Marvel: 5 DC Villains Scarlet Witch Would Get Along With (& 5 She Would Hate)

Scarlet Witch is already thought of to be the next candidate for the next major villain for the MCU. She is extremely powerful and tends to lose control of her powers when she goes through a fit of rage. This makes her personality already on the front lines for being the next MCU hero to start befriending some villains and considering their philosophies.

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Whether it’s in the comics or in the popular movies that portray her fits of rage, it is inevitable that she may turn evil. No audience member wants to see her succumb to darkness because she is a caring and good-natured hero. However, she is misunderstood and can’t control herself at times. When being put into the DC universe, Scarlet Witch would make several friends, most of which would not be on the heroes list.

10 BEFRIEND: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn fell victim to becoming evil from falling in love with Joker and assimilating his morals with hers. Of course, they had a deep bond with each other so when Joker and Harley split, she became ever-growing darkness that could not be stopped. She has a deep caring personality mixed with the ability to laugh at a joke.

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Scarlet Witch lost her long-time love Vision which has prompted her to consider the darkness of her powers. Alongside Harley Quinn, the two would make best friends over bonding through the deep sadness of their lost loves and would grow together in darkness.

9 HATE: Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is the DC villain equivalent of a villainous Iron Man who Scarlet Witch has been known to clash with. She has an introverted personality and can be hard to get to know, but the brainy and arrogant personality of Lex Luthor would only peeve her.

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Also, she is known to respect those with natural abilities as opposed to constructing them (in this case Lex Luthor’s suit.) She likes to keep order through the usage of her powers while Lex Luthor’s suit does everything besides keep the order; it provokes chaos and destruction.


Joker is hard to like for several reasons, but Scarlet Witch would see why he acts the way he does due to his dark past. Along with this, Scarlet Witch has been sort of an outsider in the Avengers so she would relate to Joker’s outcasted stance within the DC universe.

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He’s a little different and quirky, but they would most likely be cordial upon meeting each other. Also, their battle tactics are somewhat similar – Joker uses trickery and Scarlet Witch uses magic.

7 HATE: Darkseid

Darkseid is the closest character in the DC universe to that of Thanos, and Scarlet Witch may be driven to become evil due to her hatred for Thanos in killing Vision. Overall, Darkseid harnesses similar powers to Thanos. The only way that Darkseid could possibly resurrect their friendship is through his personality which he is not known for.

Darkseid would sprout some demons immediately if he was to meet Scarlet Witch. Ultimately, this meet and greet would escalade into a battle very quickly.

6 BEFRIEND: Catwoman

Catwoman is quick, stealthy, and extremely intelligent. She holds a lot of pride and has been seen to have deep care and affection in modern representations. Today, some may even say that she rides the line of good and evil but has been crossed so many times, she usually performs evil acts.

Catwoman is a damaged DC villain that has been exposed to Gotham’s worst values. Scarlet Witch would understand her inner distrust with the world and those who reside in it.

5 HATE: Eclipso

Eclipso is a magical being that has harbored the powers of superhuman strength, flight, immortality, and the magic of the universe (time and space.) If Scarlet Witch were to meet Eclipso, he would remind her too much of her late husband Vision (but the bad parts.)

She would most likely think that Eclipso should be harnessing his powers for good, not evil. Vision had some of the same powers and used them to better society while Eclipso is doing the opposite which would irk her.

4 BEFRIEND: Enchantress

Enchantress is a great example of a hero-turned-villain due to her powers becoming much too strong for her own knowledge. She uses sorcery and magic to express herself on and off the battlefield. Scarlet Witch would see some of herself in Enchantress and would even appreciate that she’s dealing with such evils within herself.

Both are extremely powerful and both exhibit similar personality traits such as being deeply vindictive.

3 HATE: Black Adam

Black Adam became as evil as he is because he fell to rage and arrogance. Scarlet Witch would not agree with any of his ideals because they are completely masked by his anger. She can get angry at times, but keeps a clear head and uses her anger to fuel her intelligence.

Scarlet Witch is known to be extremely loyal to her friends and would not harm those she’s closest with just purely off of an action made by another who has made her angry. Black Adam is loyal, but is known to cross many which Scarlet Witch would not respect.

2 BEFRIEND: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is deeply pained and horrified by her own powers. She’s an extremely powerful sorceress of deadly vines who goes to extensive lengths to protect the environment, even when it means human lives. Sometimes her power can be much too overwhelming. It’s a part of her power to attract warm-blooded humans to her so she can kill them with her deadly vines, so as a result, she doesn’t know who to trust.

Poison Ivy is deeply pained by her powers and doesn’t know how to control them sometimes. For this reason, she is great friends with Catwoman and Harley Quinn. Scarlet Witch has her own inner dilemmas and would embrace a friendship with Poison Ivy with open arms.

1 HATE: Brainiac

Brainiac has an extremely high level of intelligence that can go as far as using telekinesis to his advantage. He uses his powers to control others (machine and humans alike) as opposed for the greater good of society. Scarlet Witch would find this obnoxious because she never wants to strip people of their rights to think for themselves.

Scarlet Witch is highly intelligent and uses her magic in a vastly different way. The overall inhibiting nature of Brainiac’s powers would be far too annoying to Scarlet Witch for her to ever become friends with the villain.

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Scarlet Witch is known to cross the line between hero & villain, but if she existed in the DC Universe, which villains would she get along with?

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