Marvel: 5 Reasons Why Kate Bishop Should Be Your New Bestie (& 5 Why It Should Be Doreen Green)

In the world of Marvel comics, there are countless characters out there to fall in love with. Or to become best friends with. But we’re not here to talk about each and every character right now, that would simply not be possible.

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Instead, we’d like to talk about two amazing characters. Kate Bishop and Doreen Green. While vastly different from one another, both would make amazing best friends. Though for completely different reasons, as you might expect. We’re going to lay out several of those reasons, and leave it to you to decide who you’d pick.

10 Kate Bishop: She’s Extremely Talented

Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye, is an extremely talented young hero. All her life she’s been training, first in martial arts, then archery, and she never really seemed to stop the training. That is why she can keep up with the rest of the Marvel superhero (and villain) world.

Imagine having somebody like Kate at your back. Nobody would ever stand a chance at hurting you. At least, not without paying a significant toll in pain and blood.

9 Doreen Green: She’s Adorable

Let’s start with the most obvious trait of Doreen’s: she’s freaking adorable. Seriously, between her fondness of squirrels and her personality, it’s hard to do anything but adore this heroine. She’s chipper, excitable, and so incredibly endearing.

So yes, if you want a best friend that is adorable, then you’re going to want to snag Doreen Green.

8 Kate Bishop: She’ll Take Your Case On For Fun

Kate is many things, a hero, a master in archery, and a detective. Or more accurately, she’s a private eye. You’d think that her status as a hero would get all the business in the world heading her way…but that’s not quite accurate.

On the bright side, it means that she’d happily take your case simply because it was fun. She’s always been a sucker for the interesting cases, the tasks that really require an intense amount of thinking in order to see how the strings connect.

7 Doreen Green: She Can Talk To Squirrels

Another thing you should know about Doreen Green is that she can talk to squirrels. She’s called Squirrel Girl for a reason, after all. That may sound like an odd trait to be proud of, but imagine all the fun and mischief you could get up to with a bestie like that.

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Doreen could summon her adorably army of squirrels at any moment, all to help save the day. Or find your keys, really. It’s whatever you need when you bestie is Squirrel Girl.

6 Kate Bishop: She’s Always Got A Good Story To Tell

If you know anything about Kate Bishop, then you know that she’s got quite the story to tell. She’s been through hell and back, and lived to tell the tale. Granted, you have to be pretty close to her in order to get her to open up.

If you do though, she’ll have a never-ending supply of stories to share with you. From her origin to her experiences during Civil War (both of them), to her time leading the West Coast Avengers.

5 Doreen Green: She’ll Always Win In A Fight

Squirrel Girl is somewhat infamous for her ability to win fights. She’s won against heroes that people would have bet on – and she did it all with a smile. She even beat the notoriously impossible to take down Wolverine, a fact that speaks volumes on its own.

So if you’re looking for a best that can’t be beaten, literally, then Squirrel Girl is your girl. She’ll win the fight and come back with a smile.

4 Kate Bishop: She’s Always Up For Joining A Team

There are many heroes that are constantly willing to try joining a new team (seriously, just look at how many teams Wolverine has been in). Kate Bishop is one of those heroes. Form a team and send her an invite, and the odds are good that she’ll at least consider it.

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She’s been involved in the West Coast Avengers (obviously), Young Avengers, Secret Avengers, the Deadpool Task Force, as well as several team-ups (most notably with the other Hawkeye).

3 Doreen Green: She Can Babysit

What’s better than having a superhero for a best friend? How about a superhero best friend who’s ready and willing to babysit? That’s right! Doreen Green is one of the few superheroes out there to have actively taken a job babysitting.

Granted, she was babysitting for Danielle Cage (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter), and thus her ability to protect was just as in need as her ability to change diapers.

2 Kate Bishop: She’s The Sassiest Hero Around

If you want a best friend who is also a superhero, and capable of handing out sass like there’s no tomorrow? You want Kate Bishop. That girl will win any sass competition, just ask Clint Barton (he’s been on the wrong end of it on more than one occasion).

Kate’s quips will keep you on your toes, while her commentary will keep you smiling. What more could you possibly ask for?

1 Doreen Green: She Has Your Back

One thing is certain: no matter what happens to you, no matter who comes at you with a knife or a death wish, Doreen Green will have your back. She is not the type of friend, or hero, to walk away. Especially not when it counts.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and caring friend, you couldn’t ask for a better hero than Squirrel Girl.

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There are so many characters from the Marvel universe who would make awesome friends. Here's why Kate Bishop and Doreen Green would be the best.

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