

Believe it or not, Iron Man’s suit comes packed with a freon based beam that can freeze an enemy. This freeze beam is rarely mentioned, and rarely ever used as a weapon against would-be attackers, which makes this a weird idea in and of itself.

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Any time that Iron Man has had enough with pummeling villains with his built-in reflector ray, he can quickly switch on the cold to ice whoever crosses his path. Oddly, this power had not been showcased more in the comics, or the MCU, as it would pose as an incredible power to wield.

8 Superhuman Intellect (Futurist)

Now superhuman intellect may not be that weird of a power, or may not seem that impressive, being that a lot of heroes and villains possess it, but the way that Iron Man thinks is on a different level. It is no surprise that Tony Stark has a powerful brain, but within this brain exists an even deeper understanding of the way the world works. It has been noted that Iron Man possesses the ability to predict the future. This future prediction power was eluded to by Hawkeye in Civil War, as Hawkeye asked how Iron Man did not see these events coming. If this is not likely, look to the MCU. Tony singlehandedly developed the equation for time travel in The Avengers: Endgame.

7 Hologram Decoys

Iron Man not only has control of the many suits that he has occupied, but also the ability to project a multitude of hologram projections to fool anyone who would attempt to get that close. This power comes into play if any kind of projectile weapon were launched at Iron Man. There have even been instances where Iron Man has projected an image of Tony Stark out of the suit, allowing whoever was attacking to be fooled into thinking that Tony was alone and unprotected.

6 External Energy Powered

Iron Man’s suit can be powered by all external energy power sources. Of course, being zapped by lightning or grabbing a power converted by hand is a given, but all external power sources can provide the suit with the juice it needs to keep going.

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What is more interesting is that Iron Man can literally absorb energy attacks with the suit, which can make him that much more powerful. Any energy firing projectiles would be useless against Iron Man, as the armor can take them in and dish that damage out tenfold.

5 Access To World’s Communications

Access to the world’s communication network might not seem like that strange of a superpower to have, but the gravity of the situation is what alludes to the power being so immense. Iron Man could seemingly tap into whatever communication network he would like to, all over the world. With all the security measures in place for the different intelligence agencies, it is astounding that Iron Man can access all of the world’s most private communications. This power is having an almost “God-like” attribute in hearing the conversations of anyone at any time.

4 Superhuman Reaction Time

Iron Man had already been imbued with superhuman strength, and the ability to withstand damage, but when the Extremis armor (more on that later) comes into play, Iron Man developed a heightened neural capacity. The fusing of armor to the central neural system of Tony Stark allowed Iron Man to heighten his ability to react to any quick-thinking problems and react to incoming attacks with ease. This rapid-fire thinking capacity allows Iron Man to fend off most incoming damage.

3 Technopathic Ability

Iron Man’s brain had begun to make changes in its physiology, the same way that the suit began to evolve over the years. The brainpower of Iron Man had become so advanced, that he began to be able to communicate with the world’s machinery.

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Which means that he could tap into any network in the world, and have the machinery do his bidding. The communication network that Iron Man possessed already became that much more accessible with the technopathic ability that Iron Man developed. Talk about the best-case scenarios for a superhero that started his journey completely reliant on the technology around him.

2 Superhuman Healing

Superhuman healing is not a weird power by any means, but the fact that a mortal man could attain the healing capabilities comparable to Deadpool and Wolverine is an unreal idea. With the addition of adding Extremis within his body, the properties of them provided Iron Man with rapid healing. Any part of Iron Man that was destroyed, could seemingly be recovered in minutes. Any bone, tissue, and organ that was destroyed could be easily replaced. Now that’s not to say that Iron Man is immortal like the other two heroes mentioned, but any villain would have a tough time taking Iron Man down.

1 Built-In Armor

With the addition of Extremis, Iron Man began to evolve himself into a disease-free and rapid-healing mortal man. Not bad for a superhero without any powers, right? But with the extreme intellect and evolution of nanotechnology, Iron Man was able to develop a way to imbue himself with a built-in armor system. The Bleeding Edge armor was imprinted within the bones of Iron Man. At first, having built-in armor does look extremely painful, but Iron Man now can go anywhere with his suit. The Iron Man suit could graft to his body in an instant, which is a threat-level readiness that not many superheroes possess in comics.

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Iron Man has become one of Marvel's most beloved superheroes. Still, despite having no inherent powers, he has had some unexpected abilities.

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