Marvel: 5 Most Boss Things Wolverine Has Done in Marvel Comics (& 5 That Were Just Annoying)

As one of the most popular characters in all of comics, Wolverine has experienced quite a lot since first making his explosive debut. For years, the mutant has played many roles throughout the Marvel universe and remains one of the more influential characters within it.

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Thanks to his popularity and role as an X-Man though, Wolverine has definitely proven to be incredibly complex at times, as well as deeply flawed. Of course, this is part of what makes him such a great character to begin with, even if it’s a bit hard to root for him. Looking back at his vast history, here is our list of 5 incredibly boss things Wolverine has done, and 5 times he was just annoying.

10 Annoying: His Feud with Scott

No matter how hard either of them may try, it seems as though Cyclops and Wolverine are constantly feuding with one another. Whether its personal, in regards to leadership, or anything else, the two just cannot seem to stop butting heads.

Of course, this does create for an interesting team dynamic among the X-Men titles, even if it is a bit annoying at times. Furthermore, at the end of the day, the two know they can count on the other to have their back, no matter how petty Wolverine or Cyclops may be at the time.

9 Boss: Kill Hulk

During the widely popular Old Man Logan series, readers got to explore a very broken version of wolverine as he struggled to find his way back. As more and more of this world came to be revealed however, readers quickly learned that the Hulk was responsible for a lot of hardship in Wolverine’s life, and had definitely become one of the biggest bads of this timeline.

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Fortunately though, by the end of the series, Wolverine would get his chance at revenge especially after the Hulk ate him. After literally carving his way out of the raging green monster, Wolverine put a permanent end not only to everything this Hulk had built, but to his life as well. Though this is also one of the more gruesome moments in Wolverine’s history, it is easily one of his most boss as well.

8 Annoying: Constant Back and Forth

It is no secret that Wolverine is one of the more morally ambiguous characters within the Marvel universe. However, while he is generally depicted as a hero, the character seems to constantly be leaving/rejoining the X-Men.

for a “loner” such as Wolverine, he seems to constantly be a part of some form of team, even ascending to the role of Avenger for a time. Having acknowledged the fact that he cares about his teammates many times in the past, it can be a bit annoying when he suddenly leaves, only to return a few issues later.

7 Boss: Death

Wolverine is certainly one of the hardest Marvel characters to kill, meaning that when something finally did kill him, it was sure to be a truly epic moment. In the moments leading up to his death, Wolverine not only infiltrated Dr. Cornelius’ new base, but he also managed to destroy his work, covering himself with molten adamantium in the process.

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Even without a healing factor, Wolverine continued to fight, defeating a personal enemy while saving others in the process. Likewise, considering everything the character had accomplished up to this point, this definitely made for a fitting “end” to the character’s role in the Marvel universe.

6 Annoying: His Relationship with his Kids

Over the years, it has been revealed that Wolverine actually has several children.Unfortunately, his relationship with them has proven to be extremely complicated, especially in regards to Daken and Laura Kinney.

Though it is not always Wolverine’s fault that he wasn’t there for them, he could definitely put forth some stronger efforts in regards to being a father. Thankfully, his relationship with Laura is generally positive, but he isn’t exactly father of the year in any given case.

5 Boss: Resurrection

Like with most comic book characters, Wolverine has made a triumphant return from the dead, and has since resumed his role among the X-Men. After years of being dead, it was eventually revealed that another powerful and threatening mutant had managed to revive him, and was also using him as a puppet.

Playing on some classic elements involving a memory wipe, Wolverine’s return touched up on a lot of favorite things about the character overall. In bringing him back in a truly epic fashion, readers were reminded not only of how boss Wolverine can be, but that he really is the best there is at what he does.

4 Annoying: Lectures Others on Heroism

While there’s no denying the heroic impact that Wolverine has had on the Marvel universe, he isn’t exactly Captain America when it comes to solving his problems. Throughout his history, Wolverine has made much more permanent decisions than other heroes, and even done incredibly questionable things at times.

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While some of these actions are what make him a great and complex character, it doesn’t exactly make him the best example of a hero. Because of this, it is easy to understand why some would be annoyed, especially when being lectured by Wolverine on what the right/heroic thing to do would be.

3 Boss: Days of Future Past

In one of the more popular alternate timelines featuring the X-Men, the Days of Future Past Wolverine has proven to be one of the best versions of the character ever. Leading a resistance against the slaughter of mutants, this was not only one of the bravest and most heroic versions of Wolverine ever, but also one of the most boss.

In the end, Wolverine ends up making the ultimate sacrifice in a way that was very fitting for the character. Though not much else is known about certain details from this timeline, it is easy to see why it is so popular even today among X-Men fans.

2 Annoying: Ignores the Lack of his Healing Factor

On several occasions, Wolverine has found himself without his healing factor. Furthermore, on almost all of those occasions, the character has ignored his new limitations and continued on as if nothing were happening.

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Stubborn as he may be, this does show just how motivated and determined Wolverine really is at times. However, given the new dangers he faces during these scenarios, it can be incredibly frustrating to see the character press on as if nothing were happening. While arguably one of his more heroic attributes, it is also one of his more infuriating ones for both readers and other characters.

1 Boss: Lead the X-Men

After years of service on the team, Wolverine finally ascended to a leadership role. Especially following the events of X-Men: Schism, Wolverine played a very crucial role in determining the X-Men’s future.

Thankfully, years of experience helped him to succeed in the role quite well, much to everyone’s surprise. Though he still made his fair share of mistakes, he actually took the X-Men in a much brighter and more hopeful direction than Cyclops did. In taking the term “boss” in a much more literal sense, this is definitely one of the best and brightest moments in the character’s history.

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Thanks to his popularity and role as an X-Man, Wolverine has definitely proven to be incredibly complex at times, as well as deeply flawed.

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