Marvel: 5 DC Villains She-Hulk Would Get Along With (& 5 She Would Hate)

She-Hulk is the fourth wall breaking cousin of the Incredible Hulk. Unlike the Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters is not a scientist. She is a lawyer and a reputedly good one at that. But that’s not the only way she’s different from the Hulk. Jennifer rarely changes back from being the She-Hulk, maintaining the same mind and personality in each form.

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Also unlike the Hulk, She-Hulk actually seems to have a sense of humor. She would have some interesting reactions to DC’s villains.

10 HATE: Vandal Savage

The caveman turned immortal is one the most arrogant and obnoxious people in the DC Universe, hero or villain. His incredibly long life combined with his high level of intelligence has made him quite the superiority complex, and virtually unbearable to be around.

Very few people in DC like him, let alone She-Hulk. He’s everything she dislikes in a person wrapped into one nasty package. Plus, he’s a supervillain bent on world domination. She’s not a fan of that, either.

9 GET ALONG WITH: Black Adam

The wizard Shazam did not start with Billy Batson. Centuries earlier in ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam was empowered by the wizard with various gifts from the Egyptian gods. Black Adam was their greatest hero, at least, until he took a turn towards a life of evil.

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But what She-Hulk would like about Black Adam is that he has come to redeem himself in recent years. Like many people, she appreciates a good story of redemption. Plus, Black Adam looks a lot like The Rock.

8 HATE: Captain Cold

There are few villains in DC more manipulative than Captain Cold. It’s his ego, combined with his greed, that makes Captain Cold believe he is a match for the Flash. That being said, he has beaten Flash on more than one occasion.

It’s pretty impressive for someone who has no powers and fights the fastest man alive with a gun that shoots cold. His success is a testament to his skill as a strategist. She-Hulk would dislike his greed and how he uses his “friends” to further his own goals.


Bane was once one of Batman’s greatest villains, quite literally breaking the Caped Crusader across his knee. Since those days, Bane hasn’t really held a place of prominence in DC. While he has yet to truly reform, his time with the Suicide Squad did at least put his abilities to better use.

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She-Hulk has a soft spot for huge men with super strength and what some might describe as below-average IQs. Just ask the Juggernaut. While Bane is pretty knowledgeable, he has the super strength part down pat.

6 HATE: Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is DC’s most prominent mercenary and a constant thorn in the side of everyone from the Teen Titans to the Justice League. Not only is he an accomplished fighter but he is well trained in the use of a wide range of guns, blades, and explosives.

Add some technologically advanced gear and you have a formidable opponent for anyone. The reality is that She-Hulk isn’t the biggest fan of Deadpool, who is basically Deathstroke with a sense of humor. If she doesn’t like Deadpool, she’s not going to like the humorless Deathstroke.

5 GET ALONG WITH: Poison Ivy

As one of the most prominent members of Batman’s rogues gallery, Poison Ivy has earned her spot in the upper echelon of DC villains. Her abilities, when combined with a little Kryptonite, have even allowed her to manipulate Superman.

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Sometimes, Ivy’s efforts drift to the side of the angels but her goals still frequently cause her to run afoul of the law. Despite that, She-Hulk would ultimately befriend Ivy as they are both superpowered and empowered women.

4 HATE: Catwoman

Catwoman wears a lot of hats in Gotham City. Sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain. Sometimes Batman’s enemy, sometimes his fiance. But the one constant in her life is her desire to steal shiny things.

Even when she’s on the side of the good guys, Catwoman can’t resist taking a loose diamond or expensive painting. Ultimately, she is who she is and that’s not someone She-Hulk is going to get along with.


When it comes to villains, Two-Face is one of the worst and one of the best. That comes with the territory of having two completely different personalities running the show. She-Hulk wouldn’t be interested in hanging out with Two-Face any more than Two-Face would be interested in hanging out with She-Hulk.

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However, both of them have alter egos who are lawyers. They both might enjoy the chance for a little shop talk about something not related to the super-powered world.

2 HATE: Joker

While the Clown Prince of Crime certainly has a charming streak to him, the Joker is still one of the most dangerous people in the DC Universe. He is quite literally capable of anything and has the imagination to dream up everything. No cruelty is outside of his purview.

She-Hulk would immediately dislike the Joker and would do everything in her power to take him down. Thanks to her strength and invulnerable skin, the Joker would have a harder time than usual defeating her. Still, she should stay on her toes.

1 GET ALONG WITH: Harley Quinn

Starting her career as a villain alongside the Joker, Harley Quinn has found her way to being a hero. Well, her version of a hero at the very least. She still takes things too far more often than not with her usual Harley Quinn-esque joie de vivre.

She-Hulk would find the villain turned hero who is perpetually on the verge of being a villain again intoxicating to be around. Frankly, She-Hulk, Harley, and Ivy would make one hell of a team.

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She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, loves a colorful personality, but which DC villains would the Marvel hero get along with?

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