Marvel Comics: A-Force Vs. Champions: Who Would Win And Lose In A Fight?

A-Force and the Champions are two relatively new additions to the Marvel Universe, with both teams making their debuts within the past five years. Both teams were also groundbreaking teams, as A-Force was the first all-female Avengers team while the Champions were a team of teen superheroes that split off on their own when they became disillusioned with their predecessors.

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Despite fighting for the side of good, battles between superheroes are all too common. A conflict between A-Force and the Champions is even more likely, given that A-Force consists of several mentors of the Champions. So who would win if the two teams faced off? Let’s find out!

10 Strength: A-Force

The Champions nearly came out ahead in the strength department, with their heavy hitters featuring the Amadeus Cho Hulk, Viv Vision, and Nova. Plus Miles Morales is no slouch in the strength department and Ms. Marvel packs a wallop as well thanks to her polymorphic powers.

Of course A-Force has their own Hulk too – a She-Hulk to be specific. And they have one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel on their team in Captain Marvel. But what puts A-Force over the edge is Dazzler Thor. A member of the Thor Corps from Battleworld, Dazzler Thor makes her way into the 616 universe and joins up with the team. With Captain Marvel, a Hulk, and a Thor on the team, that’s just too much for the Champions to overcome.

9 Intelligence: Champions

The Champions have a definite heads up in regards to intelligence, as Amadeus Cho is one of the ten most intelligent people in the 616 Earth. He alone wins the Champions the intelligence category, but not to be outdone is Viv Vision, who has a multiprocessor computer for a brain. The Champions later add to the roster Riri Williams and Nadia Pym, the former earning a seal of approval from no less than Tony Stark and the latter being the genius daughter of Hank Pym.

They also feature the smartest person in the Marvel Universe, Moon Girl, as a reserve member. Get this team on Jeopardy ASAP!

8 Magic: A-Force

While the Champions are overflowing in intelligence, one area they are severely lacking in is magic. No member of the team has any magical abilities. A-Force, meanwhile, has one of the best low-key magic users in the Marvel Universe on its team in Nico Minoru.

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Using the Staff of One, Nico has the ability to cast any spell imaginable – once. If she tries the same spell again, it will backfire. With experience and savvy Nico has found ways to work around the Staff’s limitation. Even without the Staff, Nico has developed the ability to cast her own spells. Assuming Nico hasn’t used the “Champions lose to A-Force” spell, the fight could be over before it even begins.

7 Numbers: Champions

The main roster of each team consists of six members. A-Force had a large roster available while on Battleworld during Secret Wars, but in the main Marvel continuity only one more member joined the team, Dazzler Thor.

As already mentioned, the Champions have a number of reserves ready to go and have constantly been recruiting to add to their core six when the situation calls for it, so the powerful, intelligent Champions could conceivably overwhelm A-Force with superior numbers.

6 Experience: A-Force

The Champions may have the numbers advantage, but A-Force has a definite experience advantage. Out of the six members of A-Force, four of them (She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Dazzler) are all tenured members of the Marvel Universe, and even Nico Minoru is close to twenty years in the Marvel Universe.

The four more tenured A-Force members have experience working with multiple numbers of teams as well. They’ve faced nearly every conceivable disadvantage possible, so being at a numbers disadvantage would be something they could help the other two members of the team (Nico and Singularity) deal with in real-time.

5 Leadership: Champions

While A-Force has the experience advantage, that doesn’t mean that they’re always on the same page. Team leader She-Hulk didn’t always see eye to eye with Medusa, herself a sometimes leader of the Inhumans. The Champions, though, are united by their cause under their leader Ms. Marvel.

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When the team revealed themselves to the public, Ms. Marvel’s statement of the team’s mission went viral, which is how the team came to be known as “Champions.” The speech even moved the young, time-displaced Cyclops into wanting to join the team. Being able to recruit (and even influence due to time travel) a great future leader like Cyclops certainly proves Ms. Marvel’s leadership skills.

4 Cosmic: A-Force

No disrespect to Nova, but in terms of cosmic abilities Captain Marvel has him beaten in that department. As if that weren’t enough, A-Force has a second cosmic character, Singularity. Her most incredible cosmic ability is her teleportation powers, as she has been able to teleport between realities and even outside the timeline itself.

While this doesn’t make her a cosmic character, a fun little note on Dazzler is that Galactus once tried to recruit her to be one of his heralds! The plot point even played a part during the original Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars.

3 Alumni: Champions

While this Champions team was created in 2016, Marvel had another Champions team that dates back to 1975. Though the team wasn’t around for very long and isn’t remembered well, the team boasted a powerful lineup, including Hercules, Ghost Rider, and IcemanBlack Widow was even the team’s leader!

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There is no official connection between the two teams, but Amadeus Cho and Hercules are good friends. Founding X-Men members Iceman and Angel certainly know the young Cyclops, so if the current Champions needed help, say, defeating A-Force, Hercules and company would be on the ready to get the unrelated band back together.

2 Mainstream Appeal: A-Force

Fans have determined the outcome of superhero battles in the past, so there is precedence for this. If the general public voted on this fight, the idea of an all-female Avengers team would already be in their heads thanks to the MCU.

Speaking of the MCU, Captain Marvel is already well known to MCU fans thanks to the movies, as are Nico Minoru and Medusa thanks to the TV side. And She-Hulk will soon be starring in her own TV series. Meanwhile, the Champions mainly just have Miles Morales working for them. Teenage Cyclops and Amadeus Cho Hulk would just confuse people.

1 WINNER: A-Force

Even without factoring in mainstream appeal, the experience of A-Force comes out on top versus the youth of the Champions. The Champions truly have some of the most brilliant minds in all of Marvel on their side but are lacking in two critical departments, cosmic abilities and magic. Nico Minoru could counter any reinforcement attempts with the simple spell “Champions go away.”

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Two of Marvel Comics' newest teams are A-Force & Champions. But which of these superhero teams would win in a fight? Let's settle it.

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