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When you discuss the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men‘s Emma Frost is a name that’s near the top of any list. She’s succeeded as both a hero and villain — sometimes blurring the lines in between — and every character knows she’s better to have as an ally than a nemesis. Since fandoms love nothing more than a good old-fashioned debate, here’s an interesting one for the ages: Is Frost capable of resisting the Force from Star Wars?

Frost isn’t an ordinary telepath. She’s in the upper echelon, along with the likes of Professor Xavier, whom she has bested in the past. Whether as a member of the X-Men or as part of the Hellfire Club, the White Queen has engaged in psychic battles that have left opponents with scrambled minds. The fact she survived — though barely — against Jean Grey in her Phoenix form is testament to her mental fortitude.

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That being said, Frost’s greatest asset isn’t her superpower but her charisma. She utilizes charm and cunning tactics to disarm people into trusting her. Once their guard is down, she uses her powers to get what she wants out of them.

If Frost were to encounter a powerful Force user, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Palpatine, she wouldn’t engage in immediate psychic warfare. She’d read her surroundings and wait for her opportunity. As displayed in the past, Frost isn’t afraid to use her sex appeal to coerce others into doing her bidding; look at what she did to Scott Summers/Cyclops as an example. All it would take is one Jedi or Sith to catch feelings for her, and she would have the group eating out of the palm of her hand. Heck, she’d probably try to take over the Republic.

While the Force allows for mind probing and the power of persuasion, its users haven’t encountered mutants who can build psychic walls or blocks to prevent entry. Entering Frost’s mind and thoughts would prove a difficult task, and she’d likely take control of another body to stop it if she felt any immediate danger.

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That’s the other thing about Frost: she hardly ever operates on her own. Blessed with the cult of personality, she’s seen as a leader and teacher, as displayed by her time with Hellions and at Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters. To get her in a one-on-one scenario would be complicated since she’s normally got a team around her. If she doesn’t, she quickly sorts that issue out with mind and body control.

Oddly enough, the time Frost would be most vulnerable would be in her diamond form. While it’s meant to protect her from attacks, it would be useless against a lightsaber — a blade of pure energy. The carbon bonds in diamond are vulnerable to lightsabers and Frost would be in serious trouble if a Jedi or Sith came out swinging. So, it’s best for her if she avoided hand-to-hand combat.

There’s no doubt that a battle of the psychic minds between Emma Frost and a powerful Force user would be one for the history books. However, her experience gives her the edge here. For the Star Wars Universe, encountering someone with telepathic abilities is a big deal. For Frost, it’s just another Tuesday.

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Emma Frost is one of the strongest telepaths in the Marvel Universe, but is she capable of defeating Star Wars' most powerful Force users?

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