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The Avengers will return to the screen in 2020, this time in the highly-anticipated Square Enix video game set to drop on September 4. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are certainly some of the most recognizable characters of the Marvel Universe, but there are many other Marvel heroes who could be exciting stars of their own playable adaptations.

Here are the Marvel characters who should get the video game treatment after Marvel’s Avengers.

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Often described as the first family of the Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four are one of the most beloved teams in the history of comic books. An iconic foursome, playing as this group of superheroes would allow gamers to explore a variety of unique powers that would make for some engaging combat sequences.

Though Activision’s 2005 Fantastic Four video game was not well-received (neither were the films the game was based on), enough time has surely passed for another attempt to bring Reed Richard’s crew to life. With one of comic’s most infamous and well-written villains, Doctor Doom, as their nemesis, the team has a wealth of source material to help create a compelling story.

Lawyer by day, vigilante by night, Matthew Murdock leads an interesting life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Rarely given the same attention and glamour as Spider-Man or any of the Avengers, Daredevil cleans up crime on a street-level, in an attempt to keep the innocent citizens of New York safe. Rather than relying on visual cues, a video game starring Daredevil could utilize other sensory input, such as sound or touch.

Murdock tries to stick to a sound moral code and work within the confines of the law, but can find himself pushed to his limits by the likes of Kingpin and Bullseye. Indeed, there are times when Daredevil is unsure of his own methods and ethical beliefs, in trying to successfully deal with such heinous and relentless crime lords.

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The X-Men are different from most other Marvel heroes in the sense that many don’t consider them to be heroes at all. As mutants, they often find themselves despised by the general population, even those they are trying to help and save. Unlike others with supernatural abilities, mutants are born with their powers, rather than receiving them from external forces or events, like a radioactive spider bite.

As a result, the X-Men frequently find themselves facing off against man-made Sentinels, designed to eradicate mutants to the point of extinction. Charles Xavier has led his team to virtuous accomplishments in the hopes they will be accepted and treated as equals, but his successes are usually short-lived.

This superhero team would give players the chance to explore multiple characters and their abilities. The prospect of using Wolverine‘s adamantium claws against thugs, supervillains, and Sentinels would certainly attract many to an X-Men game.

Setting a video game in Wakanda would be a breath of fresh air from the typical US backdrop to most superhero stories. Though it would certainly be interesting to see T’Challa interact with fellow heroes, a game that delves into the political fractures and dissidents within his kingdom would be an intriguing approach.

Similar to the 2018 Black Panther film, a game could explore the advanced technology at T’Challa’s disposal and work it into potentially amazing combat mechanics. With Wakanda’s vibranium-based technology making its weapons and infrastructure seemingly futuristic, a Black Panther game could be a distinctive superhero/sci-fi mashup.

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The Avengers are not the only Marvel heroes worthy of a video game adaptation.

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