Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Captain America Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Captain America is the First Avenger. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby during World War 2, he is a national icon best remembered for punching Hitler in the face. Today, he is still relevant thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Chris Evans, and is still a popular mainstay in Marvel comics.

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Leader of the Avengers, Captain America has joined up with a variety of heroes, but he has also faced against heroes that go against his ideals. This would apply regardless of which universe he would be in, whether it’s Image or DC Comics. Here are five DC heroes Cap with totally team up with – and five he would hate!

10 Would: Superman

The resident boy scout in another universe, Superman is as similar as he is different from Captain America. They both value truth and they have also fought against their own governments in the past. What’s more, they’re both their respective leaders in their superhero teams. Both being the general voice that helps guide the other heroes and coordinate accordingly.

The only difference the two have is their backgrounds as well as their powers and abilities. However, because they are so similar in personality, it really only shows that if anything they would not only respect one another but actually be great friends.

9 Hate: Batman

The interesting thing about Batman is that he and Captain America are almost complete foils with one another. Both are fairly human, or at least as human as Cap can be and both have a sidekick that eventually went to the dark side only to get better.

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The reason why they wouldn’t be compatible is more or less to do with their differing stances. Batman is the type to keep a lot of secrets, whether holding countermeasures against the other Justice League or future foes. That type of mentality would not be something Captain America would really stand for since he’s the type to trust others.

8 Would: Wonder Woman

A fellow warrior, Wonder Woman, and Captain America would probably see themselves that way. In some iterations, Wonder Woman had appeared in World War 2 as well and they could arguably see themselves as kindred spirits.

Captain America would just hold a lot of respect for Wonder Woman’s ideology as would Diana. That being said, one could argue that Wonder Woman’s killing of Maxwell Lord during Infinite Crisis would tarnish their relationship, however, if Superman was able to reconcile with her, it wouldn’t be out of the question that Cap couldn’t either.

7 Hate: John Constantine

To put it bluntly, John Constantine is a wildcard and a fishy wildcard at that. Meanwhile, Captain America is just the complete opposite of John Constantine. Captain America doesn’t have the best history when it comes to tricksters and John Constantine just happens to be the world’s greatest con man.

Not only that, Captain America probably wouldn’t tolerate Constantine’s more cynical personality either. While Captain America would see that John Constantine would probably mean well as he is a hero to humanity, after all, it probably wouldn’t be enough for Captain America to like him let alone trust him entirely.

6 Would: Aquaman

Captain America would work pretty well with Aquaman. For starters, Captain America has worked with and fought against Aquaman’s counterpart Namor. Compared to Namor, Aquaman’s personality is like a saint. Unlike the anti-human character of Namor, Aquaman is perfectly human and is willing to establish a connection between Atlantis and humanity.

If anything, it would be very akin to Captain America’s relationship with Thor where they are incredibly respectful with one another despite being from different worlds. This would also apply to Aquaman’s end with his respectful relationship with Superman being a clear example of this.

5 Hate: The Question

While Batman is untrusting from time to time, at least the Justice League is able to justify and at least accept why he would do it. However, the Question might be a different story. Captain America would probably not be able to tolerate The Question, as depending on the interpretation, his untrusting paranoia would probably judge everything Captain America does.

Good and bad, while feeding any form of evidence to make Captain America more of a threat than he actually is. Similar to the way in the animated series how Question judges Superman for what he could potentially do, Captain America would be placed in the same situation.

4 Would: Jay Garrick Flash

Similarly to Wonder Woman, Jay Garrick Flash would also be a kindred spirit. However, this would apply more as the Flash was a veteran of the WW2 era just like Captain America in all iterations. In a sense having these two interacting together would be like talking to an old war buddy.

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Jay Garrick still does his superhero duties so in a sense, Captain America would essentially not feel too alone in the modern world being a man out of time. As such, Jay Garrick could also be a voice of reason for Captain America, essentially using his wealth of experience to match Captain America’s intuitive capabilities.

3 Hate: Guy Gardner Green Lantern

Guy Gardner has quite the reputation with any superhero. Not only is he just a loose cannon in the Green Lantern Corp, but he is also a loose cannon within the entire Superhero community. Especially during his tenure as the “Warrior” which was controversial, to say the least.

This rebellious and somewhat unpredictable nature of this particular Green Lantern can be the last thing Captain America would want on his team. Especially since Captain America is the type who tries to ensure everything follows according to plan. Not to mention, Guy Gardner is a bit of a bully which is something he doesn’t tolerate.

2 Would: Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is one of the last living Martians on Mars. Similar to Superman, he is essentially a character who has only been by himself and as such is alone. However, his time on earth has made him one of the most compassionate characters in the Justice League.

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Captain America would most likely connect with that since he is one of the most human characters in the Marvel universe. Not only that, but Martian Manhunter’s wisdom is most likely what Captain America would appeal to the most, as it is something he would respect from characters such as Falcon or the Vision.

1 Hate: Dr. Manhattan

A fairly obvious choice, Dr Manhattan was a “hero” introduced in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen graphic novel. While he was formerly human, he has since become a literal god without a single shred of humanity. As such, he’s often the type of character who would tinker with the lives of others.

The most obvious example of this is the DC universe, which he treated more like a playground rather than a world full of life. Meanwhile, similar to Superman, Captain America is one of the hearts of the Marvel universe and not only would he not tolerate something like that from Dr. Manhattan, but he would also actively try to stop him. Unlike Superman, he wouldn’t want to talk him out of it either.

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If Marvel's Captain America were transported to the universe of DC Comics, some heroes he would love to team up with – and others he'd hate!

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