Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Black Widow Would Team Up With (& 5 She Would Hate)

Black Widow has saved the world more times than can be counted. The super-spy might not have any superpowers, but she can keep up with the best heroes of the Marvel Universe. She’s fought on various Avengers teams, operating in the streets of major cities, on open battlefields, and in outer space.

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One big question comic fans always return to is how different Marvel and DC characters would react if they met each other. Given her skillset and her personality, it seems like Black Widow would fit right into the DC Universe. These are five DC heroes she’d team up with and five she’d hate.

10 Team Up: Black Canary

Black Canary’s superpower is her sonic scream, making her voice a powerful primal scream that cannot be drowned out and that can literally knock buildings to the ground. However, her greatest skillset is her martial arts training, as she is one of the toughest brawlers to ever don a superhero costume. She also has experience going undercover and gathering intelligence.

The Widow and Canary are two black-clad tough-as-nails heroines who kick butt and takes names. Given their similar training, they’d have a blast fighting side by side, taking on anyone dumb enough to oppose them.

9 Hate: Green Arrow

Green Arrow is frequently likened to Marvel’s Hawkeye, and with good reason. Both are archers who shoot trick arrows and crack wise while they fight. Both also have a long history of romantic entanglements that end with women feeling jilted, cheated, and underappreciated.

Black Widow has had an on-again-off-again relationship with Hawkeye for years. The two bring out the best in each other–and the worst. She does not need another guy complicating things that way. Also, one doesn’t need to be an intelligence operative to figure out that Green Arrow is likely to cheat. He may be a straight shooter, but the man has a wandering eye.

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8 Team Up: Batman

Gotham’s Dark Knight has launched his spent years waging a war on crime, striking from the shadows and instilling fear into the cowardly superstitious criminals of his cities. He uses cutting edge gadgets to stay ahead of the curve of super crime, but he has also honed his body and mind to the absolute peak performance of what a human being is capable of.

Beyond their shared love of dark clothing, both operate from the shadows and have a fondness for gadgets. Both also know what it takes to take childhood trauma and use it as a motivation to make the world a better place.

7 Hate: Superman

The Man of Steel is the ultimate superhero, a Kryptonian solar deity who has every power one could want from flight to laser eyes to the strength needed to bench press the Earth. Flying through the skies of Metropolis, Superman is able to hear a crime in progress half a continent away. His only restrictions are his weaknesses to magic and Kryptonite, his dependence of the rays of yellow sunlight, and a stringent moral code.

To the average person, Superman is a hero who represents hope. To someone like Black Widow, he must seem like a complete failure to be so powerful and yet still allow so much evil to exist in the world. It is because Superman flies brazenly in open skies without making the world better that someone like Black Widow must do her work in secrecy.

6 Team Up: Oracle

After the Joker shot Barbara Gordon through the spine and relentlessly tortured her, she had to give up her career as Batgirl. Still, being bound to a wheelchair wasn’t going to end her superhero career. She took up the identity of Oracle, where she used her hacktivist and investigative skills to gather information for various superheroes in the field while also commanding teams from her base of operations. She also maintained her martial arts skills, beating the snot out of those who thought picking on her would be easy.

Oracle’s grit, intelligence, and sheer competence make her the sort of hero that can do anything. Black Widow understands that more than superpowers, those are the qualities that are needed to succeed in their line of work.

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5 Hate: Stargirl

Teenagers are naturally impetuous and impulsive. Stargirl just happens to take these traits to new extremes. The superheroine is overconfident, brash, vain, and easily distracted. The powers given to her by her Cosmic Staff make her a powerful superhero, but she still has a lot of growing up to do.

Black Widow was forced to grow up fast, being trained as a child to assassinate grown men and deal with the pain that came from potentially mortal wounds. She would doubtless consider it obnoxious for a teenager who wants to be a hero to be so reckless and lacking in discipline.

4 Team Up: Huntress

Helena Bertinelli was born into a mob family. After the family had a hit put out on them, she went into hiding. Later in life, she started a new life as the antihero Huntress, hunting her foes with a crossbow and using lethal force when necessary.

Most heroes don’t kill. As an assassin who has done black ops wetwork, Black Widow understands that sometimes one has to resort to using lethal force against a target to save lives. Also, both have firsthand experience dealing with organized crime, so understand just how to handle it.

3 Hate: Hal Jordan

The first human from Earth to join the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan is a former Air Force pilot whose unflinching confidence and ability to overcome great fear make him an ideal candidate to wield the willpower-activated ring of a Green Lantern. In fact, Hal’s greatest strength as a Green Lantern is his confidence. Unfortunately, it also makes him brash and reckless.

Recklessness costs lives in Black Widow’s line of work. She can’t afford to risk being exposed by some flyboy shining a green spotlight on her operations.

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2 Team Up: Midnighter

The superhero Midnighter is a former Wildstorm character who became part of the DC Universe. He has extensive espionage experience, having worked alongside Dick Grayson when the latter character was a secret agent for Spyral. However, the real power that makes Midnighter stand out is that he has a computer in his brain that lets him predict every scenario in a fight before the first blow is struck, making him a maestro of violence.

Both as spies and as hand-to-hand combatants, Midnighter and Black Widow have a lot in common. The two also enjoy skin-tight black clothing, so they could probably trade notes on how to clean the blood off of their costumes.

1 Hate: Mera

Mera has undergone several incarnations over the years, but her most recent backstory in current continuity has her portrayed as having been born in Xebel, a rival nation to Atlantis. She left her home in Xebel to spy on Atlantis, but then fell in love with Aquaman, giving up on her previous mission to be with him.

To a lifelong spy like Black Widow, mission success is the most important thing there is. However, Black Widow defected from the Soviet Union for the sake of love. Seeing someone else who has done the same would be an uncomfortable reminder of her own moral inconsistencies.

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Given her skillset and her personality, it seems like Black Widow would fit right into the DC Universe.

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