Marvel: 5 Times Chris Hemsworth's Thor Was Comic Accurate (& 5 Times He Wasn't)

Thor is the strongest Avenger out there… or so he claims. Being one of the oldest Marvel superheroes around, he has captivated many fans around the world due to being a mixture of hard fantasy, superheroics, and sci-fi. As a part of the main trio along with Captain America and Iron Man, he has also had a trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Although not all of his films were smash hits, he has found his feet and become as beloved as his contemporaries, but there were some adaptation sacrifices in order to reach that point.

10 Not Accurate: His Speech Pattern

Starting this list is one that is obvious. In the comic books, Thor talked with an almost Shakespearian turn of phrase. Although it came a little later in his character run, it eventually stuck around and became a core part of his character.

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But in the movies they have forgone that concept, replacing it with just having a regular speech pattern – despite a nod toward it in his very first appearance. Although it is fairly minor, it’s still unfortunate that little quirk from the comics is no longer present with Hemsworth’s Thor.

9 Accurate: Arrogant But Selfless

One of the core attributes of the Thor character that has thankfully been maintained. Although he has learned humility thanks to his time on Earth by himself, there are still traces of his arrogance present in him. Mainly whenever he uses his powers or – in the case of the MCU – when he strikes down Thanos. He could’ve killed him and ended the conflict but instead, the snap happened and the mad titan won.

8 Not Accurate: Being More Comedic

This is one of the things from the MCU that fans either love or hate. Because everything is in a shared universe and because it’s within a film universe at that, there will be some aspects that will transfer to essentially every film. One of those things is making the characters more comedic, especially Thor who has become one of the funniest in the MCU by Ragnarok. This is a complete contrast to what is shown in the comics which shows him primarily as a more stoic character.

7 Accurate: His Relationship With Jane Foster

The first love interest presented in the comics, Jane Foster has a deep connection with the God Of Thunder, as she is basically his anchor. She is the reason why Thor has such a strong connection with the planet Earth. Although aspects have been changed here and there, that part at least is still present. That and also the fact that they broke up later on in both universes. Jane Foster will also become the new Thor just like in the comic, so time will tell if anything more drastic comes.

6 Not Accurate: Stormbreaker

When Thor lost his hammer Mjolnir, he became a true “God Of Thunder” after discovering his deepest potential. However, despite that, it wasn’t enough against Thanos. So as such, he creates a brand new weapon that is much stronger than Mjolnir. Simply called Stormbreaker, it has the ability to call down the Bifrost whenever he wishes, as well as enhancing his other powers. However, in the comics that never happens. There is a Stormbreaker hammer in the Thor mythos, but its creation is completely different, and although Mjolnir gets destroyed, Thor eventually crafts a new one.

5 Accurate: Losing His Eye

In both the comics and film, Thor loses his eye. Although the circumstances are completely different, that isn’t exactly the point. What matters is the symbolism behind it, as it brings Thor closer to his father Odin. In a sense, it is earning his wisdom and surpassing him in many ways. Losing his eye is a pivotal moment in the character’s life as it is a way for him to move forward and become something beyond his birthright.

4 Not Accurate: Fat Thor

When Avengers: Endgame came out, one of the most controversial changes that were made was the introduction of Fat Thor. After failing to stop Thanos and realizing that their efforts were futile, all of the Avengers took things differently. But Thor handled it the absolute worse, basically laying himself low and becoming a shadow of his former self. Although it was incredibly sympathetic and actually brought something new. It was still something that didn’t happen in the comics.

3 Accurate: Being An Adventurer

Thor has always been an adventurer. Being God Of Thunder gave Thor an excuse to having so many diverse stories. Readers could have him be with the Avengers on Earth, or he could be off in space along with his friend Beta Ray Bill. Sometimes his stories can take place in Asgard. This is something that has remained the same throughout all of his incarnations. This is even a major point in the MCU where he travels with the Guardians. He is no longer tied with being an heir, he is being himself… at least for the time being.

2 Not Accurate: His Status As A King

This leads to this point about Thor’s status as a King. Although it is technically something he never wanted in both the comics and the film, in the comics he took it and made it his own.

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Essentially, in the comics he accepted his place, but for the Thor in the MCU, it was more a matter of his identity. After all, it was a status that was put on him after the death of Odin. As a result, his choice of giving Valkyrie the status of a leader instead is a major change from his comic book counterpart.

1 Accurate: What It Truly Means To Be Worthy

Finally, the last thing that makes MCU Thor very similar to his counterpart is the concept of worthiness. Both interpretations of the character constantly tackle this dilemma as it is a core attribute that defines the character and who he is.

Although both characters deal with the concept of worthiness in very different ways, it is still something that they tackle. Although it is resolved way differently from one another, it still concludes in fairly similar paths and focuses on humility and acceptance of who you are.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe takes some liberties with comic characters – how accurate is Hemsworth's Thor?

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