Marvel: Doctor Strange (& 9 Other Characters) Who Should Have An Anime

Though they may be killing it on the big screen at the moment, Marvel has really fallen behind when it comes to their animated series. Though some of their animated shows are perfectly fine, they definitely don’t measure up to a lot of the same quality as the films.

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Given how popular anime has been recently though, it would make sense for Marvel to draw in an even bigger audience using another medium. Characters like Doctor Strange have plenty of great elements about them that would really help them shine with their own anime series or even something similar. Likewise, with plenty of other great characters who are perfect for the medium, it is surprising that Marvel hasn’t already tried to explore their characters in this manner. Beyond Doctor Strange alone, however, here is our list of 9 other Marvel characters who should really have their own anime.

10 Doctor Strange

As the Sorcerer Supreme, there are really no limits to what Doctor Strange can accomplish. Over the years, the magical character has been through all sorts of wonderfully weird situations, making it easy to see why he would be perfect for an anime series.

Whether it were to focus on his time as a student or even at the peak of his superhero career, there are plenty of great things about Doctor Strange that would fit right in with an anime. Even beyond the weird elements, the types of creatures he fights would make for a great addition to the series, and even allow for some really cool fight scenes. Though he is a bit of an obvious choice, there’s no denying that Doctor Strange would be perfect for an anime.

9 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

As one of the younger Marvel heroes within the universe, an anime centered on Moon girl could take several different approaches. Given her age, there is a lot of unique school drama that could be shown. However, as one of the most brilliant Marvel characters ever, there are also many sci-fi mechanics that would easily fit the anime style.

Likewise, the addition of Devil Dinosaur would be just weird enough to bring the same charm from their comic series into the anime, were it to ever become a real thing. As underrated characters within the comics themselves, an anime series would also be a great way to shine some light on this lesser-known duo.

8 The Runaways

Given that their live-action series is no longer in development, The Runaways could easily transition into an anime series instead. Considering how the team already has an established fan base, it would be really nice to see them once again, even if it wasn’t a continuation from the original series.

With a great, wide cast of characters and varying personalities, there is a lot of potential that remains untapped for the team. Furthermore, with great superhero action and a bit of weirder elements thrown into the mix as well, there’s no telling what could be done with The Runaways in an anime.

7 The Champions

Similarly to The Runaways, Marvel’s Champions also have a great cast of characters that could be explored in an anime series. Given that DC’s Teen Titans cartoon was so successful, it only makes sense that the Champions could benefit from a similar treatment.

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Of course, Teen Titans was far from a traditional anime series, but it still had a few elements embedded into it that would suit the Champions just as well. Furthermore, given how they are more kid-friendly, but also feature a lot of adult themes, the Champions also have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

6 Iron Fist

Netflix’s Iron Fist show was far from one of the strongest things Marvel ever put out. With so many problems overall, it is easy to see why so many considered it to be one of the worst Marvel series on the platform.

Fortunately, the character has plenty of other great things about him that would easily help him shine in a different medium. If done properly, an Iron Fist anime series could reignite interest in the character that many comic fans have come to know and love. With a more accurate depiction, Iron Fist could certainly benefit from a transition of this sort, especially if the series were held on Disney+.

5 Shang-Chi

At the moment, Shang-Chi is set to make his cinematic debut in 2021. However, like Dr. Strange, there are many things about the character that would also make him suitable for an anime series.

As arguably the best fighter in the entire Marvel universe, there’s no telling how epic the animation would be for some fight scenes. Likewise, with some mythical elements surrounding Shang-Chi as well, there is a lot of potential for the character overall, making it easy to see why he was chosen for a live-action film as well.

4 Deadpool

Once upon a time, Deadpool was actually supposed to get his own animated series. Though it unfortunately never came to life, the character would still feel right at home in that style, even if it were more anime than anything.

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As a loud-mouthed, gun-toting, vulgar character with a pension for violence, there’s no telling what could be done if Deadpool were an anime series. Due to the insane nature of his character as well, there is certainly a lot of potential for some interesting art and completely weird moments.

3 Squirrel Girl

For years, fans have been demanding for Squirrel Girl to make her way into the larger MCU. However, the character is also just weird enough that she would fit nicely within her own anime series as well.

Furthermore, with how ridiculously powerful her character is overall, a Squirrel girl anime could easily be a hysterically wonderful action-packed experience. While it makes sense for fans to want her in the live-action movies, there’s no telling what the character could accomplish with an anime series.

2 Peni Parker and SP//dr

As a younger hero with her own mech suit, Peni Parker was practically made to have her own anime. Even her portrayal in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) film saw her character with a few anime elements as part of her style.

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The story itself could find a great balance between Peni’s life at school, her background, and her adventures alongside the SP//dr suit. Likewise, the character is already popular enough for general audiences to want to see more of her, making her one of the best candidates Marvel has to offer in this regard.

1 X-Men

As their own successful franchise in many ways, the X-Men seems like a great choice to receive their own anime series. With the success of the 90’s cartoon alone, plenty of elements and characters are perfectly suited for the anime treatment.

Consisting of a wide range of characters and individual abilities, the X-Men have tackled everything from the weird to the scientific, to the mythical, and more. Considering all the characters available as well, the team of mutants is easily one of the most obvious choices for Marvel characters who should have their own anime.

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Marvel is no stranger to animated adventures, but if they were to make an anime, these 10 characters would be the best candidates!

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