Marvel: 5 DC Villains She-Hulk Could Defeat (& 5 She Would Lose To)

Jennifer Walters has been a mainstay of Marvel superhero teams for most of her storied history. The Avengers, Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D. have all benefited from the She-Hulk’s unique gifts. Her meta-strength, enhanced reflexes and stamina, healing factor and martial prowess have made her the bane of the Marvel Universe’s super-baddies, who shudder when they think of crossing paths with the Jade Giantess. As tried as she is, she hasn’t proven her mettle against DC’s crop of villains, who are quite formidable in their own right. Here are the ones she’d beat and the ones she wouldn’t.

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The Cheetah is a formidable opponent with enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes that have challenged Wonder Woman for decades. She’s as feral and intense as her feline namesake, and her claws are sharp enough to have pierced even Superman’s vaunted invulnerable skin.

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There’s no way She-Hulk is going to come out of a battle with The Cheetah not knowing she was in a fight, but ultimately, victory will be hers. She-Hulk probably can’t match The Cheetah’s speed and reflexes, but she makes up for it in strength, technique and a healing factor, which will ultimately secure her a hard-fought victory.


Doomsday is one of the most powerful combatants in the DC Universe, capable of taking out the entire Justice League and killing Superman in the same day. Worse still, he can return from the dead impervious to whatever killed him. Against Doomsday, She-Hulk would be at a severe disadvantage. With her superior fighting tactics, she may be able to land some blows, but nothing that could stop Doomsday effectively. His superior strength, savagery, defensive bone plating, and recuperative abilities would simply overwhelm her, potentially putting her on a slab next to the Man of Steel.


Bizarro is every bit as formidable as Superman. As his clone, Bizarro has the same level as physical strength and speed as The Man of Steel and also has his extraordinary powers like heat vision and super-breath. Despite these gifts, Bizarro lacks battle savvy, relying too strongly on his powers to carry him, and lacks the mental capacity to strategize tactics fully. She-Hulk could undoubtedly capitalize on these weaknesses with hit-and-run tactics that would eventually secure her the win. All she’d have to do is avoid Bizarro’s attacks and counter with some heavy hits of her own.


Mongul is the ruler of an intergalactic dynasty centered on Warworld, where he forces gladiatorial combats to appease his subjects. He is ridiculously super-powered, having enough strength, skill, resources, and tactics to bring Superman to the brink of defeat on several occasions.

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Mongul could beat She-Hulk with relative ease. Despite her formidable abilities, Mongul is too battle-hardened and powerful for She-Hulk to hope to overtake. Her best bet would be to call in the Avengers for reinforcement or hope Mongul is sick that day.


The work of a brilliant but mad scientist by the name of Professor Ivo, Amazo is an android with the ability to mimic the powers of the entire Justice League. On the surface, facing a being who can hit you with a heat vision blast at light speed may seem like a hopeless battle, but there are ways to circumvent Amazo’s daunting abilities.

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Since She-Hulk is a good strategist, she can attempt to utilize the League’s weaknesses against the robot or make use of fellow avenger Tony Stark’s technological catalog to come up with a program or some equipment to neutralize the rogue abomination.


Any Kryptonian is going to pose a challenge to the She-Hulk, due to their well-known powers and skill set. However, the one Kryptonian who’s guaranteed a victory against the green-skinned litigator would be General Zod. As a military strategist and the former head of Krypton’s security forces, Zod has the knowledge and experience to devise a plan to take down any enemy. His hand-to-hand combat skills are similarly impeccable and he has an edge over Kal-El and Kara Zor-El that would prove decisive in this battle: a killer instinct. In short order, She-Hulk would find herself in a similar position to most who defy Zod: kneeling.


It takes a villain of exceedingly meticulous planning and formidable physical strength to snap Batman’s back like a pencil, and Bane is just that villain. Aside from the meta-human strength granted him by the Venom formula (when he’s on it), he’s a genius-level intellect who doesn’t mind playing the long game to thoroughly defeat his opponents, as the recent City of Bane storyline illustrates.

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Putting a master plan into effect is the only possible chance Bane would have of defeating Jennifer Walters. In a direct physical confrontation, She-Hulk would mop the floor with Bane whether he was juicing or not.


A somewhat pathetic villain, Rudy Jones was manipulated into an accident that gave him his powers: an ability to drain the life force of others, absorbing their energy, powers, and memories for a short time. As the Parasite, Jones tussled with Superman on multiple occasions, hoping to satiate the need to keep himself alive with stored yellow-sun energy. Provided he gets a good grip on the She-Hulk, the Parasite can definitely drain enough energy from her to incapacitate her or worse. He’s been able to trade blows with Superman, so he can withstand what she has to dish out, leaving her open for a final, knockout grip.


A brilliant scientist who through convoluted means managed to transfer her consciousness into a body that can grow to immense sizes, Giganta has been a thorn in Wonder Woman’s side. With meta-human strength, endurance and durability, Giganta has the tools necessary to be a formidable foe for any costumed hero. Despite these capabilities, Giganta would probably lose in a battle with the She-Hulk. Sure, she might get a few good licks in, but in the end, She-Hulk’s greater strength, endurance, and strategy will cut Giganta down to size.


She-Hulk is without a doubt one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Universe, but there is no way she’d be able to trade blows with Darkseid. A literal God, Darkseid can withstand blows from Superman with relative ease, as well as fight off multiple members of the Justice League at once, so to say he’s formidable is an understatement. Perhaps She-Hulk might be able to rattle the ruler of Apokolips momentarily with a few well-placed blows, but once Darkseid collects himself, he’ll either crush her with his fists or a blast from his Omega Beams.

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She-Hulk is one of Marvel's most storied and powerful heroes. There are plenty of DC villains she could beat but some would be too much for her.

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