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Iron Man is one of the most recognizable characters in the Marvel Universe. Kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s popularity practically skyrocketed thanks to Robert Downey Jrs’ acting prowess and character development over the course of the films. Genius, billionaire, philanthropist viewers got to see that even a man as selfish as Tony Stark has a heart.

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This couldn’t be any more true with his fans who have all created cosplays of his armor. But while those are impressive, it is just as impressive to see the gender-bend versions of Marvel’s famous Invincible Iron Man. Here are the 10 genderbent Iron Man cosplays, ranked.

10 Incredibly Resilient Armor

Starting off this list is one of the best gender-bend versions of the character is Kimmy’s Cosplay interpretation. Based on the Iron Man armor from The Avengers films, the cool thing about her MCU-accurate portrayal is just how detailed it actually is.

Every line, plate and rivet are done in a way that looks exactly like the character she is inspired by. The colors are also on point as well, giving everything a solid and nice shade. This is the result of a paint called Metalcast, which is definitely not cheap.

9 Iron Kawaii

Designed by Risa Cosplay, this take on the Iron Man armor is nothing short of adorable. Not only that, but the design itself is incredibly original. While showing off skin, it allows for practical flexibility and thus makes everything about the design become more balanced.

As for the armor itself, it is well made, with LED lights being shown when necessary while putting in the gold accents to add some breakup with all of the dark red. Overall this is an absolutely wonderful take on the Marvel character.

8 Homemade Perfection

Only found within the Amino app, this Iron Man armor designed by Stacey Clough is made with coated EVA foam. Looking quite original, the design itself is more comic book accurate than most of her contemporaries. Being similar and taking inspiration from the Extremis suit back in the comics.

However, she adds some modifications that not only fits her frame, but also adds solid balance between the red and gold paint that helps her stand out. All of this combined gives viewers a suit of armor that is quite spectacular.

7 A Rescue Mission

A cosplay created by Katharina Kastian, also known as Replikatta, this is one of the most detailed versions of the Iron Man armor. With her own spin, this armor seems to be a what-if, where Pepper Potts took the mantle and didn’t become Rescue.

The gold is perfectly accented in the red armor. With the little silver vents helping to make it not only stand on its own as something original, but also a prop suit you would see in the film. That is the making of some great cosplay!

6 Body Paint Armor

The only cosplay on here that is body paint, this is definitely the most unique version out of this entire list. As self-explanatory as it sounds, the body paint work on cosplayer Mara Thalia is nothing short of exquisite.

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Based on one of the Iron Man armors from the comic, the line work and bold colors really help make everything pop out. From the dark red and yellows to the blue arc reactor, it’s as if the character is coming straight out of the comic books.

5 Preparing For A Fight

The cosplay created by daniela.ladino, her Iron Man is extremely cool. With a nice sheen on the majority of the armor, it helps give the entire design have more of a metallic look. As cosplays are often done using foam, this is quite a nice touch.

Aside from that, the cosplayer has added fabric on the parts that are necessary for flexibility. Overall this is a sophisticated design that is amongst the great Iron Man cosplays around the world.

4 A Wind Blows In New York

One of the best looking Iron Man designs on this list, what is really cool about the cosplay by AlenLav is that it really looks like proper metal. If the last one had really good paint to give the armor this nice metallic sheen, this one adds something that really looks like the Iron Man armor.

Aside from the little rivets that are in the armor, there are some slight hints of damage on the chest piece of the armor. It might not be recognizable here but it is available in other photos and it’s fantastic.

3 Streamlined Design

One of the most subdued versions of the famous armor is Magnolia’s take on the Invincible Iron Man. Part of the duo Cosplay group known as “Cosmic Cosplay,” her take on the design is incredibly simple. Essentially being a nice looking dress, the little elements from the socks and gloves really makes this incredibly original.

However, it doesn’t lose itself on what it is, as there are clear elements of the Iron man armor on her dress. Definitely something to be commended for!

2 Steampunk Sepia

A very interesting version of the Iron Man armor, similar to the one Magnolia did, Alice Shortcake’s take on the Iron Man suit is also not actually armor. However, rather than take a casual design like a dress or something like that, Shortcake opts to modernize it with a hoodie.

With the only indication of the Iron Man armor design being the mask made out of wood, the arc reactors on her chest and the small repulsors on her hands. This is by far the most distinctly unique one out of everyone else, being more of a subtle expression as opposed to true to form armor.

1 An Iron Maiden From Another Country

One of the most advanced Iron man armor cosplays ever, this cool one comes straight out of China. Made by an unknown Chinese cosplayer and taken from Instagram user hatayan_,  this is another redesign of the Iron Man suit that is entirely her own. With wings on the back that gives off flight which makes it look like an iron angel.

Not only that but the colors really pop with a nice hot rod red and the silver and gold are on places where it should belong. The best part by far is the helmet, which is incredibly graceful but 100% like the character.

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Genderbent cosplays are a fun tradition among fans. These 10 women don't only uphold this tradition, but take it to the next level.

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