Marvel: 5 DC Heroes Iron Man Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? Behind the high-tech armor, he’s just a cool exec with a heart of steel. Sure, he’s created just as many villains as friends, but Tony Stark is just a good guy who wants to do the right thing. He just so happens to have an ego the size of Texas that makes his former employees want to strangle him with their weapons of mass destruction. Despite those past ordeals, everyone in the Marvel Universe can’t help but love the Genius, Billionaire Playboy. But what would happen if he ended up in the DC universe? What members of the Justice League would Iron Man team up with? Well, we dug through the expansive catalog of DC heroes and found five DC heroes ole shell-head would team up with, as well as five he would loath working with.

10 Would Team Up With: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most likable heroes of all time. She’s strong, cunning, compassionate, and never gives up in the most ferocious battles. Sure, Tony would hit on her the second he sees her, but even if their first meeting is awkward, the two will work well together. Stark gets along with dozens of mythical beings, like Thor, and wouldn’t have trouble working with the Champion of the Amazons. He’ll just have a hard time explaining how his tech works to Diana.

9 Hate Teaming up With: Booster Gold

Booster Gold may possess tech from the future, but if there’s one thing that was kept in tac from Michael Jon Carter’s timeline, it’s his selfish personality. The guy came to the present cause he thought he’d get some fame with his advance suit. His ego is big enough to clash with Tony Stark’s and even win.

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Sure, Stark was a weapon’s manufacture and still gets full of himself, but he’s nothing compared to Booster and his confidante, Skeets. Okay, maybe Iron Man would get along with Skeets

8 Would Team Up With: Superman

Tony is BFF’s with the most patriotic hero of all time, Captain America. So, why wouldn’t Stark get along with the second most patriotic hero of all time, the Man of Steel? Despite all of Superman’s extraordinary feats, Clark Kent is just a good guy who wants to do the right thing. Hell, Supes’s best pal in the whole world, is a cynical, genius, billionaire playboy. Tony is all of that, minus the cynicism and daily brooding of how his parents are dead.

7 Hate Teaming up With: Green Lantern

This was a tough one to decide on. On the one hand, Hal Jordan and Tony Stark are pretty egotistical guys. Sure, Hal is nowhere as bad as Iron Man, but that doesn’t mean that he has his cocky moments. On the other hand, there’s a reason why positives don’t attract each other.

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Even if it weren’t Hal Jordon, Iron Man wouldn’t get along with all the other Lanterns on Earth. John Stewart has a stick up his butt, and don’t even get us started on Guy Gardner’s legendary arrogance. The only one we can see Iron Man working well with is Jessica Cruz.

6 Would Team Up With: Cyborg

Cyborg is a pretty chill guy. He’s a former football star, loves to hang out with his fellow teammates, and even has a sweet car. He’s also part robot, with the tech side of him made up of advanced alien materials. Tony would geek out and try to use Cyborgs tech and find a way to duplicate Vic’s tech to help him with Stark Industries. Cyborg might not like it, but we’re sure Tony can convince him that it’s not for weaponry.

5 Hate Teaming up With: Damian Wayne

Of all the Heroes on this list, the son of Batman is the most arrogant of them all. Damian was trained by Ra’s Al Ghul since birth and inherited all of his grandpa’s ego. Not only that, but he’s also inherited his Father’s pessimism and anger issues.

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Sure, Tony has worked with a lot of young heroes and even made Peter Parker his ward, but he hasn’t met any kid that has the same level of arrogance as everyone’s favorite boy wonder. Stark is better off befriending any of the former Robins. Even Jason Todd would work better, and that guy murders dozens of bad guys.

4 Would Team Up With: Green Arrow

Much like Stark, Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy with too much time on his hands. Between running a company, Oliver also lives the playboy life and dresses like Robin Hood to fight bad guys. Unlike that other billionaire in the DC Universe, Green Arrow doesn’t brood like a goth kid and knows how to loosen up and have some fun. Tony and Ollie would ideally get along and even have a beer after some crime-fighting.

3 Hate Teaming up With: Batman

We know what your thinking, “Aren’t Batman and Iron Man the same?” Sure, both are Playboys with an endless amount of money that became Super Heroes, but Stark wouldn’t last an hour alone with the Dark Knight. Batman is way too paranoid to be friends with Tony Stark.

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By the time Tony would have explained what his suit does, Bruce would have already hacked it and disabled the Iron Man armor. Besides that, Bat’s loves to keep to the shadows, and Tony is always about showing off his tech. We’re just glad that they don’t live in the same universe

2 Would Team Up With: Blue Beetle

Tony loves being in the presence of fellow scientists. What scientist in the DC Universe is better than Ted Kord? Ted loves tinkering and using Technology to his advantage. He even has his own company that creates where he designs electronics to better humanity. The guy even has a secret lair where he invents gadgets back when he fought crime. Stark and Ted would get along just fine and also talk about how great their young proteges are(Peter Parker and Jamie Reyes)…Ted only has to remember not to invite Booster Gold to this little get together.

1 Hate Teaming up With: Shazam

Tony has a lot to deal with, but he can’t deal with Shazam. All of Starks tech jargon would go over Shazam’s head, and Tony would be called a nerd by Shazam. The guy is a literal kid playing Super Heroe. Sure, his powers are impressive, but Stark wouldn’t be able to get along with the man-child.

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Iron Man is a founding member of Marvel's biggest team-up, but if he was able to crossover with DC heroes, who would he get along with?

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