Marvel: 5 DC Villains Loki Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Loki is a god of many things, from Mischief to Lies to Stories, and he has used these titles to plague the Marvel Universe for years as a trickster, not always focused on good or evil but always focused on himself and his neverending schemes.

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The DC universe is filled with similar villains who Loki could conceivably work alongside in a team-up, though given Loki’s own character defects, he is just as likely to hate a number of those same DC villains as well, which we are going to take a closer look at today.


In the Marvel Universe, Loki historically teams-up well with other big-league villains who strive for world domination, as Loki doesn’t really care about Earth as much as he does the other Nine Realms, which makes it a perfect bargaining chip.

Ra’s al Ghul would make a good temporary ally for Loki due to his similar elitist attitude and his own understanding of the mystic arts and immortality. Ra’s al Ghul’s aged wisdom and desire to reforge the Earth through fire would blend well with Loki, though their partnership would likely fall apart from betrayal on either side.


Loki is Marvel’s ultimate trickster and it’s a golden horned hat that he wears a very well, so it would make sense that Loki would see DC’s Trickster as an offense on his claim and direct competition instead of an ally.

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And considering both versions of the character (frequent foes of The Flash) use various kinds of technology to accomplish their gags, neither have actual powers, and Loki would take pleasure in showing Trickster the meaning of the word.


Loki’s worked with Marvel’s version of the Enchantress many times over the years, and while DC’s version is much different, it’s possible that they might get along even better than the Marvel duo, who have had a number of falling outs over the years.

DC’s Enchantress is an ancient sorceress in possession of the body of June Moone who has dabbled in heroism much like Loki, though if the two ever did team-up, the combination of their personalities and dark magic could prove to be too much for DC’s regular superhero community.


Black Adam is a magically-powered character with abilities that match heroes like Shazam or Superman and has been both a hero with the JSA as well as a despotic ruler of Kahndaq that was almost responsible for WWIII.

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While Loki could certainly make use of the powerful villain in his schemes, Black Adam is no fool and wouldn’t easily fall prey to Loki’s manipulations, which could create a powerful enemy instead of an ally.


As we saw with the Dark Reign and Seige storylines from Marvel, Loki works best as the voice in the ear of powerful men like Norman Osborn, so Luthor would have been a prime candidate for a team-up with Loki.

Considering that one of Superman’s main weaknesses is magic, any proposition made by Loki that offered Luthor the means to direct his dark magic against Superman would have been quickly agreed to, though like Ra’s al Ghul, this one would likely end with betrayal.


Loki takes great pride in his plans, with each meticulous detail accounted for and reliant on every other piece of the plan falling into place. Joker is not a man who sticks to plans, and instead can be relied on as an agent of chaos.

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This obviously would put the two at odds as Joker would never fit into any of Loki’s long games as he is far too unpredictable. Joker would likely prove to be as big of a thorn in Loki’s side and certainly wouldn’t make for a good partner in crime.


Circe is an immortal sorceress who often finds herself at odds with Wonder Woman, though she has even manipulated the gods into war, hoping to grasp power from the fallen gods, something Loki has attempted to do on numerous occasions.

Circe and Loki have certain similarities that would play off each other well, including a passion for transforming their enemies into animals. The only problem facing a team-up between Loki and Circe is the equally powerful team-up of Wonder Woman and Thor that would rise to stop them.


As fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen, Loki may be forced to work with the Mad Titans of his universe, but there is no love lost between them. And as often as Thanos has been compared to DC’s Darkseid, the two characters are still quite different.

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Regardless, Darkseid’s unwavering quest to control the Anti-Life Equation would make him a useless pawn for Loki to manipulate, and we’d likely see a battle between Loki of the old gods and Darkseid of the New Gods based on a clash of personality alone.


Felix Faust is a sorcerer who on an eternal search for more power, and much like his namesake, he is prepared to make deals with the devil in order to get it. Loki has also made deals with humans for power in the past with villains like the Wrecking Crew.

Faust’s blind lust for power would make him an easy target for Loki to use in his own plans, though Faust would likely think he was the one in control until he was inevitably sacrificed as yet another unsuspecting pawn of Loki’s manipulations.


Vandal Savage is an immortal caveman who was lived alongside humanity as it evolved into civilization, and he has tried many times to take over the world during his countless years on the planet using a fortune amassed over centuries.

Savage’s dogged determination for world domination would usually make him a perfect choice for Loki’s unique kind of manipulative partnership if Savage himself wasn’t equally attempting to manipulate affairs, allies, and enemies with his own long-range plans and schemes.

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Loki has made alliances and enemies out of quite a few Marvel villains, but how would he get along with some of DC's worst villains?

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