Marvel: 5 DC Villains Captain Marvel Could Defeat In A Fight (& 5 She Would Lose To)

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes. Even before she became a superhero and gained her powers, Carol was a brave and intelligent young woman, who worked as a pilot. Nowadays, she’s saving the world and the universe from both human and extraterrestrial threats.

She became even more prominent after she made her introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and led the first female superhero film of the MCU. If Captain Marvel went over to the DC universe to fight its villains, she’d do great against some of them but would be defeated by others.

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10 Would Defeat: Catwoman

Catwoman is one of those characters who manages to walk the fine line between being a villain, an antihero, and sometimes a hero as well. She’s not evil like so many villains residing in Gotham but she likes to do whatever she wants, even if it means breaking the law from time to time.

Catwoman is strong, agile and athletic, but she would be no match against Captain Marvel, not even if she used her whip and other weapons. That said, these two could actually become good friends if they spent some time together, so perhaps after they’re done with the fight, they can grab a coffee together.

9 Would Lose: Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is one of the most iconic and popular DC villains, and for a good reason. He serves as an example that even if you don’t have any special powers, you can still take on people who are physically much stronger than you and come out victorious from the fight. Lex Luthor is Superman‘s archnemesis and he’s been able to make Superman’s life seriously unpleasant more than once.

Give Luthor enough time and he’s able to devise a cunning and working strategy against all heroes, no matter how strong they are. It’s safe to assume that Captain Marvel would be no exception in this area, and with a bit of clever manipulation, Lex Luthor could have a genuine chance of defeating her.

8 Would Defeat: Harley Quinn

Many characters, both heroes and villains, still see Harley Quinn primarily as the Joker‘s sidekick, but even on her own, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Harley is a talented athlete and a gymnast, she’s strong and capable when it comes to hand to hand fighting.

Plus, she’s a former psychiatrist and is able to use her knowledge and her ability to manipulate people against her enemies. That said, even all of this wouldn’t be enough against Captain Marvel, who’s much stronger than Harley and could easily defeat the Clown Princess of Crime before Harley could do anything against it.

7 Would Lose: General Zod

If you think about it, it quickly becomes obvious that General Zod and Captain Marvel have a similar set of powers – they’re both super strong, fast, and can fly. The fight between them would be more balanced than any of them would like to admit, but in the end, it’s quite possible that general Zod would win against Captain Marvel.

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While they’re at a similar level when it comes to physical strength, their difference in approach to fighting would present an advantage for Zod. In other words – Captain Marvel doesn’t like to kill, but Zod doesn’t mind and he’s much more brutal, which might be just what he needs to win over her.

6 Would Defeat: Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang works fairly well as a part of a team, more specifically the Suicide Squad, but on his own, he doesn’t present much of a threat for the strongest heroes, among which Captain Marvel definitely belongs.

His boomerangs can function as a weapon against non-powered heroes, but don’t stand a chance against someone as strong as Captain Marvel, who can easily catch the boomerangs without getting hurt or just avoid them altogether. And if Captain Boomerang decided to escape, she’d catch up on him in a matter of seconds, and would get him to prison faster than he would manage to throw his boomerang.

5 Would Lose: Trigon

When you say “iconic DC villain”, Trigon isn’t the first name most of DC fans think of… unless they really like the superhero team Teen Titans. Even if he stands a little behind the most famous villains, that doesn’t mean Trigon is weak.

Fighting a demon is always challenging, since the powers of demons usually defy the laws of nature as superheroes know them, and Trigon is no exception in this area. He is able to cast illusions, transform his body, project energy beams, manipulate energy, and more, all of which would make it very difficult for Captain Marvel to defeat him, even with her own impressive set of skills.

4 Would Defeat: Deadshot

Deadshot isn’t someone to be trifled with. He may not have actual special powers like so many Marvel and DC villains and heroes do, but he possesses the almost supernatural ability to (almost) never miss his mark. Non-powered superheroes who can be struck down by bullets should be wary of Deadshot in case he decided to go against them and take them down.

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But Captain Marvel belongs among the heavy hitters and it’s seriously doubtful Deadshot’s guns and bullets would do any damage to her, even if she didn’t move fast enough to avoid them in the first place and stay out of reach.

3 Would Lose: Ares

In the 2017 film Wonder Woman, Ares was the main villain, even though he stayed hidden most of the time and Wonder Woman and other heroes could have only speculated whether he actually influenced humanity and led into war or not. He also felt a bit underpowered in the film at times, but that’s not the case in the comics in which Ares is one of the most dangerous Wonder Woman villains.

Fighting the God of War himself might be too big of a challenge even for Captain Marvel, considering he can control fire, teleport, travel through dimensions, project energy, change shape, and has many other great powers.

2 Would Defeat: Ra’s al Ghul

Another iconic Batman villain, Ra’s al Ghul is not only strong, skilled at combat and practically immortal, but he also has the League of Assassins at his beck and call as the organization’s leader. His long years of life have provided him with wisdom and ability to manipulate his enemies and he also learned how to be cunning and how to operate in secrecy.

Still, even the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul combined probably wouldn’t be able to defeat Captain Marvel, even if the fight would be far from easy. She doesn’t look like swords could hurt her very much and even if she won’t kill Ra’s, she can still imprison him.

1 Would Lose: Doomsday

Unsurprisingly, a villain named Doomsday probably won’t be a friendly person, and Doomsday is one of the most powerful DC villains who was able to defeat even Superman himself. Doomsday is brutal, extremely strong and virtually unstoppable. He has no moral boundaries and no issues with killing his opponents.

If that wasn’t enough, he also has the ability to adapt to his enemy’s pattern of attack, so no matter what force Captain Marvel would strike him with, he’d just cover it. It’s not easy saying it but if Captain Marvel went against Doomsday on her own, she’s toast, and her only hope would be to team up with other super strong heroes.

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Captain Marvel is one of Marvel Comics' strongest heroes. But which DC villains can Carol Danvers beat in a fight? And who would she lose to?

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