Marvel: 5 DC Villains Captain America Would Get Along With (& 5 He Would Hate)

In the Marvel Universe, Captain America is the best of all the heroes around. His steadfast morals and commitment to them have made him a leader among his peers, and an annoyance to his enemies. Cap’s ongoing battle to do what’s right started in World War II and continues to this day, with a slight hiatus to spend a few decades as a popsicle.

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But he also has an incredible capacity for forgiveness, and is the first to give someone a second chance. He would do the same for some villains in the DC Universe. Others, not so much. So which villains would he hate, and which would he give another chance to?

10 HATE: Heat Wave

A perennial member of Flash’s rogues gallery, Heat Wave is absolutely obsessed with fire. An unrepentant pyromaniac, he was responsible for the death of his family when he burned his own house down as a child. Over time, that obsession turned into a career path when he became a heat themed super villain.

While Captain America would be the first to cut Heat Wave some slack due to his mental health issues, he wouldn’t be able to get over how little work Heat Wave puts into not setting things on fire.

9 GET ALONG WITH: King Shark

King Shark is an odd duck. He’s one of those villains that seems to crossover to being a hero depending on the situation. Sometimes he’s working with Aquaman, sometimes he’s trying to eat Aquaman. But in King Shark’s defense, Aquaman does smell like fish.

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King Shark seems like the kind of guy who would be willing to make a permanent switch to the side of the angels if sufficiently inspired. If there’s one thing Captain America is, it’s inspiring. He could make a powerful ally in King Shark.

8 HATE: Black Manta

Motivated by greed and revenge, Black Manta is one of the nastiest pieces of work that Aquaman has to deal with. He wears an enhanced suit that increases his strength and endurance, as well as gives him an array of weapons. The most notable of them is his oversized helmet that fires powerful energy blasts.

The suit also allows him to survive, and fight, at incredible depths. Captain America would have little use for a greedy mercenary bent on ruling, destroying and/or looting Atlantis.

7 GET ALONG WITH: Bronze Tiger

As one of DC’s most talented martial artists, Bronze Tiger is not someone you want to get into a fight with. But he is someone Cap would want to work with. After his training was complete, Bronze Tiger was brainwashed by Professor Ojo into becoming a villain. He continued down that path for many years until Amanda Waller deprogrammed him.

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Even though he’s now good guy, some heroes still see him as a villain. Captain America wouldn’t. He and Bronze Tiger would actually make an incredible duo.

6 HATE: Joker

There is, at absolute best, a 0.5% chance that Captain America would tolerate the Joker. His destructive lunacy is everything Cap has vowed to fight. If anything, Cap would immediately team up with Batman to take Joker down.

But there is still a slight chance to find common ground. Joker might be violent and crazy, but he’s no Nazi. If the Red Skull came calling, Joker might actually stand at Cap’s side to take him down. But after Skull was defeated, Cap and Joker would pick up where they left off.

5 GET ALONG WITH: Harley Quinn

On the other hand, Harley Quinn is the exact kind of redemption story that Cap loves to support. While Harley started out as a villain, and the Joker’s paramour, she has more recently taken on the role of an anti-hero. That being said, she always seems on the verge of drifting back to her nefarious ways.

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Cap would provide her with a morally solid foundation to keep her grounded, and progress to life as a full fledged hero. Plus, she might even get the Star Spangled Avenger to loosen up a bit.

4 HATE: Black Mask

Roman Sionis is a wealthy, entitled jerk who wants to control Gotham’s criminal underworld. While he might not have any superpowers, he is a deviously brilliant person with a keen tactical mind. He also has vast resources at his disposal, mainly a lot of money and an army of thugs loyal to that money.

The reality is that Black Mask is a top candidate in Gotham to catch a speeding shield upside his head, one that Cap would be more than happy to deliver.

3 GET ALONG WITH: Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is possibly the most arrogant martial artist in the DC Universe. That arrogance is well deserved, though, as she also might be the greatest martial artist around. Her proficiency with her skills should never be underestimated, as Lady Shiva has given the likes of Batman a run for his money.

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Shiva doesn’t perceive herself as hero or villain. She simply does what needs to be done and fights whoever stands in her path. Assuming their goals matched, Lady Shiva would make an excellent partner for Cap.

2 HATE: Penguin

No one in Gotham quite matches Penguin when it comes to greed and a lust for power. Like so many of Batman’s villains, he seeks nothing short of full control over Gotham’s underworld and he has the means to achieve that goal. The reality is that Penguin is about as irredeemable as they come.

As much as Captain America likes to give villains a second chance, its unlikely that Penguin would be worthy of such faith. He’s just another bad guy for Cap to take down.

1 GET ALONG WITH: Catwoman

Calling Catwoman a villain at this point is dubious at best. A firm member of the Bat-Family, Catwoman stands on the side of the good guys more than she does the villains. The only reason that she still counts as a bad guy is because she is DC’s greatest thief.

It’s a career path Catwoman seems reticent to fully leave behind no matter how powerful her relationship with Batman becomes. Cap would most likely work with her but on the condition that she steals as little of Tony Stark’s personal belongings as possible.

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Captain America is one of the most truly heroic heroes in comics. Here are 5 villains he'd loathe, and 5 he might get along with.

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